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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Title: Impact

I give into this moment
you're the only one who could turn this around
and with just one more breath, I could let go
I hear those voices and they're taunting me now
but nothing's going to wake me now

I'm a slave to your voice
your whisper the sweet sound
the reassuring heat from your lungs
I told myself that I'd love you, like it was the last time

Chorus: what we have become
show me what we could be eventually
and I know that you'll never leave
but there's still the lingering of mystery
and I take from you only what I need
and unlike you, I don't pretend to feel this way

please know that you're the only one
I distract myself from the brutal honesty
and I wrap my body around you
and unlike you, I don't pretend to feel this way


ending: until the end of time
I'm forever yours, and you'll forever be mine
and I will never go away, the ache of distance and the realisation of space
until the end of us
I'm forever yours
and you're forever mine

Title: Need you

Lately you've left me laying in bed with a broken heart
and each time I've been falling, you left me in the dark
and it's without any warning, all these nights that I've cried myself to sleep
and how many nights, how many more times
will it take for me to show you?
will it take for me to prove my love?

in and out of phases
you're consistent
the ever growing love
the ever growing need for you

Chorus: A surge of reassurance
and I know you'll never leave me, again
I lost myself so many times in the depth of ourselves
but each time, and each time
I always had you
I always found you

I'm always waiting
waiting for you to show me
what it feels like to have something
to mean anything at all
I crave to know you better

colliding through similar thoughts
negativity lingers in every breath of mine
and your touch is always of pleasure
I crave to know you better


ending: and if this isn't love
then what is all this I'm feeling?
and if this isn't the need for your body
then what is all this I'm needing?

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Title: Meaning of everything

You must know
you've got to be aware
that through it all, all that I had
you always meant something
something to me

and to be your anything
if only for a moment
something so simple, but it'd take it out of me
I think before I loved you more

Chorus: and it all comes back to you
you're the reminder that consistency exists
and when you were out of reach
you gave something, you meant something to me
and before I gave, you'd forever take
and you'd be out of reach
and it all comes back to you
you gave something, you meant something to me

A favourite way to spend my time
is slowly brushing every inch of your body
every corner, brings a new need to love you
and I bring to you, a new me to love you

I'd take all I have,
and you're a little brave, little brave
you know you mean it all, darling
you mean every word and every action


ending: you are my something
you are everything to me

Title: Staying

I don't want to rush this
but I want you to stay
I'd give all that I could give
to make your day

just to see your smile
it turns my body upside down
and you know now, you know now
what you've found, here
is a love that you can keep
I am yours, always

Chorus: wrap me up so tightly
secure in safe havens
a bay of words that linger around my head
wrap me up tonight
in your skin
and I'll love you, love you, always

you kiss me so softly
words cannot comprehend
you fill me up with confidence
and fear
what if you go away?
what if I become too much for you, to handle?


ending: and to leave your arms
I can't think of a worse situation
and to not have you with my tonight
I'd be lost, and lonely baby

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Title: Body to body

I get lost each day
looking into your mind
I navigate my hand over your body
I can't help but chance all that I have
I'd give anything for you to want me

back, back again
the feeling rushes in
back, back again
another moment to sink into

Chorus: my vessel carries nothing but love for you
and my ocean is tears I've cried, knowing I won't have you
I'm swimming through the currents of your veins
I'm trying to find a way out of your heart
and I'm drowning, and I'm drowning
so please don't leave me in the dark

body to body
this is all we'll ever be
mind to mind, a fantasy never to be seen
and I lust after your intelligence, darling
and I lust after your warm touch

to run my fingers through your hair
a small but significant moment
to hold your cold hands inside mine
a small but significant moment


I wrap myself up in thoughts of you
they're the only things that get me through the day
I shelter from the constant tears, in your haze
and I can't help but smile when I see your laugh
it fills me with delight, and warmth and such


ending: your laughter is my heroin
your smile is every toxin breathed in
and I will exhaust myself
until you see it's me no longer there

Title: A big if

We spoke, of everything that felt right
we both know we were not right
unstable, I hold your worries close to me
I let your veins be able to breathe
and I loved, the way you look at me
and I miss, the stories we could have been

you're a little brave,
a little brave, sweetheart
a little brave, a little brave

Chorus: I'd promise you the world
if you'd be mine,
I'd give you all I have and more
I'm in debt to my emotions
I've taken them out for you
and I'll show you all I have to share
if you'd be mine

I'd stroke your hair so softly
I'd hold you to my skin
I'd kiss you with words that I could never breathe out
I let go of past love
to be yours
but do you even know how I feel?

you're a little brave,
a little brave, sweetheart
you're a little brave
a little brave, sweetheart


ending: I'd pull the moon down to earth
I'd make the starts shine brighter
if you'd be mine
if you'd be mine

Title: Through hell

My lips are sewn tightly
with the promise of your skin
I prayed for you my darling
to let the feeling wash within
and I'm hungry for your body
I'm lusting for your touch
but I will wait for you
you know I am able

to satisfy the emptiness
I'm always full of cravings
I'd hold you ever so closely
I'd keep you warm and safe

Chorus: And I've been putting you through hell
don't deny it, darling
I know I have, I admit it
and I've been putting you through hell
don't deny it, darling
I know I have, I admit it

I could promise I will change
but we both know not to talk of words that we can't sustain
I will whisper to you in the light of day
to let you know, you're mine to keep
and I will tell you I care
I will show you love
I will make up for the tears at bedtime


ending: I've been putting you through this hell
for so long, darling
but I promise I am over it now

Title: Across the sea

We're a thousand miles apart
but your mind lingers so close to me
and I've wished for your hands to hold
and I can barely sleep at night
knowing you're awake somewhere
it slowly tortures me
but I still, I still, I still care for you

and I'd hope that you would think
the same about me
all of these feelings sink beyond my feet
and I'm settled here, but not without you
not without you

Chorus: I can't keep pretending
that everything's alright
when you're not by my side
I'm still lonely
I long to kiss your skin, to stay with you through cold nights
and I'd wrap you tightly around my body
you're my delight

The amount of times I've said
love is not worth it
I've just pushed away you, from me
I can't help it,
you're the one
but you're miles away
across the sea


If I could bring you to me
if I could take you home
if this is all that we will be
at least I have known
what a great man
what a great smile


ending: oh please, darling
don't turn out the light
I will be waiting
waiting in the darkness
to save you
from the storm in your mind

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Title: I still care

We can be strong
I will be here
I will save you from the constant storm in your mind
I still care for you, forever and a day
whenever I'm not there for you
you're in a thoughtful haze
your kindness runs through my veins
and you cut so deep
and I still care for you

you move too fast for me
I keep on running
running after your non existent warmth
you're cold to the touch, you're colder than Winter air
and I still breathe you, I still breathe you in

Chorus: I'm the consumer of us
and we're not sustainable, we're no longer sustainable
the emptiness of being full
we're not satisfied, and we never will be
I awake in tangled covers
to the dull sight of you
and I could never know
I could never show you
how lost you are without me
and how I need to get away
from everything we'll never have

I keep my gaze upon you
your eyes steer close
and we have that moment
that we thought we'd lost


ending: I'm going to be alright
if you'll never be mine, mine
at least I'm aware now
I can stop seeking for love I will never find

Title: Reborn love

The darkness of light burns on my skin
the sight of you lingers within
and I'm so sad, so sad to see you again
you're hopelessly searching
for something that was never yours
and I'm so sad, so sad to see you again

and I love the way you make me feel, such beauty, such beauty
your way with words, your inadequate needs
I'd take that moment, to dress your skin again
to cover you in love and for you to be once more, mine
mine, tonight

Chorus: deep blue takes over my body
you're no longer next to me
close to you is where I'll never be
oh but I want you, I want you
to know, to be loved, to be cared for
as long as you're here, I might as well show you
what I'm all about

yet not many people understand
until they're in this predicament
and not many people feel such things
until there's something missing
to know, to be loved, to be cared for

I will always be yours somehow
even when I'm no longer around
and I will always be here to say
those words when they're needed


ending: you leave me breathless
my day is done now
and I'm facing the death of us
and I'm facing the death of us

Title: Won't take long

Your guard is let down
your emotive barrier is open
and your words have got me waiting
and I'm the company which is over
and I leave you quite the sound
those nights where we never left those sheets
the sheets that gave us the world

if I could have one more moment like this
laced in pure beauty, laced in your scent
I'd marinate myself in your kisses one more time
I'd drown a thousand times just to feel your skin

Chorus: I'd right all the wrongs
I'd be better for you, I'd better myself by you
because I know you deserve so much better
I'd take it all back, and it wouldn't take long
and I'd race all the fevers
just to feel the warmth of your breath
your voice echoes in the back of my mind
and I breathe you, I take you in like water
sip on you softly until there's nothing left

remorseful predicaments
I'd have many more just for you
I'd take you back, I'd take you

I'll beg for you,
I'll sacrifice all I have to give
and it won't take long
till you're mine once more, you never were
you never will be


ending: fast like lightning
love is frightening
and I'm stuck in the mist
I'm laid in the fog, one step closer to you

Title: Leading light

full of emptiness,
words you said could never be needed more than now
and I can see it on your face
you carry your heart so well
your eyes pierce straight through me
and I can see, I can see, I can see right through

I'm not good enough, not good enough for you
these are the new beginnings, everything we thought we'd ever be
and I know, I know you'll never be
my lover, my leading light in the darkest of rivers

Chorus: you'll be wishing you never found all that stays deep inside of me
and I don't want to hide beneath
in doubt and fear of what could be
and I'd run the furthest away from here
home was never when you were near me

all the shadows that linger over my body
all the want for you
and the need dries out my skin and my bones are left there for your eyes to see
and I want you to know, you'll never be my lover
never be a friend of mine
but these secrets are too late to find
and it's in your mind I wish to hide


ending: and I'd run
I'd run to you if I could
if I wanted I would be
I would be your leading light

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Title: Effortlessly

Hopelessly, all yours
effortlessly devoted
and to every word that you've outspoken
all this will ever be is what I can't afford
everything I own I give to you
each day I exhaust myself
hopelessly, all yours
effortlessly devoted

to run to you
I'd do it, as fast as I could
I'd make things right
to run to you
I'd do it, as long as it all kept you awake at night

Chorus: do you, ever?
do you, ever think about me?
you're carried in my veins
my heart's rhythm, to the voice of you
and I would like to keep you at peace
with words of silent beauty
letters I was never taught

I carry myself on weak bones
heavy heart, I trust my feet to get home
and I'd save you forever if I could
take this anger away and replace it with something good
sustainable laughter, for you
indestructible disaster, to you


ending: I manage to stray so close to you
the further I am the nearer you'll be
I manage to change myself for you
and hopelessly, I'm all yours
effortlessly, I'm devoted

Title: Underrated

I'm aware it's not my place to say
you and I, you and I
we've had much better days

it's colder in your soul than it is to say those words when I depart
you and I, you and I
we've had much brighter days

I'm ploughing through emotions
just to decide what's best for you
I'm hunting down every last outburst of devotion
just to hide inside of you

Chorus: Your eyes, they do me right
they do me well
I can't speak to you with words of wisdom
I might as well show you instead
and I'd wear you off just like a medal
placed upon my sleeve
just to be, just to be
in a place to say
in a safer haven
close to me

to hold your body next to mine
underrated feeling
to have you look into my mind
underrated reeling
and to kiss your lips to tightly
in a moment that's all mine
you and I, you and I


ending: to have you as mine, always
there could be no better ending