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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

UNFIN: Title - I could be. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Helpless to nostalgia,
thoughts and the memories,
distant gazes drift into a haze infront of me,
and I feel alone,
I feel alone

Innocence is long gone,
for lack of a better name,
it's just the past,
told to let go,
so I thought I'd let you know

Chorus: I could be your one, one and only
if you let down the walls and if you let down the barriers
your vulnerability holds me down to my core
and it won't ever escape me till I let you know
you're the future wrapped up in distant memories
but if we're the same I don't want us to be

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Title: You've. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

It's harder than it seems
to belong in someones dreams
when your reality seems to be darker than the winter skies,
a cloud full of rain, to your despise
makes my day, so do your lies
I crumble every second your tongue leaks words
I crumble every second, you were my world

chorus: I think of a thousand excuses,
to fight through the barriers,
so I can come and rescue your heart,
rescue your heart,
a million seconds pass us by
and I'm alone, alone I try
harder to fall at your feet
when your by my side, my sweet

You've a good heart but a cruel mind
I'd aspire to be your dream,
I'd aspire to be as close to you as your trouser seams,
the thought of it all daunts on me,
dragging me down, so softly
I'll follow you through the darkest of days,
to calmly pull the fears away,
and I would be the hero of the day


ending: You've a good heart and an inspirational mind,
it's a shame oh a shame, such a shame that I'd end up passing you by,
your standards are as high as clouds in the sky,
but I'd still walk your way home,
even if you called me a stray.

Title: Pick you up. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'll pick you up,
when your down
there's no faith we haven't found
there's no words
that I can say
that'll happily take us away

I found love,
you found lust,
we held hands,
it was a must,
we fell into a dark place

I know that,
it'll fade,
love we have
we are
foolish hearts
(there'll be lust tomorrow)
control my mind,
guide my heart,
and then we'll never be apart
don't cross your fingers for too long,
a promise is a promise

I'll pick you up when I'm down
don't confuse me with the fool I've found
there's no words
that I could say
that would happily take you away,

Chorus : I'll pick you up,
when I'm down
show you words,
I've newly found
we'll be eachothers fools for tomorrow

another day in your arms
is a day in my heart,
spent well and regretted over time
another way in your mind
tugging strings I find,
I'm a fool for you
that's the way it's going to be


ending: I'd pick you up
a thousand times
if you smiled at me
I'd fold up inside
there's no words for us to say
there's a time, and there's a place

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Title: Bruised. Wrriten By: Eleanor Diplock.

Sieve it through treat it as if has no meaning,
treat it like a mumble of other words,
I don't want to have to let you down,
I don't want to have to let you go

Let me remember how we were,
all we were, have and could of been
If you ever come back,
If you ever come back,
will you remember me?
as I were or how I should be?

Chorus: I'll never leave your side,
help me forget,
nostalgia stitches me through my eyes,
I could of been better for you,
stronger, but I was always a fool,
afraid and weak because of you

We used to sit and smoke and self-expire
word's you never said were as distant as the fire,
If I were brave enough to ask you to stay,
I doubt you'd approve in any other way,
a kiss on my lips pulls me down,
the way you bite my tongue,
anchors me away


Ending: Cause I don't want to let you down,
or to let you go,
bruised is my  mind and blue is my all.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Title: Man child. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

emotions, linger on your tongue
a taste you've had to often,
further dragged down by your pretentious smiles,
you long for something more than just company,
you're a lonely man, a lost boy inside
you long for something, more than just a body by your side

Chorus: you're looking for something,
someone to ease you through the night,
your losing your well known grip,
yeah you're losing the fight,
we've come too far to watch your all disintegrate
it's time to push past the pages, the past and the not so familiar faces

Dream, on
you've only seen a bit of the world,
the faces you know now,
will soon disappear,
and for that I know
there will be better,
so many better days,
with new brighter stars


Ending: I don't mind,
anymore, now that you're more than company
I don't mind,

Title: to hold. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Hold my body down,
lay my soul to rest, now
I'm tired of fighting all my confidence,

It's buried in my soul,
it's buried, your my all
the only reason I am alive,
to love and live and to get lost in your eyes

a disaster we are,
in comfort at last,
hold your breath
we're going down
we're going down

Chorus: the death of us all
will be love, love in your arms
to hold me tighter than any you've ever held
relive all those moments you wanted to hold forever in regret

Strangers become friends,
friends become lovers,
and that is the end,
repetitive loss and gain
repetitive hurt and strain


Ending: Hold me tight,
tighter than any grip you've held before,
Hold me tight,
let me rest in your awe.

Thought I'd share my face with you all. Hi!

Title: You, u. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

You pick me up when I am down
you're never here when I'm around
let's face facts it's coincidence we're never found
you're always there when I'm afraid
but never helped to save the day
I'm constantly fighting fear,
with the sweet linger of you near
I'm down with whatever you want,
I'll try my hardest baby

chorus: you, you,
you know I'm tyring
for you, you
I can't deny that I'm
a fool, fool, fool
for you and I swear
I swear by it baby
you, you,
you know that when the sun goes down, down
unspoken love buried yet found
you, you, you
should know all about this,
all about me

I'm no longer yours when you are mine
I'll touch down when you hit the sky
your heart it sails far away whilst mine just prays for another day
close to you I am apart, drifted oceans tides my hearts
ties my soul to you,
I'm no longer waiting for you when all I am is all you do
I'm no longer foolish but young I am


Ending: And you, you, you
should know me by now,
you, you, you,
shouldn't change a thing and how
to be loved by a fool, to be loved by you
love is a definition your scared of reading up

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Title: Woeful undressing. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

Undress my mind,
with your seductive lies,
you can't seem to find,
what you're truly looking for

You could stand in awe,
for hours observing my flaws,
but I've no message for you

Chours: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
if you let her go now, you won't get to hold her
she's not looking for commitment, she's just looking for a good night
undress me with your woeful eyes

It's pretty clear, our circumstances are
folding and melting in our hearts,
it's lust we're after, it's still so messy
when feelings are crushed to the ground

And all, at once
we become a dust,
everyone is the same


Ending: Take my hand,
lead me to the bedroom,
undress me with your woeful eyes,
it's not commitment or love I'm after,
just someone to get me through another night.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Title: Wait. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Waiting for you, all the time
Who’s to say it feels so good
Your to blame, you never could
Waiting for you, all the tie
Who’s to say, this feels so good
Your to blame, you know I could

Say you meant it
Say you didn’t try
We all know you’re worth it
But why do we all lie

Chorus: Fading into light
Softly fade
Getting you out of my mind, anyway
I’d say I want it
And I’d say I want to try
But I get the feeling that I can’t do anything more
Than just remain in all we have,
Remain in us

Say you meant it
Say you didn’t try
We all know you’re worth it
Join in the lies

And you keep on improving,
All these beautiful flaws
But they make you, you
Stay true to who you are
And you keep on believing all the deceits we know
I’ll stay here, pick you up when you’re bound to fall


Ending: Fading into lights,
Darkness burns the souls,
Pick yourself back up
Before you feel you’re not good enough, anymore
Say you meant it,
Say you wanted to try
It’s all alright now,
We’re just a happy lie

Title: Acceptance. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

The trouble with me,
I ain't easy to please
but buy me flowers and be spontaneous
you'll have me always on my knees

I'm a story hard to read,
configurations always to be made,
decisions I can never lay down,
I'll forever stay the same

I don't aim to please,
I don't give I expect,
there's endless negativity
to all I see but
it's all that I'll have left

Chorus:Cause when I'm,
all on my own,
I feel it hitting home,
there's no love inside
no warmth to provide
this tender cold heart
with the most loving of eyes

I'll bottle it all up,
drop me to the ground
I'll reveal more than minutes in a movie
I'll bottle it all up,
I believe it's better that way
safer to say


Ending: The most loving of eyes
could melt the strongest of souls
The more I try the less it's worth it
I guess I'll have to accept always being alone

Title: I could, hesitate. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

Is it all about beauty
is it all about yours truly?
cause lately I've been thinking
our ship is really sinking

and with our love on board,
we're bored
with our love on board,
it's easy to hesitate, any memories and mistakes we are to make

And who are you,
to define me by a single letter
and who you are
to judge me for all that you see
cause all that I am is all I could be

Chorus: I'm reaching out
I'm spreading my hopes and faith
into you, into a web of hesitations
I'm reaching out,
spreading my hopes and faith
into your lies a memory we make

I stay hopeful,
I pray to gods at night
to keep me safe
from things that fill me freight
but you're always there
a figment of my imagination
yeah you're always there
playing tricks, on
my mind


Ending: I could stay awake,
only for a while
dreaming is better now,
you're the apple in my eye.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Title: From dusk to dawn. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If I had the moment
I'd wrap myself into you,
I'd linger round your little finger,
helpless, hopeless,
but it'd do
anything to be with you

expectations as high as the clouds,
but reality is, wherever you are now
I could drag it down, burn it to the ground
but I'd frame it to see it through
see me, me and you

Chorus: This is our moment,
forever we'll be alone,
alone together somehow,
This is our story,
of how we first came about

We were shy, in denial
of love a four letter deceitful word
not spoken much of today,
We were shy and in denial
of that four letter word,
we could make or we could break
and we could change our world


Ending: Let us be,
free to see the world together
let us be.

Title: Cycles. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

When there's no more words to say,
when there's love but not today
when there's nothing to do
who are you? are you a fool?

When there's no time to left to tell
are you going to heaven or hell?
I'd hope for sure, we'd be together

Chorus: And it kills me,
to see your laughter by her side,
but if you're happy,
I'll take every moment in a proud stride,
just knowing you're better off without me,
is enough to crush or complete me,
cause you see all I wanted was to see your smile

I can't wait,
for the future to misbehave,
make believe in love again
I can't wait,
to see what fate turns us into
enemies, friends, lovers, the end
enemies, friends, lovers, the end?


Ending: Hold me, for tonight
I'm cold there's no excuse alright
I'm just looking for a moment with you

Title (short song) : Slack. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Don't let anyone tell you anything different
than what you've heard from my cold and sharp tongue
I'm not the one,
to push you away
but I've found a safer place today

I'm no longer in any arms,
I'm no longer looked at in the desirable way,
you're just a liar and hey
don't get me wrong I'd love to see this through
but I'm running out of patience
I'm running out of you

Cut me some slack,
I'm waiting on you,
when there's only time to waste
is it worth to hear you say
how much you regret all that we are tonight?

Title: Description of a saint. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

As the cold nights draw closer
your breath it lingers,
warm on my skin

For love, I'd hope
for love, I'd sin

Chorus: I could paint a picture with words
on how beautiful you look tonight
I could paint a picture with words
on how you make me feel
but that's cliche
yeah that's cliche
when you're around, I go weak in my knees

I could pick you up,
with just a smile
it'd help you gain strength


Oh I'd hope for love tonight,
even if in your arms,
I know I could get it from you somehow,
a bit of luck, a bit of lust, a bit of love
we'd make it through the dark cold nights
that are to see us through

Title: Still to come. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

You don't even feel the same,
you're not him, you're not into you
emotions are complicated, they don't rise with the sun
never let the day disappear with unspoken letters or actions not done

I'm wishing you could see beyond the surface,
deeper than my physical flaws,
cause when I look at you I'm lost in awe,
all I want is you,
in your arms I'd feel safe,
but you don't even feel the same

Chorus: L-o-v-e
it's a complicated word,
lust used as a replacement,
I've never felt my heart ache as much as each second of the day
 when you're not in my gaze,
you don't even feel the same,
you're not into you

Pinch me if I'm dreaming,
wake me from this sleep,
reality is bitter, and my dreams they are sweet
because who's not to dream when you're a lonely fool
he's not you


Ending: There's good still to come
just be true to who you are
I'll have no regrets in anything that you have to say
because, baby, you don't even feel the same

Title: Soft. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Picture this,
a well timed kiss,
and I'd fall into you,
fall into your arms

So many things end, we're only aware by a fraction
we meet our full potential through actions, tonight

I know I'm young but I'm sure I've never felt this way before,
I know I'm young but I'm sure I've never lead you through doors
your soft lips your gentle face
a passion that, I'm yet to embrace

If I could make you the happiest human in the world,
I would, whatever it takes
promises made will be broken
I can't help that I feel like this,
a sorry state, sorry state
I pity the fool that falls in love with you
(Oh I, I)

I wish to run away for days,
to somewhere no one knows my name,
I'd make a brand new start,
pour wisdom from my heart
all for you,
I'd do anything to please you,
I'd do anything to see your face again
in my eyes tonight


Ending: Speak softly, you're words and letters are chosen precisely
hold me down if I come across to highly
I've yet to hold barriers up,
I've yet to stray far enough away,
away, away from you baby

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Title: All I do. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

All I do
is all she begs of you
his fragile tongue and tender words
linger on my mind forever
I'll always have you on my mind

All that I can do,
is hope there's love for you,
love is evil, love is pure
there's not much love I've had to endure

Chorus: These cold nights
they make me shiver to my bone,
I'm lost in the dark, I've got the heaviest of hearts
it weighs me down, 
there's no letting go, now
these cold nights turn into brighter days
as I'm left all alone and far away

All that I do
is all he asks of you
I'll never be like her,
and you'll never like me, again
it's time to move forward,
I've been way over due



Friday, 7 October 2011

Title: Only for tonight, for a while. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Put a little sunshine into my sky,
don't waste that look in your eyes,
it's lust that your after, just someone to hold,
come closer sweetheart
we'll make all we are combine tonight

I see you standing there the lonesome gaze upon your heavy heart,
I could pick you up and change your views on this lonesome world for a while,
your oh so sweet smile could be rainbows in my sky,
only for tonight, only for a while
after all we've lost all meaning of romance,
what does l-o-v-e mean?

Chorus: We can make this happen,
only for tonight, only for a while,
we don't have to commit to each other,
we don't have to commit to another
only for tonight, only for a while

there's something special that you want to show,
you hold and tie it down with ropes of deceit,
but it's alright because for now we'll keep our lust secret
and choose a mistake that we won't have time to regret


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Title: Cut throat keeper. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Cut throat keeper had a chance but I thought I'd leave him,
for another girl who is better in  so many ways,
I hesitated at the whisper of love I hated,
oh how foolish of me to let you go

But I must, let
you know,
there have been too many oh's

Chorus: Full of regret,
over yesterday,
the hours have passed and we're still reminiscing over what could've been,
Full of regret, we're so empty somehow so empty
how? we don't know,
this is why , this is why
I let you go

I tried to teach ya
but you turned your back on me
for love for lust hopefully
you won't get hurt any longer
sensitivity has come off stronger
than the years before we began


Ending: Cut throat keeper,
a vital sign for love and I'd leave ya
I can't take the pain,
when I look into yours it's never over
constant misery plucks my brain
so I'd just say over and over again
this is why I left...ya.

Friday, 30 September 2011

Title: Let yourself. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

People will talk but they just won't know,
why I care and why I loved you so,
Care too much, lose simplicity
It's not what you wear it's who you are,
so let all be

What will be, will be
let the good times roll and you'll soon see
it's not about what you say or how you look or the drugs you took
it's simplicity, simplicity

Chorus: Let the good times roll,
far too long you've been over-shadowed,
it's time to escape that reclusive black hole
Let the good times roll,
run for the excitement, let it all show

What will be said, will be said
there's no turning back time,
speak honest and true letters
or forever regret and deny
it's not about lust, it's about fate
it's all about tonight


Ending: Come on, just let yourself go
you've a lovely smile which you just don't show
Come on baby, let the good times roll,
just let yourself go, let yourself go.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Title: Throw it all away. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You've the hardest of hearts and the cruelest of ways
to blind a love with perfect vision
tender is touch and tender is time
it leaves the tenderest of wounds
for you to crumble down
with your hardest of hearts

The tip of your tongue holds the deepest of lies
It's heartbreaking to see your bitter sweet eyes
It starts with hello and ends with goodbye
I've seen you in my dreams,
an image I despise

Chorus: Bitter sweet love,
I throw it all away, throw it all away
I've enough for now I'll save my tears for another day
cause your near, and when you're gone
the same sad story, it carry's on
and on
and on

I've no hope left, no faith inside
my stomach binds all of your lies,
there's no ending to my sadness dear


Ending: I'll throw it all away
with a shy kiss and a lie
I'll turn your blue skies grey with a pinch of time

Title: Oh. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Fell into your opinions,
Bumped into your precision,
isn't it idiotically beautiful how you seem?

You act oh so warm but we both know you're cold,
it's tearing me apart how we're growing old,
you've never said to me, those words I long to hear
I'm forever listening to tragic whispers in my ears

Oh oh oh oh oh x2

Chorus: If I could pick you up, take you out
I'd show you the towns that take us back
to the olden days where love was sacred
love was sacred, love was sacred
If I could pick you up and take you down
I would place your tongue by your heart,
at least then you'll speak true words that you truly feel
to be loved is surreal, to love is surreal

I've done my days waiting, and I've done my time
I'm wasting away sighing at the lies,
you've reeled me back in, oh what a surprise
it's happened again to my pitiful eyes


Ending: and oh,
what a beautiful shame it was,
and oh, oh, oh
what a beautiful shame

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Title: Better. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You're not to blame,
for my selfish ways,
I'm a cold and bitter body to watch
You're not to blame,
for each of my shames,
they're just embedded into my heart, kept safe

What a way to change,
what a way to live,
under each beautifully pretentious twitch
I fail to smile, my creases show a side
a side of sadness, wasted time and why?

Chorus: It's all for you, I am
It's all for you, I will be
all for you, all for you, all for you
It's all for you, my flaws
if you can say they're beautiful,
that'll be the day I die, I'll lie in awe

It's always a shame,
to be the blame,
when each action I choose to portray is fake
It's such a shame,
when each word I say
is nothing more than just heartless letters


Ending: I could be better, for you
I can be better for you
but being better takes much effort and time
and if wasted I've a product of a fool.

Title: Bitter. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

A bitter daze,
my sudden icy glaze
lays upon your face
lays upon your face

A bitter way,
for my eyes to reach an awful place
I could fall today, forever

Hush down adolescent,
your young years are precious,
but the days away are too slow now
make the most of what you are

Chorus: We're told to feel in such a heartless way
when we're young and in lust
when we're young and in lust
We've not much time to shake our ways
old habits, bad habits die hard
when we're young and in lust

It becomes too much,
we get oh so stressed
we get so sick and tired,
of creating such mess,
we'll fall far too many times
cuts and bruises will shine
away the grey and the dull days ahead


Ending: What a bitter regret,
for a beautiful story,
it has no morals, no morals except
we're young and in lust, instead.

Title: Lay me down for the fall. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

There's nothing you can do that can't be done,
don't let unspoken love go down with the sun,
we're all hoping for something more than this,
we're outspoken, we're broken, such bliss

How can I miss you when you're near?
you threaten me with your touch and sweet somethings in my ear
what can I say to make you
how can I behave when you're so bitter my love?

Chorus: I'm just another empty body
for you to lay down once more
I'm just another empty soul
so lift me up, pick me up, break my fall
break my fall

I can no longer love you like this,
with each letter you whisper my heart it always has a twitch
I can no longer love you like this...

sober heart through it all
I'd be a fool (for you)

bridge: hold me down, hold me down down down
where the other bodies rest, where I'll look upon my best
hold me down, hold me down down down
where the emptiness arises and the sun it always shines and we're all
beautiful, for once


ending: Lay me down, for the fall
when I'm standing I collapse like a fool
when you're near me I just break apart
and when you're near I just...break

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Title: Three beat. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You and I
will find our way back
to where it all started
desires and destruction parted

We sat by
the ashes as our souls burned down to bitter dust,
this is no longer lust,
we're just in...

Chorus: Pull me back to reality
I'm done with quoting love poems
I'm just the girl you fall in and out of lust with
Pull me back to my darkest dreams
pitiful it seems that I'm the one who's frightened now

I never felt right
saying those two words, good bye
I still regret flicking the letters off my tongue
and we agreed, we'd be better off as two
but what are two when we're one?
we'll fight till the sun shows its face


Ending: I fell by,
a shadow of your heartbeat,
it told me to stop being so shy and concrete,
I came to life,
with the breath of your voice
I came to life,
without a choice.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Title: Creases. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

We are battles won and lost
we are risks at all costs
we are the flesh and skin of today
we are what
we are what?

are we meant to be together
or are we not?
i'd never let you go

have you ever had those dreams
where reality it seems
oh so far away
(you're never by my side)

Chorus: I know you may feel the same
I can see it upon the wrinkles in your face
a crease caused by a whisper from me
I'm flung to the side

You're being oh so shy and slow
but if you were me, I'd never let this go
there's nothing between us but space and unspoken letters
take my hand I'd never say no


Ending: I'll be the one who never takes any sides,
with you a gentle four letter lie named love in this situation
it enables just about any lengthening of time.

Title: Tripped into you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.


I'm gazing into you
You're looking right through me
I'd like to say I like you
you're looking at me
I'm stuck on you
I'd love to say I like you

Dreaming about you,
almost all of my living time,
you're a swirl, a swirl in my mind
beautifully destructive,
almost all the time

Chorus: Tripping over and falling into you
I wish you'd catch me
but I think you're too shy
Tripping over and falling into your arms
I'd hope you're mine tonight

Taking my hand
In my day dreams
a lust so crazy
A dream I'd like to believe in
(see myself in)


Ending: I tripped into you
you fell into me
are we something more than a thing for them to believe in?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Title: You're wonderful. By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'll never make it all alone,
I'll never follow the cobbled track back home
I'd never accept it, the offer heavy in your arms

To feel light, to feel loved, to feel anything
a bitter kiss goodnight is more than an action
I'd hope to god we'd be alive by the morning in each others arms
don't feel alarmed,
I think you're wonderful, wonderful

Chorus: I disappear into a thousand love notes,
I find myself through finding you,
I disappear through a fluorescent rainbow
I think you're wonderful, purely wonderful...

I throw myself into millions of situations,
I'm paranoid, I pretend to not be instead
I over think, analyze and let go
I chuck myself down before I ever speak so


Ending: You're wonderful, wonderful
purely wonderful, wonderful
I'll hold you to that words, you're a living definition.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Title: Struggle. By: Eleanor Diplock.

There's a place for everything
and everything will always find a place
don't you understand or want to feel
the look upon my face?

I'm struggling to find all the time to tell you words I'll never say,
you're the type of person that represents that I'd hate
but when I see the look in your eyes it takes me back, to home
and when I see the look in your eyes it takes me back home

Chorus: And I've never, ever felt this way
except one familiar day
where, the sun was shining brighter than any star in the sky
I'm struggling to find all the places that we've been in my mind,
If I could take you there, I'd hope you'd stay and be fine (mine)

I'm tongue tied at the thought of us drifting apart once more
I'm putting in the effort to say hello but my heart grows sore
I'm tongue tied at the paranoia inside my head,
It's made itself a bed and it's breaking my heart instead


End: I've never dreamt a dream so beautiful
it catches my flaws,
I've never dreamt a dream where,
everything was beautiful.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Title: Us. Written By : Eleanor Diplock.

Life really is too short to even care at all,
push past insecurities, you're named a fool
I act so shy and innocent at times,
but with each line I sing I'm fucking you over till you're brand new and you shine

I could sit around and weep all day at how people change and it shouldn't be this way
but I've got no time to worry when I've got you
on my mind,
on my mind

Chorus: It's always been you right from the start,
you've got those eyes that seep through my heart,
and I found it, happiness
and I found you, happiness
once more

I had a vision of us in a few days time,
I would say years but that'd be a lie,
you and I are happy, and happy are we
I've got you and you've got me


Ending: Picture me in a few weeks time,
is my mouth still creased forming smiles from lines
Picture me in a few days time,
is my heart still heavy with you on my mind...

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Title: Linger. By: Eleanor Diplock.

Your face carries the weight of your heart
I'd hope to god we'd never sail apart
the tides pull us apart, and we're better this way
even if we don't admit it through the words that we say

Your smile lingers on my breath,
each word I say it turns us colder, colder
Your eyes they linger on my smile,
each breath I take your words are sharp, sharp as knives in the back

Chorus: I only care when you're gone,
I recollect my memories,
store them all day long,
I never call you back (you never call me)
I never doubted that

Your touch so cold upon my lips,
you say hushed letters any fool would slip down,
slip down for a while, a while

I'd swim the ocean, maybe just a river for you
helplessly helpless, and none the wiser too
I'd watch the flowers grow in hope for your presence,
in hope for you


Ending: Your smile it lingers on my breath,
the letters I never said.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Title: Self-wreck. By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'm a wreck,
I know, I know
you're the track that leads me home

I lay my body down twice a day,
and you don't even ask whether I'm okay

Chorus: I'm hoping,
for brighter days where
summer seems not far away
I'm hoping
for brighter days where
everyone and everything is better

You and I have differences,
they say opposites attract when they clearly don't,
we all search for the perfect quote,
You, and I have similarities, si-similarities
but they're not so involved


You call it flirting, but it hurts us both
You call if flirting, but it hurts the most


Ending: Self-wreck, I'm writing myself off
I'm limited to every second we have lost
Self-wreck, it's my own fault for losing myself to you
my sanity, has fallen through

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Title: What you gave. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'll never make it all alone,
I'll never make it following the track, home
I'd never take it, the option to fall back in your arms
for another day with you would be oh so revealing,
I could challenge myself in so many beautiful ways,
but hearing your voice, I disintegrate

Chorus: You give me,
more than a feeling,
without any doubts you keep on reeling,
you have every ability under the sun,
you consume more than the meaning
when the day is done

I'd like to go to the seaside,
I'm becoming a recluse,
I'll fall in love on my own,
It takes me home
I'd love to go to the seaside,
it's tranquility holds me to the shore,
drags me back until I return no more

I'm just trying to remove myself from my foul ways,
but it's hard when all that is foul are habits,
bad habits, shake them off
shake them off
like all the girls you used to love


ending: You gave me something to believe in,
deceit, deceit
you gave me more than just a feeling,
you gave me stories to sink my mind in,
my teeth hang loose as the gritting thought of your name
You gave me something to believe in,
deceit settles in.

Title: And there was you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Lust lingers in our eyes,
we meet almost all the time,
our eyes say more than we could ever speak,
and when you move closer, I'm cliche, but I go weak

Chorus: And there was you,
another fool,
stood by yourself,
awaiting a lustful acquaintance
And there was you,
gentle eyes hooking, reeling me in
And there was you,
whose heart swam deeper than any specimen

I dream of you, you think of me
it's so brutal, a lasting brutality
but for all it's worth, I'd wear any scar or bruise proudly,
to be yours for one day and night


Ending: And there was you,
flaws stood on your complexion,
I'm no soul to judge,
your beauty seeped through from each direction,
And there was you,
And there was you.

Title: Follow the sun. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'll follow the sun,
there's no chance of becoming more dumb,
when you're the one I'm seeking,
I seek the one my soul searches

I'll follow and run,
faster for any fellow who dares,
I'll follow you until my grave
your beauty devastates many eyes
but mine just wonder, mine just wander

Chorus: I'll follow the sun,
until I settle with you,
I see, it's not just the depth of the space between us
it's the weight of my heart that leads me to you every night
I'll follow the sun,
until I settle with you,
I see, I see
I'll follow thee

Your soft skin lingers on my touch,
I wish for lots, but for this I wish too much
I'll wait for you, I would
Debate for you, I could


Ending: I'll follow the sun
until I'm old,
in search for you
I'll break the mould
until my feet can no longer carry me.

Title: Foolish fall. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If I fell,
foolish fall,
If I fell,
would I fall into you?

Unspoken love, the sun settles down
but as it rises you're still the one,
free me, free me from heavy excuses
they're wrapped around my heart,
ever so illusive

If I fell,
foolish fall,
If I fell,
would I become a fool to you?

Chorus: You're always hoping for something more, a little more
because when you've yet to hold on to something so small
it's not love that you harbor,
it's never love that you harbor

Pick me up just to drop me back down,
I'm a fool, a fool I've found
I've doubted you for much too long
I've doubted you, for being strong


Title: I'll remember. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Forget me, leave them all behind
they're the worries in the back of your mind,
they'll grind you down, to a blissful dust
there's no compromises, it's a must

Just let go, be yourself
you've been afraid of your shadow far too long, child
you've been told by many you're different,
be thankful you're not the same as those who spat those words at your ears

Chorus: To be one, to be wanted
to be thought about,
forget me not, forget me now
It's all up to you, you've got the world in the palm of you hands
you just don't know it yet,
you've yet to learn the ways of wisdom

If there were a moment where I could love you less,
it would not even be a split second,
you're the reason I'm clinging on to thin air,
you're the reason I can hope


Ending: I'll always remember who you made me,
who I've now become,
I'll never regret or forget bittersweet memories,
you certainly now know,
once the thing you love most has gone,
there's nothing to love at all.

Title: For you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

It starts with letters, hurdled from your youthful tongue
you act so wise but inside your crying, crying for advice
you seek helping hands from the bottle, it's all you've ever known

And it's never your fault,
never your fault,
you never were a selfish child, you just wanted the best
for everybody, but you

You're holding on to tethered lines,
breaking the mould,
tonight I reckon you'll be fine,
but with a sweet kiss goodnight,
your dreams will be bitter,
bitter alright

Chorus: You've got some big dreams,
in that melancholy mind
cheer up baby, you'll be fine
you think the world's over,
but you're only breathing, you're not even alive

You twist fate and spin round several times,
you make excuses, but I know that it's fine,
it's all I've ever known,
slowly let me down,
slowly let me down


Ending: I'm watching you,
a balloon losing air,
deflating with age,
you're barely there
you're barely there

Title: How do you feel VS. The world. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'll still be waiting, wishing hoping
for another shooting star
even though 11:11 wont make dreamy pursuits travel far
I can still hope and wait and wish
I can still hope and wait and wish

Wish for another second, moment, hour
with you,
I could wish for hours, waiting for you
you'll never come,
you never come

as strange as it seems,
your not easy to please,
simple boy like you,
confusing girls as you do,
you like to hurt them
you like to twist there words
how do you feel when, you're up against the world?

how do you feel when you're up against the whole world?

Chorus: I bet your mothers told you,
to be good for now,
to save yourself before you no longer are alive,
you choose the wrong words at the wrong time
I wish we could all just rewind,
but without mistakes,
but without mistakes,
who are we to blame? but ourselves

how do you feel when you're up against the world?
how do you feel when you are up against the girl?

ending: How does it feel, to have lost it all
when you never gave the effort,
you said you sacrificed like a fool,
but you could do better,
you could try.
How does it feel to see her with another guy?

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Title: Repetitive. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Tired and empty, 
cold hearted lies,
I've been gone a long time,
distance shows in my eyes,
distance shows in my eyes

I'm back and I want what is mine,
I know I've been gone a long time
distance spreads in my lies,
distance spreads in my lies

Lusting for happiness,
it'll never be mine,
it'll never be mine,
too many troubles playing on my mind,
too many troubles in my mind

Chorus: As repetitive is my life,
I wake up with less and less pride,
I would wish and I'd wait to be you,
your body so light and mind so free,
I could wait for forever and a day,
seconds eat up my energy, baby

Lusting for something more than love,
emotions get tangled up in a web,
time and time I've called,
you never answer to me,
you never answer to me


Ending: As repetitive is my love,
It starts ends then fucks me right up,
As strong as my armour may seem,
I'm weak and I'm dumb and I'm a teen.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Title: Creation. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

One look into your eyes,
and your under my skin,
a deer in the headlights,
you've reeled me in,
you've reeled me in

What unbelievable behavior,
surrounding so thin,
the airs getting tighter,
the nights pulling in

chorus: For such gentle eyes,
you fill my blood with eternal anger
I'm frustrated, for you love
Because my patience is wearing thin
I'm bare to the bone, you've found the real me
you've found all I can be

I've so many flaws, yet you're so beautiful
a creation in my mind, so elegant, so subtle
but when I wake your gone,
the demon of reality awaits,
the demon of reality awaits, me


Ending: I'd hope you'd be alright,
I'll sleep alone another night,
because dreams are all I know,
when you're there by my side, dear
you're there by my side dear

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Title: Softly. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Soft lips, slowly curse my brain
I'll picture you, again and again
until I get my fix, my fix of you
until I get my fix, my fix of you

I lose my focus,
the majority of the time,
the seconds that pass my eyes are never lonely
but when they are I feel fragile and broken
because without love, my hearts left wide open

Trample on me,
if it sets you free,
I'll be your adviser, your daily subscriber to all that is sweet
I'll feel your fears and drown them out with all that's warm
I'll feel your fears and drown them out with all that's wrong

Chorus: If I could take this all away
trust me I would, if only I could save you, lead you astray
your head hangs low, each time you look up
you just take a fall
each time you look up,
I will be your all

Sleep next to me, I'd hope one night we could
we could watch childhood movies and talk all night
like we should,
I just want to conversate
cause I just want you, more each day


Ending: Softly kiss, softly sleep
awaken my soul, I know it sounds deep
I need new light to shine upon my dark days
now summers gone, you are away

Title: I can no longer. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Careless hearts
Careless thoughts
say bitterness softly, quickly
washed out with a drag or two
of your favorite cigarette

I watch you, dumbly
I watch you, numbly
softly drowning sorrows with another sip or your favorite drink
I feel your sadness,
I feel your sadness,
like the shore it slowly drifts on in

Chorus: Would you look at me like I look at you
or would it scare you to feel the way I do
when all I know and feel is real
numb the pain and reel me in,
I wish for longer nights with you,
even though there's space between us
a sparks still new,
each time and hour that passes our lips
I feel you near,
I feel new trips

This would be so much easier
if  I couldn't feel,
feel so much sorrow,
feel so surreal in your arms,
all I would love for is for love in your eyes
but hoping is waiting and I've done my time


Ending: I can no longer tell you,
how long I can wait,
my days are endless,
and I know this isn't fate

Title: For love, I'd hope. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If I were to wait for you, again
I'd promise myself to hold back
all these emotions piling in my head
worry less child, sleep instead

If I were different I'd be so free,
catching all the enemies, setting them on me
keep them in the cage, trapped forever
you and me can laugh and say we'd never be apart
when the truth,
the truth is in our hearts

Chorus: Settle down,
Settle down,
you can't run away from all you haven't yet found
I'll keep you, forever my dear
buried deep inside, another ocean of fear
buried deep inside, I'll keep you near

To be rescued, to be loved, to be wanted
all because, I can and I should be
but with you it's not just reality
I could hope for another day
just another day with you
in your arms of safety


Ending: I would wish,
I would love,
for you and me,
just because
there's no three words better than to say
I'll leave you and I'll love you
all the more today.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Title: Bitter Taste. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Told, to be
to be smarter
to be stronger
to be happier
to be prettier

I'm a human being,
I can't be defined by a list,
of foolish letters,
I'm a human being,
I can feel everything,
but unlike you,
I can't taste the sour words I spit off my tongue
but unlike you, I like you

Frozen smiles I fear your fall,
you're beautiful ruins it all
and you're broken, I can see it
and you're weary eyes believe it,
fool, fool, so quiet now

Chorus: The bitter taste has left my tongue,
the suns gone down and we're alone
but I feel vulnerable like a child now
your dominant presence prowls proud
and I'd like for me to take it all away
and I'd like for you to come over and stay
but I'd be waiting...

Twisted sights I see you near,
nothing left for me to fear,
and I'd pray to god that one day
we'd become something, saved
in our memories


Ending: The sour taste has left my tongue
The bitter words I yell from my lungs
and I'd pray to god to keep me this way,
because I know I can be better, and I've tried
I've tried, today.

Title: I. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Softly sleeping as I wipe my smile away,
I start to agree there have been better days,
I can't help but sound obsessed,
you've got me so depressed
troubles in my mind,
questions all the time,
I'm tired of chasing every word you rhyme
they're all so damaging
to my youthful, deceitful ears

Chorus: I lack faith in myself,
I lack faith in myself,
because of this, because of you
the past stays bitter and true,
a constant reminder of all I had
I threw it away
Lust, love, sanity

I want to understand, you better
I want to last forever
seeking happiness deep inside
never forgetting you by my side
oh how sad I sound,
and how sad it seems
I'd rather be sad and alive
than dead and in my dreams


Ending: Give me everything,
give me all,
I'll expect less, and take a fall
Because with you here tonight,
With you here by my side,

Title: And I. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

I've always felt such disappointment
in myself, and in some ways you
I've never sought to far
in anything brand new

You're something special,
and you don't know it,
a rarity,
a rarity,
You're something special
and you just don't know it
a rarity,

chorus: Wrap me tighter with warm wise words,
I'd like to think one day I could be your girl,
and for now my dreams will do,
because in my dreams it's me and you
and forever I shall sleep
and forever hope I'd never wake
In my dreams, my hearts at bay

I try so hard to be a better person,
a warmer heart, a warmer soul
but when you're cold and bitter it's not so certain
a tougher try is no longer working,
I need new energies,
I need positivity,
I'll just sleep, I'll just sleep
in my dreams life's so perfect
in my dreams I can work at it
reality's such a calamity, when you're not around


Ending: And I'd hope that you and I could settle down,
I don't care about kids I just want me and you for now,
I know my dreams are a million smiles away,
all I can do is watch them fade away.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Title: Slow, Slowly. Written by Eleanor Diplock.

And when we talk
I seem to forget the world
My regrets left behind
I’m all yours, your girl
I’m your girl

And when we walk,
Side by side and hand in hand
You’re all I need,
I feel in demand
And you know this feeling
Ain’t something you can plan
No, it’s nothing you can plan

Chorus: you make me feel like
Time’s gone,
There are no worries
Now we’re alone
You make me feel like
Summer ain’t gonna be lonely
Because I got you,
And you’ve got me.

Turn my heart,
But don’t dare rip at apart
You’re all I have,
You’re all I need..


Ending : slowly,
Turn my heart,
But don’t dare rip it apart
You’re all I need now
You’re all I have now.

Title: Lost. Written by Eleanor Diplock.

A sudden rush of loneliness,
A feeling we find hard to digest,
Oh, boy, he doesn’t make me smile like you used to
He doesn’t make my eyes flicker like you used to

I never will move on from you,
Oh I,
Never will be gone from you,
A distance so close, yet so far away

The way you made me feel,
I’m trying to replace,
Bury over memories,
But I cannot hide your face…

Chorus: You and I both know,
Flowers bloom and feelings grow
But I’ve grown bored and old
Of feeling oh, alone
I’ve grown bored and old
Of feeling ooh, alone

Covering my eyes with sleep,
I think it’s time to love and weep,
But I can’t forget you,
No, I can’t forget you,
You were everything, everything

A face so brave, but eyes so vulnerable
Your heart so heavy, you must feel it all
But why so vulnerable,
You’ve got to let him go,
Why so vulnerable,
You’ve got to let him go…

Ending : There are times when I’ll be so afraid,
Loneliness is my partner till grave
And you and I both know,
Feelings and flowers bloom and they grow

Title: Oh how. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I sacrificed, it all
and like a child, I took a fall
Oh what a shame, to us all
What a shame, I called

I missed your words, of bitterness
I missed your twisted smile
that hooked me like none other for a while
I'd hope and pray,
deep down we'd be safe again,
in our sorrows we build a home,
but there's home without love

Chorus: Oh how to be delicate,
but at the same time so arrogant
I'd wish for you a thousand smiles
to take away your weary eyes
and you would look so beautiful
in my eyes you would shine
you'd beat any other light
above all this,
all of this darkness

And how to be over such broken bodies that shake my bones,
and how to get over such broken hearts that shake me, inside
I never knew I could feel, feel more pain for you, my darling boy
and how to be ashamed of myself,
for being more than just there


ending: And darling, I'd hope
and darling, I'd pray
but keeping fingers crossed doesn't ever delay rainy days
so tomorrow I will stay.

Title: Gave you all. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

I gave you all
For you to drag me down
You’re pulling me around
Like a pre-owned rag doll

You’re spinning me around
Like you couldn’t hear a sound
Although I’ll scream from the top of my lungs

You couldn’t stick around
For this love you still haven’t found
But it’s all good, you’ll detour
From your desired tracks

Chorus : I gave you all
Not for you to knock me down
I’ll get back around
As soon as I find my head
I gave you all
Not for you to drag me down,
But I’ll get back up
When I hear the next sound of screams,
A sound of dreams, it seems
Utterly wonderful

Don’t say I’m the girl you’ve found,
Unless you know your sure,
You’re not even aware of the fact
You’re floating amongst the shores

A weightless body,
A heavy mind,
Just float on by,
As I watch you


Ending: I gave you all,
I’m not your rag doll,
You can stop dragging me around
Like a lonely little chi-ld

Title: Fool. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

Stuck in the middle of it all,
and you don't even notice,
you're oblivious and a fool,
self-contained, this time a good call

You call it flirting but it hurts,
when you say those careful words,
I hesitate each time I'm here,
Hesitate whether to bother and care

Chorus: And I'm sick and tired,
of always being sick and tired,
and I'm sick of pretentious people,
they're all around me,
spreading open,
I've lost my breath,
you've gained a token.

You should always know,
that I'm here,
even when you don't even care,
You should know that I'm always here,
even if you don't have the time of the day
to give to yourself,
you give yourself suddenly away,
to private jokes in the bathroom
you're all alone....and


ending: I'm foolish for caring,
caring so foolishly,
I'd hope for a better way to say
without words on my tongue
how much it hurts,
when you're around.

Title: Little Late. Written by Eleanor Diplock.

alliteration is no replacement for substance
being someone else wont make you feel better
 being with someone who is trying to make something of something that isn’t
will never fill the space
Where you once belonged
You once belonged…

Pretentious People, oh we are
Pretentious people, getting far

Chorus: It’s a little late,
To change your ways,
To follow the track
That you once laid
You laid your body down to rest
Don’t be shy, we all progress…

Follow the crowd, they’ll follow you
Pretentious and proud
You’re brand new…
You’re brand new…

And I for one, am not afraid
To be the person I portray
Make what you want of it


Ending : It’s a little late to change your ways,
You’re laid down and it’s not the same
Your body doesn’t rest no more.