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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Title: You've. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

It's harder than it seems
to belong in someones dreams
when your reality seems to be darker than the winter skies,
a cloud full of rain, to your despise
makes my day, so do your lies
I crumble every second your tongue leaks words
I crumble every second, you were my world

chorus: I think of a thousand excuses,
to fight through the barriers,
so I can come and rescue your heart,
rescue your heart,
a million seconds pass us by
and I'm alone, alone I try
harder to fall at your feet
when your by my side, my sweet

You've a good heart but a cruel mind
I'd aspire to be your dream,
I'd aspire to be as close to you as your trouser seams,
the thought of it all daunts on me,
dragging me down, so softly
I'll follow you through the darkest of days,
to calmly pull the fears away,
and I would be the hero of the day


ending: You've a good heart and an inspirational mind,
it's a shame oh a shame, such a shame that I'd end up passing you by,
your standards are as high as clouds in the sky,
but I'd still walk your way home,
even if you called me a stray.

Title: Pick you up. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'll pick you up,
when your down
there's no faith we haven't found
there's no words
that I can say
that'll happily take us away

I found love,
you found lust,
we held hands,
it was a must,
we fell into a dark place

I know that,
it'll fade,
love we have
we are
foolish hearts
(there'll be lust tomorrow)
control my mind,
guide my heart,
and then we'll never be apart
don't cross your fingers for too long,
a promise is a promise

I'll pick you up when I'm down
don't confuse me with the fool I've found
there's no words
that I could say
that would happily take you away,

Chorus : I'll pick you up,
when I'm down
show you words,
I've newly found
we'll be eachothers fools for tomorrow

another day in your arms
is a day in my heart,
spent well and regretted over time
another way in your mind
tugging strings I find,
I'm a fool for you
that's the way it's going to be


ending: I'd pick you up
a thousand times
if you smiled at me
I'd fold up inside
there's no words for us to say
there's a time, and there's a place

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Title: Bruised. Wrriten By: Eleanor Diplock.

Sieve it through treat it as if has no meaning,
treat it like a mumble of other words,
I don't want to have to let you down,
I don't want to have to let you go

Let me remember how we were,
all we were, have and could of been
If you ever come back,
If you ever come back,
will you remember me?
as I were or how I should be?

Chorus: I'll never leave your side,
help me forget,
nostalgia stitches me through my eyes,
I could of been better for you,
stronger, but I was always a fool,
afraid and weak because of you

We used to sit and smoke and self-expire
word's you never said were as distant as the fire,
If I were brave enough to ask you to stay,
I doubt you'd approve in any other way,
a kiss on my lips pulls me down,
the way you bite my tongue,
anchors me away


Ending: Cause I don't want to let you down,
or to let you go,
bruised is my  mind and blue is my all.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Title: Man child. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

emotions, linger on your tongue
a taste you've had to often,
further dragged down by your pretentious smiles,
you long for something more than just company,
you're a lonely man, a lost boy inside
you long for something, more than just a body by your side

Chorus: you're looking for something,
someone to ease you through the night,
your losing your well known grip,
yeah you're losing the fight,
we've come too far to watch your all disintegrate
it's time to push past the pages, the past and the not so familiar faces

Dream, on
you've only seen a bit of the world,
the faces you know now,
will soon disappear,
and for that I know
there will be better,
so many better days,
with new brighter stars


Ending: I don't mind,
anymore, now that you're more than company
I don't mind,

Title: to hold. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Hold my body down,
lay my soul to rest, now
I'm tired of fighting all my confidence,

It's buried in my soul,
it's buried, your my all
the only reason I am alive,
to love and live and to get lost in your eyes

a disaster we are,
in comfort at last,
hold your breath
we're going down
we're going down

Chorus: the death of us all
will be love, love in your arms
to hold me tighter than any you've ever held
relive all those moments you wanted to hold forever in regret

Strangers become friends,
friends become lovers,
and that is the end,
repetitive loss and gain
repetitive hurt and strain


Ending: Hold me tight,
tighter than any grip you've held before,
Hold me tight,
let me rest in your awe.

Thought I'd share my face with you all. Hi!

Title: You, u. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

You pick me up when I am down
you're never here when I'm around
let's face facts it's coincidence we're never found
you're always there when I'm afraid
but never helped to save the day
I'm constantly fighting fear,
with the sweet linger of you near
I'm down with whatever you want,
I'll try my hardest baby

chorus: you, you,
you know I'm tyring
for you, you
I can't deny that I'm
a fool, fool, fool
for you and I swear
I swear by it baby
you, you,
you know that when the sun goes down, down
unspoken love buried yet found
you, you, you
should know all about this,
all about me

I'm no longer yours when you are mine
I'll touch down when you hit the sky
your heart it sails far away whilst mine just prays for another day
close to you I am apart, drifted oceans tides my hearts
ties my soul to you,
I'm no longer waiting for you when all I am is all you do
I'm no longer foolish but young I am


Ending: And you, you, you
should know me by now,
you, you, you,
shouldn't change a thing and how
to be loved by a fool, to be loved by you
love is a definition your scared of reading up

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Title: Woeful undressing. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

Undress my mind,
with your seductive lies,
you can't seem to find,
what you're truly looking for

You could stand in awe,
for hours observing my flaws,
but I've no message for you

Chours: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder,
if you let her go now, you won't get to hold her
she's not looking for commitment, she's just looking for a good night
undress me with your woeful eyes

It's pretty clear, our circumstances are
folding and melting in our hearts,
it's lust we're after, it's still so messy
when feelings are crushed to the ground

And all, at once
we become a dust,
everyone is the same


Ending: Take my hand,
lead me to the bedroom,
undress me with your woeful eyes,
it's not commitment or love I'm after,
just someone to get me through another night.