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Thursday, 28 February 2013

Title: Repeat

These are the tears before bedtime
the constant echo for improvement
and I wish I could do better for you
you deserve so much more
the hunger for fulfilment weeps through you
and I'm the only one left to hold you
the only one who truly cares
the unrequited body

I'm searching for the unknown
and I know it won't make me happy
oh, what I'd give to be satisfied

Chorus: Are you here?
I'd do it all again
and I'm so breathless when you call my name
it's hard to believe that my heart is yours
you've got what you came for, darling
so leave me, someone to love
give me the devotion I've fought for
the battles I've won and lost
the scars I carry linger in the pain I grow

although I left you there sleeping
you know I dare not break this silence
I cut through atmospheres with words of cold depths
and it's knowing what I want
what can I say when you're the one who keeps me breathing?


ending: I was never good with words
my tongue always twisted at the sight of you
and I hope you knew all along
are you here? I'd do it all over again
give me the devotion I've fought so hard for

Title: Unrequited

Once more it's happening
my need for you is unrequited
all my love for you is simmering by your constant ignorance
you are the salt to my wounds
and I know this all too well
when once again it's happening

I've been waiting for you
to belong, to belong to me
some of my friends say I'm silly to wait
but I know you still own my heart

Chorus: If you go away
I can no longer be free
no longer believe in love anymore
and if you ever were to leave
which darling I hope not
you might as well take the sun away
for darkness would seep into my every pore

it's all because you told me so
and it's all because you let me down
when you walk into the room I no longer
I no longer feel alone

and I will stay with you
the depths of my blood which carry you and I
the vessel of hope which soothes my worried mind


ending: just for you
I'd give up all I have
for this unrequited love
to be noticed

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Title: Need/want

I need to know how it feels
I'm no longer afraid
all I fought for, falls away
and I take you deeper, deeper
into the depths of us

we're constantly in battles
body and mind linger as our intentions disappear
and we're constantly in battle
laid upon sheets of despair
and oh won't you ever feel what I feel?

Chorus: oh and will you ever reveal
just how much tolerance is required
to win you, I am a battle, won and lost
many times I've passed your body
but this love is slender
but not one I by any means regret

I swim through the thick of your veins
I feel the rhythm of your doubts, desired
and it's one of those situations in which I cannot sympathise
I lack devotion I lack the lust I lack the passion in your eyes

I substitute what I can't find
replace it with whatever warmth I can find
and I start again, start again, start again


ending: you speak for yourself
when you don't want anything more than what this is
and you speak for yourself
when you don't want this

Title: Layer

It's a matter of time before you're all here
it's a matter of time before I get there
and the moments between us
cause the need for something more
cause the need for the separation of sanity and expectations

what will it take to get inside your mind
and I'm layered in nights of neverending false hope
and none the less
this is the end which has come too soon

Chorus: every last piece of me
is stretching further reaching evermore
I coat my skin in lost love
and I find myself marinated inside you
and I'm layered in nights of never-ending mess
you're by far the sweetest regret that I taste on my tongue
yet every last piece of me is wanting you
needing you, hoping for the core

I wonder how much warmth comes across
is there enough to carry us?
through rocky seas I'm wishing upon
through buried bodies I want more for the both of us

I won't learn, I won't love
it's far too soon
but you're remorseful
and we unfold into another
tied into unspoken emotions


ending: I'm stray to you
but I can never imagine the days without you
and it suits best, for you to stay

Monday, 25 February 2013

Title: Surrended

Is this to you, my greatest skill?
the art of conversation but the lack of sitting still?
and oh I'd hold you in my arms for another day if I could
darling you know that already

and I look to you with such affection
I'm anxious as to how many ways I can find you over again
darling, hold me, hold me and never let me go
hands clasped, I love you so
and no one can take this away from me
I sew my sides up with good intentions
and for your lips to kiss mine
there is no better way for me to live by

Chorus: I have your undivided attention
I have been told and untold
I lack the understanding of your mind
but sweetheart, you know I understand your body
I'm all yours if you're all mine
I'd swim a thousand lies just to get to see your love again

I have to know who you are
what you are
you're my everything, everything to me
you lead a life of fulfillment
I lack the life of pure joy


ending: and to have you in my arms
and to hold you forever
in this moment it is ours
I'll be the sweet sweet surrender

Title: Give it all

Love carried by arms of weakness
and oh never let me go, I told you
all that we have is hiding under layers of sacrificial beauty
and I'm left, bare, bare and undesirable

could I ever provide you with such consistency?
I've made enough enemies
and I'll go round in circles, pacing back and forth
until every scripted moment is back here with you

Chorus: I'm exhausted of never being a priority
I won't remember how many times I've been left
and I must forget now, forget you darling
and how many times must I regret 
all I wanted was you, the only exception
but this is just a slender song of exempt

we're immune to another
yet we're sick of the sight of our bodies
and all that love requires is a feeling we can't sympathise with
and oh I've lost you again
you're swimming in the dark depths of the end


ending: I could do all that's done
and would it all be wonderful?
I hold onto the hands of both of us
I gaze into the light of the night sky
and this body I own is no body of mine

Title: Basking

I don't know what I want
I'm not aware whether it's you, is it you? is it you?

we could go far away
run further from our troubles that keep us at bay
I keep you close, I keep you closer now
I try to understand what you're after
through windows of doubt and devotion
to open arms I run

try me, give it all you have
ty me, give it all you have

Chorus: each time I'm there
I connect with your eyes
but you'll never give a shit about me
but I lust after everything you say
and every single day
I feel a lack of worth
and I can't tell how you feel
and I can't tell what you've given me
but I know it's temporary

I run to you
join me for another night
I'll show you why you're staying
I run to you
you have me, you'll have me

you undress my skin
put my bones at ease
and I know you're good for me
I can sense it in every single way


ending: all my thoughts trail away
an essence of beauty lingers with your scent
and your unintentional plan of chaos
has us basking in all we have

Title: Buried in silence

I know our love has gone stale
we've been in Winter for far too long
please don't give up on me yet
I will try my best to please you
and I won't let you through my hell when you're sober
I won't let you down through bitter words
I promise I'll stay with you in the open

I will try I will try to fix you
and when you lay your body down at night
who's the one, who's the one who makes you feel so right?
is it me, is it me, is it  me?
and as you bury your worries into the night
you sleep so soft with lips so rough
and as you lay your body down at night
I'm the one who's by your side
why's there a need to be second guessing

Chorus: And who would have thought
that I am the one who makes you who makes you who makes you
and who would have guessed
that the moments we spend together
are the best are the best, are the best
you do me so good
I do you so well
you're never wanting more, you're never wanting more
and oh what a dream to be in your arms tonight

I don't want to miss your voice, anymore
anymore than I already do
cluelessly pacing around the seafront
watching the tides, watching you get pulled away from me
no matter how hard I try to restrain my love
it's too much, it's too much for you


ending: and who would have guessed?
the moments I lay my head on your chest
are the best, are the best
you are the best thing, for me

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Title: Reaching further

I'll reach a bit further
you were definitely still, still and beautiful
and the end has come too soon
and it's a peculiar stance
I'll reach a bit further

I will do all the things I said I would
I'd apologise in your fault
I'd make better wounds that aren't to heal
I'll grow behind hands that are clever
and I'll remember this, but only if
but only if

Chorus: You can say we tried
you can promise you'll do better
you can reach a bit further
open arms open heart closed mind
and remember the old memories
buried bodies in the sand
and you can say we tried
but promise me, darling
promise you'll do better

I watch you decay
behind hands that are clever
you're still recalling, I am the beckoner
I wonder how much I can take of it
I wonder how much I can reach further

and if by any chance
you ever feel recovered
please spend a little time with me
you are my true love, my darling light
my body afloat in dangerous seas


ending: I wonder how much
I wonder how much
I could reach, I could reach much further

Title: Remorse

Will you ever, will you ever
want me as much as I need you
I realise that I'm just a sight for sore eyes
but I could leave it all behind
I could take you with me
pack you tightly with the things I thought I wanted

you're a ship in many dreams
casting off previous lovers who were good enough
I'll make myself better
I'll cure all that is psychological

Chorus: you're my renegade
your movement so delicate yet so fast
a painting of pure beauty
and I blame you, I blame you
for this tide of emotion
the gravitational force crushing my bones
tapping my skin black and blue
and these are the secrets that I should have shared
to remind you

don't feel guilty
it's what you wanted
and I'm chained down
I'm tied down
I'm piercing my soul with the glass
my veins carry you
my veins guide you


ending: and I tremble
I should have opened up a long time ago
and I'm drowning in my own body
a mass in which I never owned

Title: Scar

I will scar myself
I will show myself
I will prove to you
I will cut this thick skin
I will show myself
how cruel I can be
how much pain I can take to be closer

I'll unpack myself for your ease
and you know how all my emotions
the need for change is so desirable now
and I was wearing my doubts
you're the best thing
the only one who wants me to change

Chorus: I'm wondering, I'm hoping
how long will it take
how cruel can you be
how much blood can I bleed?
just to feel better
I'm wondering, I'm hoping
how long will it take
to feel anything other than constant guilt

Constant comparison
leaves me sulking in many dark corridors
the weight of jealousy hangs tightly on my shoulders
it clings onto weakness, it clings onto me


ending: and I'm wondering
I'm hoping
how much pain will it take
how much blood can I bleed
just to be closer?

Title: Submission (devotion)

Could we ever be infinite?
false hope lies between our tongues
we intertwine fingers, the spaces already dividing us
and don't you think, don't you let me down

holding out for something more than this
and don't you think, don't you let me down
people are the hardest things
untold lust and luring for another
and we can never compromise
for what we have has disintegrated
all that's left is my heart stood upon my ashes

Chorus: from the start of it all
I told you I never wanted anything from you
only your devotion, only your devotion
and could it be that we are everlasting?
the constant beat in my vein is for you and only you
and could it be that we are everlasting?
we make and we break
we forget, we forget

remember as many times as you can
how many times do I regret?
those forced words that leave nothing but submission
surrendering to my voice
a whisper that leaves your soul in many depths


ending: and we're looping around each other
wrapped tightly in each other's palms
and how many times have you yet to regret?
I submit, I submit
and oh don't you think
that people are the strangest things?
and could it be that we are everlasting?

Title: Won't you see

Our lips meet one another
and this is the strangest thing
the most desirable of desires
and we're yet to recognise
and we're yet to let each other go

I caress your dreams
they crawl across my floor
and I rescue them all
with words of purity and words of hope

Chorus: your voice in my wishes
I want you to see this
I want you to feel this
I stand close in awe, by you
yet to you this love is invisible, invisible
won't you press your lips harder?
won't you move your body close to mine?
won't you press your lips harder?
won't you move your body close to mine?

I cease to exist, in your eyes
although I've left nothing behind
only words I thought I wanted

those heavy hearted nights
where the hours never seemed to pass
and with your lips to my lips
this love seems to exist


ending: won't you press your lips harder?
won't you move your body next to me
I rescue you with words of purity
words of hope, words of us
a purpose of belonging

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Title: All again

Oh I'd do it all again
self inflicted searches for something I had never lost
and anything to make myself happy

and oh I'd do anything for you to be here
and I'm searching for you, for something I had never lost
and anything to make myself happy

and I did it all again
I broke my own skin
you wear my heart so proudly
and it's hard to believe that I'm all yours
with every worry an open door
you've got everything you came for

Chorus: and give me, someone to love
I'll outrun all of yourself
I'll eventually catch up with your light
travel with me through dark days
and I'd do it all again
just for you, my love, my darling

to break my skin, with only sharp words
a skill I have always appreciated
and so give me yourself
I've been looking for your skin for many miles now
to kiss every inch, I won't let my lips get tired
I won't exhaust myself, not in front of you


ending: so give me all
or give me nothing
give me you
and that will be something

Title: Improve

I long to be the girl you want
I long to be the girl you need
and I crave to better myself
by better, to be with you

I'm constantly craving improvement
slow progress leaks from my core
I've given up too many times now
I've chased after your body for eternity

and I'm on my own
in this neverending world
and I'll wait until I'm new to you
until you ignore everyone else
and when we're alone, you're still yet to lay your eyes upon mine
and show me where I'm going wrong
when will I be enough for your hungry heart?

Chorus: And this is regressive
I'd give my time and my patience
to clear all my worries
and we're alone now
but you're yet to cease oblivion
and we're all alone now
so show me where I fit
lay me down on covers of adequacy

I can't recall a time I saw my own reflection
hideous, I fear what your mind follows
and what have I done to us?
darling, when will I be enough?


ending: please,
tell me where I went wrong
to better myself
I'd give all I have

Title: Adequate

I'm surprised
it's in your eyes
everything that I needed to know

I think I know what's going on
what's on your mind
I've realised, I'm not adequate enough for you
I speak little words
your actions become a big divide

I'm waiting in the darkness of your mind
a small reminder

Chorus: even though you're the only one I feel
the only pain that's real to my cold heart
and this is the slowest love I've given
the weight of the world hangs heavy upon my sleeve
next to you, in dirty sheets I lie
take all that I have, take all that is mine
keep all this slow love
keep all that you're draining from me

don't take it back
all those unspoken words
those drunken movements
they meant everything to me
they were what you really wanted


ending: I'd give you the world
I'd give you all my time
and even though this is the only pain that my cold heart feels
it's enough for the two of us
it's adequate

Title: Mind victory

How long will it take
for my second guessing to disappear
for our encounter, our encounter is yet to be made

I'm no replacement for emptiness
I can't fill the space that's grown between us, between us
I lace my hands in memories
I walk past you as if you were in a dream
and I'm all alone again now

Chorus: to be in that moment once more
close to you, closer to you
two tides pull our bodies apart
but you'll still be in my heart
and my word I gave you that day
those words I laid down, carved into you
to be in that moment once more
close to you, closer to you

I waste my time in sighs
I shrivel I shiver for you
coldness sinks into my bones
and the feeling that I lost is now home
in the darkness, in the covers
I find, I find you

and if it leaves my soul with the brightest burn
I promise you it never hurt
just a reminder, it's just a reminder of my minds victory


ending: and if I leave the covers
will you return, my lover?
to be closer, to be closer to you

Title: Worth

Swimming in your veins
you echo in my mind
and you are the only one
who makes me feel this way

I cherish you so much
and when you call when my call my name
I grow weaker, I grow weaker
just to be strong again, with you

Chorus: This feeling of certainty
knowing that this could be
makes it worth the wait, worth the wait
for you
this knowing that this could be great
knowing that this could be
makes it worth the wait, worth the wait
for you

and I'm perfecting the whispers in my head
tuning them so they crawl with us in bed
and I'm aware that I have yet to make you love me
I have yet to make you want me

but how can I compete?
with all your high standards
will you let me down, will you let them down
just for me tonight?


ending: and the wise man once said
don't let the voices in your head
decide what you want decide what you need
to feel loved at least

Friday, 22 February 2013

Title: Swaying silouhette

I grab onto you as fast I can
I hold you in personal proximity and as tight as I can
and you'll be the tears before bedtime
the consistent shadow lurking closely
you'll be the sweet taste my demons crave for

I won't let my dreams take you away from me
whatever we have now can't be broken
we're weaker than we'll ever be
prophecy of what could last
and what was it you were talking about?

Chorus:I was falling down, and by your body
you were following my only light
and  I'm taken by the night
your swaying silhouette
I wouldn't stop running after you
I wouldn't even stop for the bitter air
I couldn't hold back from you
I couldn't even stop my eyes that linger and stare

fragments of beauty
I couldn't be any happier
in all that is pretense
submission from me to you
I lay my bones down next to you
your warmth marinating all hope that's on my sleeve
your kisses of truth pressed against my heart now


ending: and you're in my eye of desire
you're always in moderation
hunger from my heart
and I'm trying to keep you at bay
but with everything that has yet to go wrong
I'm yet to work out why
your swaying silhouette
you calm my worries and sleep so softly next to me

Title: Depths of us

Delicacy, tied into the chains of us
our hearts weight the reason for trust
and it's a shame you'll never let me in

I open up to you
budding flowers in the spring, like I always do
I grow for you

Chorus: I clasp onto you with cold hands
my heavy heart beats faster now
and it's a shame you'll never open up
like I do, like I do
like I do, like I do
for you to you
like I do, like I do
I open, I open up for you

fragile frame that you carry
weighted down by constant doubts
and I'll never keep you second guessing
I'll keep you safe in honesty
I promise I won't let you down
not intentionally anyway

I open up to you
budding flowers in the spring like I always do
I grow for you
I grow into you, now


ending: with every touch
I deliver faith and it's restored in a thousand ways
from your lips to mine I know you'll stay, closer
with every touch I feel your warmth
buried by the taste of you
and it's delicacy, fragile
in the depths of us

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Title: Stick by you

I lack the patience, to keep on waiting for you
I hear the echo of the words you'll never say
they swim around in my mind
and my love for you rocks boats in my veins
and I lack the patience to ever stay
to hear those words that are owed from for ever
forever ago

I'd give a thousand lives just to be next to you
the closer to you I run the further your lips lingers
and I'm wading through water to find your body
light handed, heavy hearted
I can't keep waiting

Chorus: and don't be your worst enemy
I'm only trying to help you
I'd never hurt you
I can't keep waiting, holding onto thin thread
so come with me, darling
I've got to stick by this, I've got to stick by you
and don't you worry
it'll just be me and you

and with your presence I keep my eyes down
my body sways and swings all for you
the depths of this situations are far gone now
and I can't keep on waiting for you
I hear the echo of the words you'll never say


ending: I won't wait forever
but the constant need for your lips
the craving for your skin
and I can't wait forever
but I need to stick by this
stick by you

Monday, 18 February 2013

Title: Body and Soul

My body's looking for soul,
looking for soul
hungry for somewhere to call
somewhere I feel home

and with you I let my armor fall to the ground
with my heart upon my sleeve
I'm wearing your scent proud

and you turned into the man
that I wanted to love
my body's looking for soul
looking for home

Chorus: I need to let this go
all this love I have to give
have to give to you
you hold your hands palms up, ready
ready to hold me with all that you have
I need to let this go
all this love I have to give
to find somewhere that's home
my body is looking for soul
looking for home
and I've finally found you

my skin crawls at the realisation that I'm no longer alone
and next to you, I'm forever yours
in your presence I'm soaked in such affection
I marinate myself in you
your veins become my hearts beckon


ending: my body was looking for soul
two hands I could hold
all this love I have to give
is yours to own

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Title: Fill the void of my mind

Your lips are the best way to fill this void
evergrowing, everlasting
the need for you

your voice caresses my skin
as if petals fall in preparation for spring
and it's ever growing, everlasting
the need for you

Chorus: And when I'm by your side
I'm no longer, no longer lonely
and it won't be long until you realise
everything is in its right place
undeniable love crosses the palette of my mind
and I speak of art
I speak of you, pure beauty

after all that we've been through
your lips are the perfect heat for my icy words
and every night I melt, melt, melt into your body

and be careful what you say next
don't let your mind defeat this scene of tranquility
and what you've needed to say for months
I note it down
paper as my skin, you the writer
creation in the form of disaster
illusions of purity, stretching further


ending: after everything
your lips are the best thing
you are the best thing
to fill this evergrowing, everlasting, void

Title: Enough?

The day after us
I've been counting down all of your moments at best
I lost patience when I found myself lost inside of you
and like a constant crash
I freefall down to you
and it's a different vision
you give and give to me
nothing more than needed love

Each time our skin collides, I ask myself
I question my doubts
and am I good enough?
for your hands to hold?
for you to be mine and mine only

Chorus: To be yours and yours truly
will I ever love you enough?
am I loving you enough?
brushed into the corners of your eyes
you lack the decency to compromise
and it's dignified, all this combustion of emotion
all this twisted elegance sewn into your kisses
the ever so consistent need and craving to be on your mind
to feel anything and everything, at all
for you, now
falling, now

the day after us
the lingering scent of hope for second best
trapped inside the heated creases on your bed
I watch you lay awake
rewinding scripts that you'll never forget


ending: I wait
I fall, for now
I'm falling each day, in your presence

Title: Setting

Faster than the setting sun
my heart is calling after you
and to I'm never close when I have to run
my heart is always calling out to you

I haven't stopped smoking yet
to hold it in my hand
is the closer I am to breathing in you

Chorus: and faster than the setting sun
I run to you, I run away
the closer I get the further I have to go
and to you I run
I keep on running
my heart is forever calling out to you

you never sleep for various reasons
you're afraid to truly close your eyes
I awake to find you in doubt
scratching hope into the shadows of your mind

and I'm kissing you harder
with the storm that surrounds our heads
and it's for you that I want to understand


ending: and I'll run closer to you
but be the furthest distance from your skin
and it's my heart that is calling out to you
faster than the setting sun
embracing the short encounter of tomorrow

Monday, 11 February 2013

Title: One more day

All my silver dreams
bring me to you
you hold me delicately and whisper sweet sounds that let me thrive
and I'll always walk to you at 3 am
it's the only time I'm not second guessing

I'm constantly thinking what I'd give
to have one more day of sunshine
to have one more day with you

Chorus: I rub my sight and you're no longer gone
I'm hidden in the corners of you
in the creases of this heated sheet
I awake in silky skin
your body over mine
and I'm constantly thinking what I'd give
to have one more day of sunshine
to have one more day of you

and every night I ask myself
am I giving you enough?
am I giving you everything that you need from me?
am I someone you need?

you'll never know how much it takes
you've yet to feel all of my love
and I'll pray, knees down
I'll do, I'll do, for you anything
I'll speak piercing lies and breathe through toxic lives
just to be enough
just to be enough for you


ending: And I'm in constant doubt
always second guessing
and oh what I'd give
to have one more day of sunshine
to have one more day with you

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Title: All I have to show you

I scratch my eyes
and you're still laying next to me
and we were so close and warm in this moment
flowers surround our bodies
and I could never forget

I can't talk, the water is rising
I'm drowning in your words now
there's not enough time in the darkness
to show you who I really desire to be

Chorus: all I have to show
is nothing I'll ever be able to prove
and I'm drowning in your words
in my mind I'll always be with you
but when you're here I never care
and in my mind I'll always be near you
but when you're close I don't care
I just need your body next to mine

it's been a while since you turned me on
imagination streams through past encounters that are long gone
and I'm fondling any last chance we have
and I'm falling so much faster
so much faster than you and I could ever climb

I scratch my eyes
and you're still laying close to me
we're so close but so distant
infinity is as near as it is miles far
I'm drowning in your words now
and I could never forget


ending: it's been a while since you turned me on
imagination is collaborated with thoughts burning strong
and it's your body I truly desire
it's your mind that keeps me afloat

Title: Give

Every night I ask myself
am I giving you enough?
am I giving myself up?
I often lie awake this way
marinated in lies and constant shame
and it's all
for you

you don't even know it yet
you don't even want me yet
and I doubt you ever will long after my body
as much as I long after yours

Chorus: I work so hard, ever so hard
just to be in your vision
and it's hard when I'm just an illusion
I crash so hard in front of you
and I trigger a deep fall for your eyes
and you gave and gave until you gave me up

every time I feel this way
I never know how much
I never felt this common love
and I've prayed so hard for now


you do what you want to
and your worries sail slowly behind your shadow
I linger under your wing
and every night I ask myself


ending: am I giving you up?
am I loving you enough?
am I giving, giving all I can give to you?

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Title: Nada

Hold ever so still
in your state of pure beauty
a delicate silky sight for my eyes
and here we go again
we'll carry on as friends

define us to me
and I'll take control
I'll take your trust
without compromise
to be next to you it's a must
there's not anything left
to drag down in the river with my body

Chorus: I'm inflicted by pangs of desirable doubts
and as if you should ever be worried
just one look at you and I know where I need to be
this is the forefront of our ever growing situation
your pace is subtle
your steps remain heavy
despair with the ground
you walk all over my body

and this makes it easier
knowing it won't ever be the same
I've seen that look in your eyes
you've already forgotten my name
I crawl into you
I confide in your touch
and this makes it easier
in some form
to be nothing
to be nothing to you


ending: and it's in our plans
I'm ever so sorry for the delay
ever so sorry not sorry to have treated you this way
now you feel the stable stabbing of this lust
you remain effortlessly fragile
steadily moving forwards
looking for disaster

Title: Never goes right, but it goes on

What do you mean, you're never coming back?
I let you go a thousand times in my mind but never spoke such words of undesirable beauty
my mind's left intoxicated by drinking a glass of you
I echo your name late at night and you're forever held up in your minds own traffic
and you're never around for it
this constant battle
of my heart for yours

whatever it is and however bad you want it
your body stops the movement
prevents you from grasping onto the light that's being offered on this occasion
and I don't understand
I'm completely unaware
I try so hard for you
I lie so hard for you
and it's this constant battle
my heart for yours

Chorus: It never goes right
but it goes on and on
craving some consistency
with your warm body by my side
is this all that we could ever be?
and you wouldn't ever know or care
I've been in the dark so long
and you're the fading light
standing bare in front of me

I know I should have let you go
but I could never ever let you know
take it back all those false words
the lack of opportunity lingers on my skin
and the scent of tomorrow tastes like you


ending: and this is the southern point
where you and I no longer unite
the departure is due
and we're still stood side by side
tearing flesh to be close to another
for just one moment more

Title: abundance (thoughts of you)

I'm fine for now
constant wrapping of my mind around you
and it's the consistent time I'm fooled by thoughts of you
and it took time to realise that you were the one
I've been hoping for, hoping for the shore

you cleanse my skin of doubts and fear
and there's time life for you and I
and I'm fine for now
my shadow hangs heavy
my heart a medal on your chest
and I don't need your permission
but please just understand

Chorus: I'm faltering
how do I help myself?
it's all or nothing, you never let me go
and you and I are wide eyed, altering
adapting to new love we thought we'd never feel
your hands are mine to hold, your hands are mine to hold
and it's victorious
these thoughts of you

there was a time where my identity was tied around who I thought I could be
and I'm fine for now
forever changing to keep your mind content and your heart beats heavy
the weight of your mind sewn tightly to my soul
and it's always alright
no need to be asking


ending: all I'm asking for
is not your permission
but please understand this
all that I'm feeling
I'm fine for now
trapped in the security of these thoughts
thoughts of you

Title: Ever speak

you speak no words
but your mouth moves towards me
closer you hang your bones
but its your soul that proves me
and your slender touch hangs on my eyes
you crawl back into sight
and you never thought this could happen
everything feels so right
even though you never said anything

 actions speak louder than words
that's what fools say
I'm a constant disappointment
to all your patience and un-affectionate displays
and I thought you'd never, never, never
give this up, turn me in

Chorus: and here I am
in your hands, in your veins
I spread like wildfire
you pull me in
turn my tide
and won't you come any closer?

I've only ever dreamt of perfection
and in those dreams you're never present
you're always pushed into the sidelines
and I'm more alive than I've ever been
you've chosen me and I've chosen you
but will you ever have a say?
will you ever save me from my mind?


if you never hold me underwater
the sins can never be washed away
gravitational pulls rip my body
I drift away from you but still remain ever so tight


ending: and will you every have a say?
will you ever save me from my mind?

Title: to be lonely

I'm grasping onto any last chance for hope
I'm beating myself out of the darkness now
I'm holding onto your fingertips and every touch is much colder
and I know you better than I ever have before

you show me what it feels like to let this go
to feel lost and it's going to be better
when I let you know
I've been holding back words and emotions
sacrifice I made so it's your hands I can hold

Chorus: When we're alone
it could be better
and it's just us
we know how to be lonely, lost, forgotten
I'd take back half of my heart to be better
I pierce my skins with shades of light to be brighter
to be noticeable to you

unaware of the satisfaction that lingers in your every sway
it's you that keeps the fear of mine at each and every bay
and anything could happen now
but we're far too out of depth to fall into another once more
and for you I am falling, falling, falling ever more

my heart binds and shatters
this feeling doesn't go away
I wanted you a thousand miles closer
but I'm held into the flourish of hope
outlived by the demons my mind's so oftenly sunk into


ending: and I'm trying
god knows I'm trying for you

Friday, 1 February 2013

Title: + you

It's a long time since I've heard it all before
and am I what you're looking for?
forever seeking for what you'll never find
you're hiding in the dark, in the darkness of your mind

and without you, I'm getting on fine
but with you I'm forever improving
I long to better myself
I tune into you and you wear me down
I've got nothing to clarify with you
all I distract myself with, is everything I have lost

Chorus: it's in the way that you move
your eyes linger when you dance closer to me
I feel the heat rise in your veins as we're left tongue tied
and soon we'll be home and soon you'll no longer be alone
no need for you to turn off the light when I kiss each and every bruise

we've locked onto another
hips formed through shapeshifters
we've evolved into another
coldness leaves dark kisses
and I'm forever dark in your eyes


ending: without you, I'm getting on fine
but in your presence I'm forever improving

Title: Only you

Only you can see emptiness
everything you say, you're forever my tease
and only you can fill this never ending space
your eloquent touch keeps all fear at bay
and it's only you

the simplicity of unison hangs in the humidity of your breath
as we pull closer, we're a collision
this creation is nothing other than beauty
and everything you say, you're forever my tease

Chorus: it's you I crave
I've never lusted after someone so hard before
fallen through the spaces I intentionally found with previous love
you are the only body that holds me down in the dark
and it's you I crave

there's no need for reminiscence
everything I long for is right here with you
mistakes provide opportunities for repetition
but with you I am subconsciously free


ending: only you can fill this emptiness
everything that you say
those soft words that caress my veins
the press of your lips that causes my heart such ache
and it's only you