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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Title: Wait. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Waiting for you, all the time
Who’s to say it feels so good
Your to blame, you never could
Waiting for you, all the tie
Who’s to say, this feels so good
Your to blame, you know I could

Say you meant it
Say you didn’t try
We all know you’re worth it
But why do we all lie

Chorus: Fading into light
Softly fade
Getting you out of my mind, anyway
I’d say I want it
And I’d say I want to try
But I get the feeling that I can’t do anything more
Than just remain in all we have,
Remain in us

Say you meant it
Say you didn’t try
We all know you’re worth it
Join in the lies

And you keep on improving,
All these beautiful flaws
But they make you, you
Stay true to who you are
And you keep on believing all the deceits we know
I’ll stay here, pick you up when you’re bound to fall


Ending: Fading into lights,
Darkness burns the souls,
Pick yourself back up
Before you feel you’re not good enough, anymore
Say you meant it,
Say you wanted to try
It’s all alright now,
We’re just a happy lie

Title: Acceptance. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

The trouble with me,
I ain't easy to please
but buy me flowers and be spontaneous
you'll have me always on my knees

I'm a story hard to read,
configurations always to be made,
decisions I can never lay down,
I'll forever stay the same

I don't aim to please,
I don't give I expect,
there's endless negativity
to all I see but
it's all that I'll have left

Chorus:Cause when I'm,
all on my own,
I feel it hitting home,
there's no love inside
no warmth to provide
this tender cold heart
with the most loving of eyes

I'll bottle it all up,
drop me to the ground
I'll reveal more than minutes in a movie
I'll bottle it all up,
I believe it's better that way
safer to say


Ending: The most loving of eyes
could melt the strongest of souls
The more I try the less it's worth it
I guess I'll have to accept always being alone

Title: I could, hesitate. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

Is it all about beauty
is it all about yours truly?
cause lately I've been thinking
our ship is really sinking

and with our love on board,
we're bored
with our love on board,
it's easy to hesitate, any memories and mistakes we are to make

And who are you,
to define me by a single letter
and who you are
to judge me for all that you see
cause all that I am is all I could be

Chorus: I'm reaching out
I'm spreading my hopes and faith
into you, into a web of hesitations
I'm reaching out,
spreading my hopes and faith
into your lies a memory we make

I stay hopeful,
I pray to gods at night
to keep me safe
from things that fill me freight
but you're always there
a figment of my imagination
yeah you're always there
playing tricks, on
my mind


Ending: I could stay awake,
only for a while
dreaming is better now,
you're the apple in my eye.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Title: From dusk to dawn. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If I had the moment
I'd wrap myself into you,
I'd linger round your little finger,
helpless, hopeless,
but it'd do
anything to be with you

expectations as high as the clouds,
but reality is, wherever you are now
I could drag it down, burn it to the ground
but I'd frame it to see it through
see me, me and you

Chorus: This is our moment,
forever we'll be alone,
alone together somehow,
This is our story,
of how we first came about

We were shy, in denial
of love a four letter deceitful word
not spoken much of today,
We were shy and in denial
of that four letter word,
we could make or we could break
and we could change our world


Ending: Let us be,
free to see the world together
let us be.

Title: Cycles. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

When there's no more words to say,
when there's love but not today
when there's nothing to do
who are you? are you a fool?

When there's no time to left to tell
are you going to heaven or hell?
I'd hope for sure, we'd be together

Chorus: And it kills me,
to see your laughter by her side,
but if you're happy,
I'll take every moment in a proud stride,
just knowing you're better off without me,
is enough to crush or complete me,
cause you see all I wanted was to see your smile

I can't wait,
for the future to misbehave,
make believe in love again
I can't wait,
to see what fate turns us into
enemies, friends, lovers, the end
enemies, friends, lovers, the end?


Ending: Hold me, for tonight
I'm cold there's no excuse alright
I'm just looking for a moment with you

Title (short song) : Slack. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Don't let anyone tell you anything different
than what you've heard from my cold and sharp tongue
I'm not the one,
to push you away
but I've found a safer place today

I'm no longer in any arms,
I'm no longer looked at in the desirable way,
you're just a liar and hey
don't get me wrong I'd love to see this through
but I'm running out of patience
I'm running out of you

Cut me some slack,
I'm waiting on you,
when there's only time to waste
is it worth to hear you say
how much you regret all that we are tonight?

Title: Description of a saint. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

As the cold nights draw closer
your breath it lingers,
warm on my skin

For love, I'd hope
for love, I'd sin

Chorus: I could paint a picture with words
on how beautiful you look tonight
I could paint a picture with words
on how you make me feel
but that's cliche
yeah that's cliche
when you're around, I go weak in my knees

I could pick you up,
with just a smile
it'd help you gain strength


Oh I'd hope for love tonight,
even if in your arms,
I know I could get it from you somehow,
a bit of luck, a bit of lust, a bit of love
we'd make it through the dark cold nights
that are to see us through

Title: Still to come. Written by: Eleanor Diplock.

You don't even feel the same,
you're not him, you're not into you
emotions are complicated, they don't rise with the sun
never let the day disappear with unspoken letters or actions not done

I'm wishing you could see beyond the surface,
deeper than my physical flaws,
cause when I look at you I'm lost in awe,
all I want is you,
in your arms I'd feel safe,
but you don't even feel the same

Chorus: L-o-v-e
it's a complicated word,
lust used as a replacement,
I've never felt my heart ache as much as each second of the day
 when you're not in my gaze,
you don't even feel the same,
you're not into you

Pinch me if I'm dreaming,
wake me from this sleep,
reality is bitter, and my dreams they are sweet
because who's not to dream when you're a lonely fool
he's not you


Ending: There's good still to come
just be true to who you are
I'll have no regrets in anything that you have to say
because, baby, you don't even feel the same

Title: Soft. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Picture this,
a well timed kiss,
and I'd fall into you,
fall into your arms

So many things end, we're only aware by a fraction
we meet our full potential through actions, tonight

I know I'm young but I'm sure I've never felt this way before,
I know I'm young but I'm sure I've never lead you through doors
your soft lips your gentle face
a passion that, I'm yet to embrace

If I could make you the happiest human in the world,
I would, whatever it takes
promises made will be broken
I can't help that I feel like this,
a sorry state, sorry state
I pity the fool that falls in love with you
(Oh I, I)

I wish to run away for days,
to somewhere no one knows my name,
I'd make a brand new start,
pour wisdom from my heart
all for you,
I'd do anything to please you,
I'd do anything to see your face again
in my eyes tonight


Ending: Speak softly, you're words and letters are chosen precisely
hold me down if I come across to highly
I've yet to hold barriers up,
I've yet to stray far enough away,
away, away from you baby

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Title: All I do. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

All I do
is all she begs of you
his fragile tongue and tender words
linger on my mind forever
I'll always have you on my mind

All that I can do,
is hope there's love for you,
love is evil, love is pure
there's not much love I've had to endure

Chorus: These cold nights
they make me shiver to my bone,
I'm lost in the dark, I've got the heaviest of hearts
it weighs me down, 
there's no letting go, now
these cold nights turn into brighter days
as I'm left all alone and far away

All that I do
is all he asks of you
I'll never be like her,
and you'll never like me, again
it's time to move forward,
I've been way over due



Friday, 7 October 2011

Title: Only for tonight, for a while. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Put a little sunshine into my sky,
don't waste that look in your eyes,
it's lust that your after, just someone to hold,
come closer sweetheart
we'll make all we are combine tonight

I see you standing there the lonesome gaze upon your heavy heart,
I could pick you up and change your views on this lonesome world for a while,
your oh so sweet smile could be rainbows in my sky,
only for tonight, only for a while
after all we've lost all meaning of romance,
what does l-o-v-e mean?

Chorus: We can make this happen,
only for tonight, only for a while,
we don't have to commit to each other,
we don't have to commit to another
only for tonight, only for a while

there's something special that you want to show,
you hold and tie it down with ropes of deceit,
but it's alright because for now we'll keep our lust secret
and choose a mistake that we won't have time to regret


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Title: Cut throat keeper. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Cut throat keeper had a chance but I thought I'd leave him,
for another girl who is better in  so many ways,
I hesitated at the whisper of love I hated,
oh how foolish of me to let you go

But I must, let
you know,
there have been too many oh's

Chorus: Full of regret,
over yesterday,
the hours have passed and we're still reminiscing over what could've been,
Full of regret, we're so empty somehow so empty
how? we don't know,
this is why , this is why
I let you go

I tried to teach ya
but you turned your back on me
for love for lust hopefully
you won't get hurt any longer
sensitivity has come off stronger
than the years before we began


Ending: Cut throat keeper,
a vital sign for love and I'd leave ya
I can't take the pain,
when I look into yours it's never over
constant misery plucks my brain
so I'd just say over and over again
this is why I left...ya.