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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: Back to me? Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Remain with your scripted sacred words
my heart yearns and blossoms for you, like you'll never know
the tables seem to always turn for me
and this dim light keeps me here
and it's over, it's all over

bury me, intertwined in your class a kisses
our chests pound through thicker air
we're barely floating in the shore
everything we've been seeking, barely there
and still we beg for more

Chorus: Realise, my escape lies within your darkened eyes
swept away by what your mind can't hide
forever my lips lay ready, sealed  tightly
against your skin, but you've never been aware
you're afraid to be within

the way our fingers brush before they finally meet
my thoughts in the clouds but solid ground remains restlessly under my feet
when we seem to be alone we never are
you're never too far away


End: think it through, is that something you could ever do?
come back to me?
left so instantly, a separation for which my heart was not prepared to do
I'm there when you're lost in the light
your fear keeps you from being here
come back to me?

Title: No one goes. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Beauty leaks into your soul
a place where no one will go
oblivious to me, I see, I see you
waiting, wanting to believe in everything you've become
afraid of the light, it summons your eyes
to what your mind can deceive in life
what you breathe in life
childish, you hold on for someone else

I pick bones with my teeth
without your imagination, I never leave you
I say whatever I mean
holding back, I hold love back
blind to success, I can't see you

Chorus: through the skies in your mind
your body rests 5 foot in the ground
until you receive a little loving again
through the skies in your mind
and you're home again, home again

desperate for passion, desperate for touch
drag my soul down with the brush of your cold skin
tenderness never lived here
but for you, for you, all for you
I let you in


Ending: Beauty leaks from your soul
wraps up the spaces in-between our bodies
lights up the sky with your calming words
affection light me up, give me what I need

Title: First. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

It can't be undone, whatever this is
hold me down, desirable, to touch every inch of your body
with the warmth of my breath
the heaviness of your skin lingers now
our flesh meets again
under the heavenly sheets that cover yesterdays disaster

you keep me pounding, for every word
frozen as it leaves your lips
you come, finish with a tender twist
that leaves nothing other than a scar, so sublime
body bruised, in love with you, lust is better

Chorus: Think twice, never promise
in the heat of our moments
always ready for you
you run home, shoes straight off
you know the rest, baby
think twice, never promise
repeat, repeat, repeat, we repeat our actions
that remain in our words, sprawled in the creases of our clothes
this is what we feel, how we like it

breathing hard now, we know this would happen
lay me down, give it to me over again
you know what I like, we both know why you're here
it's all you, it's all me
playing, over again


ending: me on top of you,
you inside and beside me
lower me down with unseen intentions
baby, you've got it all

Title: How you like it. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I dreamt of you, you dreamt of me
gravity keeps us here, yet we're reasons to leave
stay around, I sleep in pure darkness, lonely
what is love? it's not whatever we have right here
I wake you with myself staying around
could of left, but I never do, I never will
leave without a wasted word, from you

when good words come by,
I keep them sealed within my lips
stories never told by those who let go
let me see through this jealousy
feel me, did I ever tell you?
you're the only one I've waited for
the only one who meant something

Chorus: I'll see you again
hand intertwined with all that we could of begun
we'll look back to then
when you and I were never separate
uncontrollably united, pushed aside by our thoughts
of seeing one another, once again

lost inside you, ready for the best
I'm nothing you admire
somehow it's working
I take care of you, just how you like it


End: I just want to know, how you like it
can't take you home like this
lost, in the heat of it all

Title: Better you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

We've made our bed, but we're ever so restless
together, we're reckless
you turn my stomach, butterflies for you
I admire you, when you're the better you

late nights spend talking about feelings we thought we'd never say
I won't ever complain, we've built a house made of paper
buried under the wind, thrown into the blue skies, we like it here, this way
I'd never be without you

Chorus: Unaware of our actions, our clothes thrown across your room
your skin wastes away to a new found blooming romance
cherry blossom in darker days
we'll never drift or fade, everlasting, youthful love

fire away, free spirit
we're not to blame
put me to bed with your shame
kiss me in the hallway, head me towards a temporary satisfaction
followed by disaster, you never stay
what is it you're after?


Ending: pick my skin, lay down your love with kisses
from my head to my grounded feet
we're victims of defeat
linger, linger, linger
blossom into one another
I'm the better you

Title: Scripted reality. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Let down, nothing I ever intended to be
disappointing, through your eyes you never see me
stood on standby, awaiting your warm embrace

I pictured you and I, closer
imagination allows me to survive this world
down for this, blood, ever so remorseful
beckoner to your call
forever a shadow in the dark
waiting for my part in scripted reality

CH: This is everything in its right place
where we could always be
if the clocks hung still
and if it never mattered at all
swallow the prescribed pills
I wait in the assumed right place

my heart ripples every time
I recall your name
show me love, show me love
beckoner, I wait to form your all


ending: I wait for your return
to be full again, with the look in your eyes
hungry eyes
I wait for you

Title: Hesitations. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

The capture of your look, across the room
I caught the gaze too far, too soon
all we do is linger
I crave to find a way to tell you
if only you knew all the thoughts that crawl in my head
I do it to myself, I do it for you
but you'll never know

I'm just a ghost under rocks
layered by the forgotten words of yesterday
stumbling around, reaching for my confidence
I lost myself, I lost myself outside
in this sharp and cold world

Chorus: I won't waste your time, with my hesitation
give me a call tonight we'll start a revelation
I won't waste your time with my hesitations
give me a chance, take a risk and lose it all
worth it for a night with you

we'll create our very own made up love song
I love you a million raindrops I do
now there's passion fuelled by unspoken words
started by the fire in untaken actions
I love you, do you even care?

It's a bitter, cold, sharp scene out there
stay here in the warmth of our pretentious ways
safe until the break of a triggered day


Ending: I love you, I don't think you care
you constantly preserve me withy our distant stare

Title: Reveal. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

The air is laced with cheap perfume
I knew you'd say you'd stay, too soon
what is it about the darkness of the room that makes us feel less lonely?
and if you're ready so am I, so am I
and if you're ready so am I, so am I

battles with ourselves, battles with ourselves
all for love, you are a product of beauty
and me, I'm the creator of disasters
won and lost

Chorus: what it takes to reveal
all that we are, together
we are lost, we are lost
its the look in the bedroom
your flickering eyes
I turn to you with something more than you expect
hold onto me tonight
I'll never let you go
yesterdays actions are delayed now
consequence let us talk of love

my mind keeps on tracing back,
back to thoughts of the way you pursed your lips that night
I held you so close to me
for a moment we felt intertwined
wrapped around everything you owe to me
skin to skin it felt so tight


ending: I won't drown myself in hate
I'll wait for another day with you
another moment forever lingers

Title: Savoury(ou). Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I try not to think about it, but it lingers in my mind
buried underneath all the pretentiousness inside my lies
I lay like snow for you, I lay white and ready, precious, precious
palms pressed forward, I open up to you, waiting now, for a word from your stationary lips

I over think my actions, my words become much bitter than your stare
you're so cold now, you're so far away now
do you care? do you know?
that I love you so dearly

Chorus: I throw my body around for you,
to be better, to be kinder, to be loved
what's the point in me and you,
if you're never around to hear my cries
to feel my skin to live a lie with me
lay with me, we'll lie to and for another

In the winter I move slowly
savour the sharpness in the air
so many intertwined people around me
but I'm alone, alone, and you never stare
I notice your gaze across the room
I picked it up too far, too soon
I pray that you would look at me the way I look at you

A moment, is all we need, all we require, to be free together
in another world, I probably wouldn't stay around
I fall like daggers in your hair, the constant whisper you never feel
all we need, all we require is a little bit of hope, my dear


ending: I have waited, I have waited for this day to come
and now it's here, I am no longer ready for you now

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Title: Take hold of me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Take hold of me,
I've fallen for someone who I never knew existed
a shadow in the dark
a knife that made a mark
here's a sentimental feeling that we'd forgotten
take hold of me
I wish you the best
now you've made a mess of me
come on, darling, take the rest of me
take hold of me

fortunately for you and I,
to our surprise, left at the bottom of the oceans
pulled apart by the waves horses
we wait for something, wait for something
to take hold of our remains
the afterglow that puts non existent love to shame

Chorus: and it feels like you're calling
but your body stays static to the ground
and it lasts like the weight of the world that I'm pulling
give me a sense of worth
take hold of me
give me a sense of whatever it is from me that you're adoring
take hold of me

I feel just like I know you,
but I just got told your name
my body is starting to grow
and this feels like everything I've been trying to resist
the attachment I'll never miss

you're growing on my sleeve upon the mold my heart clings onto
give me a sense of knowing
be aware that I've lacked the courage to tell you
I've fallen


Ending: Take hold of me
grasp my skin until I take the inelegant dismount
I'll lay next to your bones when my day is done
take hold of me
and everything I run for

Title: Departure, I still think of you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

This is the last time,
that I let my head go
this is the first time
the only time we'll ever know, together
I'll be inside you
buried underneath forgotten mistakes

I still think of you now,
you've held me down
in a wayward stare
my gaze falls upon you
a shadow in my heart
I wish I could of changed my goodbye
travel back to the words I forgot at the start
I still think of you now
in my latest despair
and you've never been here, never been here

Chorus: I'll always let myself know, before my mind goes
this is the only time I'll ever tell you
before now you've never been aware
and this is the only time I'll ever let you know
I'll always let myself know
this is everything I've ever longed for
the desirables, we still want more
this is everything we lived for
we feel it one more time
I still think of you now

Oh and a bitter twist to a sweet sensation
I'll leave, I'll be next to you, lovely
oh and an end to whatever it was we were meant to begin
I still think about it, now
I'll leave, I'll be


Ending: You've held me down,
my tears are the hunger in my heart
I wish I could change my goodbye
touch you with the words I'll never say from the start
and now we depart
and I still think of you