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Monday, 21 May 2012

Title: Two bodies (never enough) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Is this all that we are,
when we lie side by side,
two ageing bodies,
ageing with the lies,
pretentious love,
it found us here,
the covers swept away,
with all our fears

I was always very worried,
at what you'd say,
when I took off my clothes,
you looked away,
you left me there,
cold and naked,
staring into stars,
wishful thinking

Chorus: for you, to come back
to stay,
to love,
to come back,
and I'd love and hope and wish
you were the one
but you never fail to leave me,
when the sun come sup
and the day has finally begun

I fear to sleep, to dream, to wish
my mind ties demons down from my eyes to my hips,
and I bite the bait, I grasp onto your ways,
never let them go, but I'll always fade away

bodies in the water look so nice,
a lighter way to enjoy life,
but when I'm miserable, miserable with you
you take the pale shade and scratch me till I'm blue
brand new, for you,
still not enough
brand new, for you,
was my love big enough?


Ending: was my body never quite enough?
the lasting satisfaction fills you up,
but it's the coldest of breaths, and the sharpest of words
that linger in my clothes when I wake,
and the emptiness I don't deserve

Title: The sore boy. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

It's the corners of your lips,
the folds of sadness you bite upon,
you take the bitter bait,
washed away with the tide,
you're long gone
you're long gone

your mind left you here,
in an open state,
vulnerable to fear,
you waste away,
and your'e still so,
still so, beautiful
in your own repulsive way

chorus: compare me, to others,
watch me fall and disintegrate,
I say I don't care,
the words you speak so freely
pierce my brain,
and I'm stood still,
in awe of your pain
a chaotic lover,
you're all the same

It's the way you hold yourself,
like I'm to blame,
a heart upon your shelf,
I'm still the same,
preserve me in your love,
I'll stay the same,
preserve me in your warmth,
I'll freeze the frame

I know you've been hurt before,
cause the ways in which your hurting now leave you sore,
and you're never missed, never missed at all
and you long for her kiss, her touch, the roughness of her hands
and I know you've hurt before,
but it was all pretend


ending: an encounter to your surprise,
your face shows no remorse,
the pores upon your skin,
leak nothing but affection,
but you're frozen from within,
seeking more attention,
but you'll never, never
pick up any luck with a body held so sorely

Title: One Day Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I linger for you as I watch this defeat,
the lust in her eyes makes you fall at your feet,
how pretty her face but how ugly her soul,
but you're oblivious, you don't know it at all

and you say it's all a matter of perspective,
but you're a fool, you're the fool
and you say it doesn't matter when you left it,
but we know you do, it hurts you too

yet you said you'd be there when I thought you meant it,
but broken and used, I'm lost through you,
and kind words you said were never really effective,
I thought you knew, you made me blue

Chorus: And one day you'll find a bitter love,
a person who makes your heart beat fast,
with a brush of her hand and the taste of her lips,
and take her softly by the hand,
lead her into a new love
she's been here before,
felt it from a different view

and when I said no you said you don't mind,
but I see your brain working over time,
running through what you did wrong,
the words that left me wanting more,
so sorely missed from the breath within your lungs

an abundance of luck, you fear the call
she's been waiting for you, waiting all along
hiding in the dark, her body presented for you,
maybe this time you'll discover something new,
a body your mind loves too


ending: And don't you worry,
I'll be right here,
waiting in the dustiest corners of your mind,
for when the short felt love is over,
and I briefly appear in good time

Title: Say the right things Written By:Eleanor Diplock

There's a fire in your heart,
an essence I can't quite describe,
it's darkness leaks for any soul,
if I had another chance, with you,
I'd say all the right things and do what you want me to

I feel ever so light when I'm by your side,
but by your side is where I'll never be,
oh and I'm stuck here,
hopelessly wanting you,
and hopelessly wanting you to come and stay,
where I remain, under cover, under cover

You're afraid of the nights ahead,
shyly hold your body right,
you could of called me the one,
but I'll never be enough,
rough around the edges, it's always too much

I feel so light, when I'm by your side
my darkness lingers in your mind,
I'll talk of future love,
an emotion we'll never encounter,
the buzz, the light, burns for us
and you're still afraid of tonight

have another, if I had another
chance with you,
I'd say all the right things and do what you'd want me to do

and you could of held the sun down, and you could of pulled the stars close
but you'll never be by my side,
so why do I still hope, for you?

Monday, 14 May 2012

Title: Where you left me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And where did you leave me?
cold and naked on your bedroom floor,
and I said I'll be yours to keep,
even when both our strengths become weak,
and did you mean to leave me?
and your actions never speak louder than your honest words

is it that physical line where your body meets mine,
as the night falls into our arms,
is it the scent of this lust, wrapped around our hearts
causing unconditional harm

chorus: and when you're all that I care about, darling
I want to melt, melt, melt, melt into you
and I used to wander through,
all the demons in your darkness,
and when you're all that I care about, darling
there's no need for these constant echoes
I've never seen anything like it,
and your heart is ever so regal,
it falls from the sky
falls for many people in many ways

and I better go
there's so much more to you that I should know,
and you're playing with my mind,
playing so I can find you

you don't wanna go out,
I don't want to stay in,
commence another petty argument,
the walls breaking within,
you look but you don't see,
you hear but you don't listen,
your gentle eyes subtly glisten,
and it's all just a game
this constant division


ending: And it's the constant provider,
of everyone that you so sorely miss,
and there's a tear in your eyes,
but there's no emotion from within,
and it's that constant division,
the fear of new love setting in

Title: Mind > Matter. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And you're all that I think about late at night,
when the tears stroll down and I'm wearing the face of freight,
yet you told me so many times,
we'd turn out alright

and our love simmered down as I saw she was better than me,
the physical attraction you so commonly see,
it's lust, not a matter of affection

chorus: and does she make you happy faster than I could?
does she give you everything you ever wanted?
but I am what you need,
the shoulder to cry on the heart to rely on,
but the warmth was never good enough for you

the soul you so surely seek,
has never been too far away,
but the confidence you have sometimes makes you weak,
vulnerable once you turn your back

dreaming upon a star,
so one day I can reach your witty smile,
dreaming on a wish,
on a boat so far away,
I lost track of yesterdays blues

and I never know what I want, what I need
but you've so subtly gave it to me,
and I hate the way you teased me
I was so lonely but I'm alright


ending: And a bittersweet remorseful love,
an ending I'd never thought of,
no words ever come from your mouth,
the sadness bites hard on your eyelids

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Title: Expectations Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'm falling deeply through dark and lost spaces,
cold air replaces all the familiar faces,
where have you been hiding lately?
I miss you being around

And when we were younger,
we ruled this world we created,
we stood so tall, and now that we're lonely
we've lost all the patience and creativity
so would you take me home please?

chorus: another lost lover,
thrown upon lusts rocks,
a tide she's never used to,
and you whine that you've been through a lot
and this isn't a regal affair,
it's about a matter in which you just don't care
you push aside all the priorities you should of thought about,
and this isn't a regal affair,
it's lusts rock and lovers disappointment
and your cold piercing stare

and would you like her any better if her skin was pale and her body so light?
and would you like her any better if she stayed the night?
it's all a matter of what you think is alright,
and it's all a matter of your opinion,
the crucial decider for everything that's not right

you've so many doubts,
you kill the caterpillars yet expect so many beautiful butterflies,
it's all about your frozen yet beautiful stare,
the daze and dream inside your eyes


what do you really think?
I doubt you'd even ever feel?
your state of mind numbs all the girls you'll ever stay the night with,
and that's all you see them as, that's all you believe in

it's a hierarchy of your expectations,
and if only, if only
you had any warmth,
you turn me away,
because I didn't ever stay
and is that truly alright?


ending: And you expect it to all fall in your lap,
the wisdom you most certainly lack,
you make up for it in your beautiful gaze,
the gaze that is starting to fade away

Title: Crave. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I didn't want your kiss,
I didn't want your kiss,
I wanted your heart, love

This is all too much,
you're too cold to touch,
a swift tender rush,
and it's never anything that we craved

Chorus: And the tears you made, they're slowly drying
and I'm still sad inside, at the realisation that our lust is dying
and I never wanted your kisses, although they were quite lovely
they weren't close to what I craved

and at the beginning, we thought we were winning lucks race,
we found each other, fell into another upon the dark,
and would it be okay if you just stayed?
only for a while?
only until it no longer hurts inside

and in the shallows, the shallows of your mind
oceans never felt deep enough for the both of us to drown,
my worries weigh heavy on your heart, but you brush them off with a scent of arrogance
and I'm sprawled beautifully bare in the covers of everything we were


and they say only speak kind words,
and how can you expects butterflies if you're constantly killing caterpillars?
your mind it worries me, the paranoid beginnings of our troubles that we left in the sun

ending: and it back fires, in the shadow of your light
a distanced surprise lays upon your face, you barely shine bright anymore
and it's hidden in your lies, the grain of truth
and it's depth over distance
but you're mind's run away

Title: Underlying love. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I see things that you can't ever feel,
oblivious to sudden rushes of love, never enough to fill
the dark and empty space in your mind

and with your eyes shut tight of course you cannot see,
but with the everlasting difference of love and lust,
is this really home in your heart?
home in your heart?

Chorus: and why can't you want me,
like some other people do?
they stare at me whilst I stare at you,
I'd like to have you for one moment whilst you're here
I crave your touch but the feelings long gone,
heads turn as your gaze flickers like gold,
why cant you want me? I crave you

and all this is,
is our memories collaborated under a youthful chaos,
and all we'll ever be,
are two people struck under lust,
weighed down with loves worries

tender timing, you got so wrong
the words you breathe so lightly tell me different,
I don't need to feel your touch to know what it is you desire,
and these are all the places where we used to go,
we belonged there together when the night set low


and I'm pulling down these faces from my wall,
in hope of grasping something, someone new
and I know that I belong here, but the days they get awfully lonely
and I'm stuck here, struck by the gaze in you

the nights are really lonely,
when your breath no longer presses upon my skin,
and the way you held me so tightly,
the way I was when I was with you,
better, in a positive view


ending: And I know that I belong here,
frail and weak after calling your name,
I'd beg to see your fading smile,
and I know that I belong here,
an everlasting flame

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Title: Empty vessels. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And I've feared to tell you,
you need to pull your head out the clouds,
come back down to reality,
where you feel, where you love
lie next to me

and to let myself go,
oh and how I don't think about you as much as I used to,
a gentle brush of the mighty blues,
oh and how I don't think about you as much as I used to
somewhat the less, but somewhat more

Chorus: and we're all just empty vessels,
set alongside this shore,
we're fragile on the inside,
 I've never loved you more than now
and we're all just empty vessels,
 searching for something more

and as the sun sets I can't help but notice your eyes turn from grey to blue,
it's as if you've been hoping for the night, hoping that some love will find you
there's more to you than meets the eye, the physical attraction that so many despise
it's the flaws scratched beyond your surface, the reason I feel the way that I do

and I can almost see you through the darkness,
a light in which I've never touched your skin,
it's hard to find the truth in your mind,
a value I've never felt within you


would you sink or swim with me?
tell me you haven't thought about it, thought about us
it drains my mind every second of the day,
tell me you haven't thought about it, thought about us?

ending: And we're all just empty vessels,
no one ever loves what we have underneath our skin,
we'll look and we'll hope for someone,
someone brave enough to break within

Title: A night with you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

It's how your eyes glisten,
when the daylight hours give up on us,
it's the way your mouth it listens,
it never speaks of any unknown love

you're something wonderful,
something I've never come across before,
a sudden abundance of fear, each time I look into your mind
and there's nothing left to say
when we lay there together, beautifully broken

Chorus: and we hope for something beautiful,
as we hold onto one another's skin,
it's a sense of euphoria, holding on
you went from him, to being you
that night you told me the truth
that night there was a bit of me inside you

and a little smoke will never destroy you,
intoxicated alone you feel the night blues,
and I'm stuck invisible beside you,
your face it shows your sadness,
but your hands they lead girls through the darkness
and a little smoke will never destroy you

and I have two shadows,
one's for me and one's always for you,
it's as close as I'll ever be to everything you've become,
and I have two shadows,
one's for brighter days and the other for nights of lonely sorrow
a night with you


This isn't anything like how you are,
parallel lines won't ever meet, us
I find you hidden, bare in the darkness
and I wrap you with my soul

ending: and this will destroy you, love
and remorse for other feelings weighs heavy on you, heavy on your mind
a weight that no strength can life,
but the lightness of lust it brings you back to happiness,
a night with you

Title: Unaware. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

My mouth twisted tightly as I tried to be the one,
and I constantly assume I'll never be good enough, I'm just a shadow of the sun
and I'm forever wondering, forever wanting you

a new shade upon your lips as the light it leaves your eyes,
I'm a physical reminder of everything you miss about her,
but I try, to make your heart beat fast, to make you happy

a month has passed, but I'll never return to a healthy state of mind,
a thousand knives are carried heavily in my thoughts as you spit words from your tongue,
and I'll never be, never be the one

Chorus: If I disappeared into the night, would you find me?
would you come and pack my fears and my worries tightly in your arms
and if you could like me, not for what I am but for everything that I could be
would you find me? would you find me?

and you've nothing to declare,
with your distant heartfelt stare
but you're clearly unaware of all the surrounding disasters,
and with a swift move of your body,
I follow you wherever you go,
but you don't know me,
you don't know me anymore

and I believed that even if you were all that I had, I'd be happy
I'd be happy,
but did you mean it when you said those words,
did you mean it when you felt unnerved at the sight of my hips, the sight of everything I'm not


and I'll never ask again,
I'll never push the barriers that you never let me in,
a deep and dark encounter, my patience was always wearing thin,
I showed you everything that I could never show myself

ending: and if I took my life to stay inside your head,
would you find me? would you soak me in happiness
a feeling that I never let in

Title: Nobody (call my own) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I have nobody to call my own,
wayward love leave me alone,
the truth it sets within my soul,
wayward love lead me back home

and I'm stuck with a persistent space, my own
in dreams I've hoped that you're the one
a simple word whispered from your tongue lingers on my skin,
fragile love of my own, lust breaks within

and I doubt that I need saving,
and I doubt that you're behaving,
the tender words I've longed to say,
they shatter my soul

Chorus: Gentle lust, turn into love
and with a wish for luck,
into your arms, I'd hope I'll fall
a conversation led by a foolish man,
oh with you it's never too much,
and with you I'll always listen,
because I'm none the wiser than you were before

It's the look in your eyes,
before you leap,
it's the fear of goodbye,
before you sleep,
and you're afraid of waking up,
when you're world is torn apart by your mind
that fragile mind of yours

and it's the way you dismiss my emotions,
as if they're dragging you down,
and it's the way you fear the motion
of the buzzing city life


and it's all hidden in your magic look,
the touch you stray from my skin,
and it's all a matter of competition,
for better or for worse, I'm in

ending: It's a simple yet complex situation,
the devastating wait for him,
and it's all a matter of how much patience I've consumed,
as I watch you cut my skin.

Title: The way I (we) feel. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

And the it's way I feel,
I feel like I'm floating through our distance,
I feel like I'm forced to break the silence
it's never you, who makes any effort
and it's noticeable on my skin,
a tiring consequence for loving him

and no-one knows, that it's you, I lust for you
and a kiss is a lovely trick to play upon a fool,
our words become superfluous

Chorus: and right now,
the silence is speaking,
it's the words that you've feared letting go
it's the words that you've never learnt how to feel
and right now,
the silence is speaking,
and it's the words that you've feared the most
you've never learnt how to feel them, oh 

Open up your mind,
let the colours burn bright in your soul,
and our lust is pure as snow,
the winter winds do nothing but carry our bodies home,
and open up all your worries, lay them down like never before
I'll keep them safe from the demons of your mind

and I could take you somewhere, really nice to go
take away all that undesired pain, all of tomorrow's sorrow
and in this moment I feel everything I am is for you
and in this moment I feel everything that you are is a drastic move
in a game which we've never played before


A lack of doubt, I've never been here before
a situation all too demanding, yet so simple
and I'd drag my soul down to the ocean floor,
just to see you happy, to see you once more

ending: and when the silence speaks,
our emotions become outspoken,
a comfortable silence, the barrier broken