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Friday, 30 September 2011

Title: Let yourself. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

People will talk but they just won't know,
why I care and why I loved you so,
Care too much, lose simplicity
It's not what you wear it's who you are,
so let all be

What will be, will be
let the good times roll and you'll soon see
it's not about what you say or how you look or the drugs you took
it's simplicity, simplicity

Chorus: Let the good times roll,
far too long you've been over-shadowed,
it's time to escape that reclusive black hole
Let the good times roll,
run for the excitement, let it all show

What will be said, will be said
there's no turning back time,
speak honest and true letters
or forever regret and deny
it's not about lust, it's about fate
it's all about tonight


Ending: Come on, just let yourself go
you've a lovely smile which you just don't show
Come on baby, let the good times roll,
just let yourself go, let yourself go.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Title: Throw it all away. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You've the hardest of hearts and the cruelest of ways
to blind a love with perfect vision
tender is touch and tender is time
it leaves the tenderest of wounds
for you to crumble down
with your hardest of hearts

The tip of your tongue holds the deepest of lies
It's heartbreaking to see your bitter sweet eyes
It starts with hello and ends with goodbye
I've seen you in my dreams,
an image I despise

Chorus: Bitter sweet love,
I throw it all away, throw it all away
I've enough for now I'll save my tears for another day
cause your near, and when you're gone
the same sad story, it carry's on
and on
and on

I've no hope left, no faith inside
my stomach binds all of your lies,
there's no ending to my sadness dear


Ending: I'll throw it all away
with a shy kiss and a lie
I'll turn your blue skies grey with a pinch of time

Title: Oh. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Fell into your opinions,
Bumped into your precision,
isn't it idiotically beautiful how you seem?

You act oh so warm but we both know you're cold,
it's tearing me apart how we're growing old,
you've never said to me, those words I long to hear
I'm forever listening to tragic whispers in my ears

Oh oh oh oh oh x2

Chorus: If I could pick you up, take you out
I'd show you the towns that take us back
to the olden days where love was sacred
love was sacred, love was sacred
If I could pick you up and take you down
I would place your tongue by your heart,
at least then you'll speak true words that you truly feel
to be loved is surreal, to love is surreal

I've done my days waiting, and I've done my time
I'm wasting away sighing at the lies,
you've reeled me back in, oh what a surprise
it's happened again to my pitiful eyes


Ending: and oh,
what a beautiful shame it was,
and oh, oh, oh
what a beautiful shame

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Title: Better. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You're not to blame,
for my selfish ways,
I'm a cold and bitter body to watch
You're not to blame,
for each of my shames,
they're just embedded into my heart, kept safe

What a way to change,
what a way to live,
under each beautifully pretentious twitch
I fail to smile, my creases show a side
a side of sadness, wasted time and why?

Chorus: It's all for you, I am
It's all for you, I will be
all for you, all for you, all for you
It's all for you, my flaws
if you can say they're beautiful,
that'll be the day I die, I'll lie in awe

It's always a shame,
to be the blame,
when each action I choose to portray is fake
It's such a shame,
when each word I say
is nothing more than just heartless letters


Ending: I could be better, for you
I can be better for you
but being better takes much effort and time
and if wasted I've a product of a fool.

Title: Bitter. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

A bitter daze,
my sudden icy glaze
lays upon your face
lays upon your face

A bitter way,
for my eyes to reach an awful place
I could fall today, forever

Hush down adolescent,
your young years are precious,
but the days away are too slow now
make the most of what you are

Chorus: We're told to feel in such a heartless way
when we're young and in lust
when we're young and in lust
We've not much time to shake our ways
old habits, bad habits die hard
when we're young and in lust

It becomes too much,
we get oh so stressed
we get so sick and tired,
of creating such mess,
we'll fall far too many times
cuts and bruises will shine
away the grey and the dull days ahead


Ending: What a bitter regret,
for a beautiful story,
it has no morals, no morals except
we're young and in lust, instead.

Title: Lay me down for the fall. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

There's nothing you can do that can't be done,
don't let unspoken love go down with the sun,
we're all hoping for something more than this,
we're outspoken, we're broken, such bliss

How can I miss you when you're near?
you threaten me with your touch and sweet somethings in my ear
what can I say to make you
how can I behave when you're so bitter my love?

Chorus: I'm just another empty body
for you to lay down once more
I'm just another empty soul
so lift me up, pick me up, break my fall
break my fall

I can no longer love you like this,
with each letter you whisper my heart it always has a twitch
I can no longer love you like this...

sober heart through it all
I'd be a fool (for you)

bridge: hold me down, hold me down down down
where the other bodies rest, where I'll look upon my best
hold me down, hold me down down down
where the emptiness arises and the sun it always shines and we're all
beautiful, for once


ending: Lay me down, for the fall
when I'm standing I collapse like a fool
when you're near me I just break apart
and when you're near I just...break

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Title: Three beat. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You and I
will find our way back
to where it all started
desires and destruction parted

We sat by
the ashes as our souls burned down to bitter dust,
this is no longer lust,
we're just in...

Chorus: Pull me back to reality
I'm done with quoting love poems
I'm just the girl you fall in and out of lust with
Pull me back to my darkest dreams
pitiful it seems that I'm the one who's frightened now

I never felt right
saying those two words, good bye
I still regret flicking the letters off my tongue
and we agreed, we'd be better off as two
but what are two when we're one?
we'll fight till the sun shows its face


Ending: I fell by,
a shadow of your heartbeat,
it told me to stop being so shy and concrete,
I came to life,
with the breath of your voice
I came to life,
without a choice.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Title: Creases. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

We are battles won and lost
we are risks at all costs
we are the flesh and skin of today
we are what
we are what?

are we meant to be together
or are we not?
i'd never let you go

have you ever had those dreams
where reality it seems
oh so far away
(you're never by my side)

Chorus: I know you may feel the same
I can see it upon the wrinkles in your face
a crease caused by a whisper from me
I'm flung to the side

You're being oh so shy and slow
but if you were me, I'd never let this go
there's nothing between us but space and unspoken letters
take my hand I'd never say no


Ending: I'll be the one who never takes any sides,
with you a gentle four letter lie named love in this situation
it enables just about any lengthening of time.

Title: Tripped into you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.


I'm gazing into you
You're looking right through me
I'd like to say I like you
you're looking at me
I'm stuck on you
I'd love to say I like you

Dreaming about you,
almost all of my living time,
you're a swirl, a swirl in my mind
beautifully destructive,
almost all the time

Chorus: Tripping over and falling into you
I wish you'd catch me
but I think you're too shy
Tripping over and falling into your arms
I'd hope you're mine tonight

Taking my hand
In my day dreams
a lust so crazy
A dream I'd like to believe in
(see myself in)


Ending: I tripped into you
you fell into me
are we something more than a thing for them to believe in?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Title: You're wonderful. By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'll never make it all alone,
I'll never follow the cobbled track back home
I'd never accept it, the offer heavy in your arms

To feel light, to feel loved, to feel anything
a bitter kiss goodnight is more than an action
I'd hope to god we'd be alive by the morning in each others arms
don't feel alarmed,
I think you're wonderful, wonderful

Chorus: I disappear into a thousand love notes,
I find myself through finding you,
I disappear through a fluorescent rainbow
I think you're wonderful, purely wonderful...

I throw myself into millions of situations,
I'm paranoid, I pretend to not be instead
I over think, analyze and let go
I chuck myself down before I ever speak so


Ending: You're wonderful, wonderful
purely wonderful, wonderful
I'll hold you to that words, you're a living definition.