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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Title: when/enough

There's so much to say to you
where do I begin?
you promised me so many delicate words, before we picked up our pace
and it seems so far away, the empty promises you threw away
and there are words within words
that keep my mind rotating, so many thoughts that begin fires in my mind
and my insecurities keep on sinking deeper
I swallow my tongue and choke on what I want to tell you

I could never be happy
but I hope you are
you seem to be doing so well
you seem to be managing
and I'm still fading away
slowly edging out of this cold companionship

Chorus: when will it be enough?
when will I be enough?
I can't wait around for you to accept me
I can't watch you talk to her like that
you don't think, you just do
you never think, you just do

if it's not all serious
secrecy, hidden lust
why do you always take it further
why are you always pulling the trigger


ending: and if it's meant for us
we'll be together another time
and if I really mean that much
we'll be together for the better times

Title: Fuel the fire

why did you have to fuel the fire?
you were so wrapped up in your guilt free desires
and everything you said to her
you'd never think of me

why do you have to fuel the fire?
you're ever so caught up in desires
I've had enough, it's too much to keep this up
and so I've left it all to you
the last chance, never enough

Chorus: when will you fall in love with me?
when will I get the chance to understand you?
your lack of thinking
your lack of common sense
you do what you want to please you
and I'll always try hard to keep you
but whenever I'm close you steer away
why do you have to fuel the fire?
you're so wrapped up in your secrecy and hidden desires

I'm well inclined to let this go
I watch you grow
I become weak
and baby, you know I could give you up
but not so easily

second thoughts from the past
I've never been there before
I'm never empty from doubts
you'll never try, it's too much effort


ending: and you know, I could give you up
so why do you have to fuel the fire?
why are you so wrapped up in secrecy and toxic desires?