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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Title: Another Chance. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Give me another chance to show you
I'm fully aware I don't mean much to anyone
leave this world behind, it's never enough
everlasting hunger for your kiss
satisfaction from beds of emptiness
you leave me hanging onto the creases in your pillows

remaining in bed with your silky neck
closer to me, the way it should never be
and this heartbeat sings, yet to rest in this vessel of mine
I long for your heaviness to my heart

chorus: you swiftly become the source that I crave
you can give me what I need, what I want
we develop into words we can't spell and long to say
it's the flicker of your eyes when you gain patience
you say those long lost words, your body speaking poems
I'll never fully digest all that we are

I lack the knowledge of what it is you truly want
what can I, the easily attached fool, save you from?
we breathe in each other, take it all in
we move at night like scars on wishing wells
combined as one, beautifully broken

the expiration of us slowly drifts in
we divide, motionless, letting the tide drag us in


ending: wrapped up in your mind, most undesirable
this is the sunrise, sunset, corners of your smile you've never shown
my foolish heart, churns from the start
the presence of your departure
nothing quite like I thought I'd know

Title: Good when gone. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

The curious prolonged case of waiting
the desire for someone different
expectations of mine are missing
my hope for success weighs more than what you'll ever be thinking
and in the shadows of my vessel, you're waiting, but for what?

and with the slip of my hand I'm no longer the fool,
burnt, buried and broken from the words within you
this time I know for certain, it's not me you're after, is it?
it's the idea of someone being with you

Chorus: use me up, rinse me out until I'm dry, until I'm gone
I'm good when you're gone, even better with you around
there'll be times when I don't want to take the blame
you lack affection, I'd leave if I could
trust me I'd have gone forever ago
use me up, rinse me out until I'm dry, until I'm gone

when I leave my body for the sky, I bet the wait won't be worth it
countless encounters fuelled by drunken disasters
but this time I can make my mind up
it's the idea of being with you


ending: I float like ships on water, for you to notice
I wander like stars in the sky, I wonder if you see them too
and when I leave, it will be worth it
I'm good when you're gone, even better with you around

Title: What you perspire. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

This is your night call, from me to you
it's built inside the atoms that create you and me
you're good in small doses but you'll forever doubt me
and do you see, can you see, do you see me?
now that we're closer

is this fair, do you know what fair is?
apart and never hurt, this isn't everything we wanted
and it's repetitive, the words you say but never mean
and we are lonely, now we can see
lust controls our body but it never lets our minds feel

Chorus: It's what you needed yet nothing you desired
the consistent lies you perspire, drip off your tongue and fall on my skin
in every inch that fills the air, I follow when you're wandering
I leave you no depth of my body to explore

and it could be ever so easy, ever so simple
we won't remain forever, but for now we're safe in each others arms
disaster plucks my minds feathers, I flutter with hope for your return
your hand is mine to hold, your hand is weak and sold


ending: a statue of our memories,
lays buried within my vessel
I sink for you, to the bottom of the sea
where I finally feel, I rise and learn to love once more, again

Title: Blossoming decay. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

All that once was, has not quite gone yet
I dissolve in water, I follow the tide for your body
we're unsure of the place we only exist in
but this is everything, but the world is not enough for us

I prepare to lose everything, over and over just for you
I speak to soon, infatuated with a gaze that is everlasting
I blossom and begin wiltering like new born flowers in the icy air
I blossom for you, for you, for you

and although I say I need you now, I can never be so sure
stitch me together with your smile
let me rest my body here for a while

Chorus: I could say I need you for forever and another year
unaware of what I'm leaving behind, you're always left behind
and my heart sails a hundred oceans just to be close to you
but you're ever so distant, away from my love

a million promises that have never left the corners of my mouth
my eyes flicker like flames for the emptiness of your touch
a gentle brush of your skin upon mine
you gave me your word in my mind
and still I blossom slowly ready to be buried inside you


ending: I blossom for you
I'm fine, just troubled with closure
it won't be long until we're on our own together
if you need me to, I could take you with me
but I'm gone, I decayed too soon