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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Title: New, us. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I'm coming home again
to see your face
I've missed you
I've been away from a while
this town was awfully dim compared to him

I'm walking right away
to see this boy
he's had me in has hand for a while
the sky it shines so bright for us
the days they waste away because
we spend our hours drinking tea and conversing about possibilities
we never let the sun go down on unspoken happiness or love
when I'm with him I'm the best I could be
and I suppose that is a plus

Cause this boy he's got walking round in circles
he's got plenty of mind games
but I never said I didn't like them
Cause this boy's got me glowing like a star
I shine so bright when I'm away
when I'm new and better today

Chorus: You're so wonderful
you push past the barriers I set for myself
I have a lack of standards when it comes to love
but you
you push right past them by yourself

I wouldn't it call it love
but it's certainly fate
I never sat back for a minute,
you got me on my toes,
I know I know I know
there's no me no me without you

Hold my hand and take me for a walk
we could lie down no need to talk
with you there's no awkward silence
we just stare into each others eyes
and its like we've

been taken away, taken away
from all the shit we used to take


ending: I'm a new person when I'm with you,
I lack the courtesy to let you know,
I'm in lust with you
It's okay I know that you are too
you don't need to tell me
Cause I already know baby

Title: Breathe me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've been
drowning in my emotions
whenever you're near
oh darling, your presence
brings me so much fear

Only I could
take myself and you away
Only I could
make this better in many ways

You don't understand
when you hold my hand
it's not commitment I'm after
just a laugh and a kiss and some tears
after all,
what are we? youthful disasters
breathe me in, blow me out just like a toke after a kiss

Chorus: Abundance of lust
I fear this emotion,
if I could I'd tear away the ocean,
it's the only escape,
the only way
away from you
away from you

So breathe me in,
blow me out,
this is all I'll ever be to you,
you're ungrateful,
you've everything everyone desires
abilities and choices burn brighter than fire
and I'm stuck,
I'm stuck,
I'm stuck,
between the two of you

Oh what have we here?
struggling to find a different way out
a way out of your heart,
you're too sensitive,
you opened up before I even thought about you
you let me in and now I can't seem to talk without you


Ending: so breathe me in,
drag me out
I'm just chemicals inside your lungs,
you'll soon regret the choices you made
anger went down with the sun

Title: Wrap my body. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Conversations at the tip of my tongue
broken promises within the sigh in my lungs
I'm too shallow, like a ocean full of misunderstood emotions
You see me as nothing more than a body
but I'm so many things less than that

Capture moments in your eyes,
to my hopeful, sinful surprise
I want to sail away forever
forever and a day

It's not that commitment that I'm afraid
it's purely, you
It's not emotions I'm not used to,
it's purely, you

I'll kick myself a thousand times
whilst I remember all your lies
sweet somethings to get me by
you're the king of the whisperers in my eyes

Chorus: Haunt my body,
and haunt my soul,
forever and a day I'll belong to you and love you so
for now, I'll wrap myself up
in you
imagination wins over my mind

Head over heels
heels over head
If I could remember all the things you said
tongue so sharp and cold it turns me
constant shudder presents my fear
I'm not so quick to judge
but is this what it should feel like,
you know, love?


Ending: Wrap my body up,
cut my soul right out and throw it into another world
Wrap my body up,
take me somewhere better
where I can be alone forever
and I'll never be hurt again
lovers end

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Title: Seen but never saw. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Could I make it any more obvious?
Or should I just sit back and let nothing happen?
Is it my lack of common sense that throws you off?
am I asking too many questions?

They say that fate exists,
or is just love being lazy,
if you're ready,
I am ready,
if you're ready
I am ready to find you

Chorus: Filled with doubts,
you'll never become a regret,
for both of our intentions,
 you're the wisest I've ever met,
you catch on slowly,
but I'm ever so glad you've yet to have made me wept

I wait up all night just to hear your voice,
a shadow in my eyes I draw you closer,
closer than anyone's ever been before,
you say you're not much of a dancer
but neither am I
so let's not waste time, I wander
could we hide away forever?

A tingle in my stomach,
this feeling is returned,
memories come flooding back like another storm,
I shudder under covers of recent regrets
A tingle in my stomach
and we've apparently never met


Ending: I'll see you in my dreams,
where I wait impatiently to sleep,
I focus in on your smile,
it's all I need to get by

Title: For him, he who doesn't know it yet. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I noticed you
from the corner of my eye
your certain allure
it capsized my mind inside
You stood with such flaws
fascinated by them all
beautiful ways for a bundle of a spring haze
you appeared to be looking right through me
sensing my passion through your eyes,
you seemed to send me positive vibes

I've seen you in my dreams
as strange as it might seem,
you're always there,
I've read you in my thoughts
a fool to analyse it deeply
but you're

Chorus: so lovely,
to have noticed me,
standing on my own with a bottle of beer,
so lovely,
to have talked to me
when I was almost in a state of fear
and I hold my head high in hope of seeing you
again some day
and I hold my head high as well as my mind
fondness with you

I'm over thinking,
every word you say,
a hurricane blew it all away
you're the gravity that holds me down
A star in the sky I wish for you
to come and find as you do
in your own time


I could sit down and stare at you
but you'd be so beautiful, beautiful but oblivious
a pretty girl in the room, you're gaze differs from a previous tune
and I'm cold stone sober


Ending: So baby,
please take your time,
I'm hesitant as to whether you'll ever be mine,
be mine

Title: Empty boy. Written By : Eleanor Diplock

I'd capture you a thousand times
I'd set sail within your eyes
moments last forever, with you
I'll settle down until I'm told not to
Pick me up and throw me down,
I'm too used to this kind of love now,

your words are cutting through my skin
empty promises break my bones
grind me into a dust
it's not a compromise
for you its a must
take my hand
cut me away
free from your lies
forever and a day

Chorus: Hoping for the shore,
an easy escape route,
I'll sail away,
sail away from you,
this oceans not big enough for the two of us
it's alright,
this oceans not big enough for the two of us
I can see it in your eyes,
your nothing inside

I pray deep down you'll learn my ways
but for now it's always safe to say you're not sorry
the only time I've ever, ever said never is because

I've escaped,
from your lies,
from those eyes
from those eyes

I've let go
emotions I never knew how to show
they're coming for you baby


Ending: Bury me down
just like the others
bury me now,
just like the others
you know you know you know
you're too good for this,
bury me down just like the others
you've no respect just like your brothers
bury me
in another world

Title: Darling light. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Your lips like sour  mandys
You take me home, take me home
You mind like leaves in the ocean
You guide me home
You guide me ho-o-ome

Sweeter than a lullaby,
More convictions than allabies
And I’m,
Swirling into a hurricane of your lies,
I’m swirling into your demise

Chorus: you guide me home
Where I belong
So I can catch my breath
You guide my home
Where I belong
So I can catch my breath
I’m the last string to your joy
You guide me home
And you bring me back for more

Stories more adventurous than for any child
We’ve been through it all
The ups and downs, oh yeah
Did I forget to mention,
I loved you well
And I really thought you did too


My darling light my darling fears,
Of days brighter than your eyes,
I’m sick and inspired of your petty lies
Take me back to where I was
A statue on a shelf,
Emotions that I rarely showed,
Carry it off perfectly through your health

Ending: My darling light, my darling joy
I’ve expired due to myself
This time you’re not cause
I got so tired
I got so sick
Of it all

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Title: Mind Games. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I have to leave
another excuse
I can't make it
another excuse
I can't shake this

The way I feel around you,
it's as though my soul is punctured into a cage
you have to let me go,
you have to let me go
help me forget
help me

Chorus: You said you would be waiting,
but all you're doing is making broken promises
that cast another scar upon my skin,
I'm over this, over you,
all over this city they say I keep trying to find you
a trail of lies and a trail of dust left behind from my imagination

you were never here

Am I confused to talk to myself?
am I misunderstood if I sleep next to my bed?
I'm over this, over you
wrap me in a box and send my body away
my mind left me ages ago and yet you've let me stay

Wounds won't ever heal
unless you leave them alone,
Wounds won't ever heal
unless you leave me alone


Ending: You should all know my head hurts,
from all this seeking and all of these games,
I can't find the answers I need and you are to blame
you were never here, so I play it all over again

Title: You've, You're. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I know you're not coming back
I tried to hold you down
but you let me go
I know that deep down you're trying
to be closer to anything
you were always down for it
but now you're getting away from the feet your running with

You're giving me the sharpest stare,
the coldest clothes to wear,
your words they linger around my chest,
you're giving me the bluntest care,
like you could only wish I was never here
you'd never take a second glance if I told you to

Chorus: You're not being yourself
you've too many worries weighing down your heart
You're just a book upon the shelf,
used and abused and left until the wealth pours in
and your heart it pours out
whatever you've done
I'll forgive you
just let me know
I told you so

Wrap yourself around my heart,
hold onto me and we'll never be apart,
you're forever wondering what we could become
but for now let us live and let die all the love we never numbed


Ending: You're the coldest of hearts
and you've the bluntest of ways
Did your mother never teach you how to behave?
You've the coldest of hearts
You're the bluntest of ways
Did your mother never teach you how to misbehave?

Friday, 13 January 2012

Title: For him. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Forget me, leave it all behind
they're just the paranoia in the back of your mind
they'll grind you down till you're a dust
no compromises it's a must

Let it go now, be yourself
you've ran for far too long from your shadows
for far too long now, child

Chorus: To be one, to be wanted
to be thought about
forget me, forget me now
it's all up to you,
you've the world in your hands

Heavy in your arms
you just want to feel
If there was a moment
last forever you wish it will


Ending: I'm clinging onto thing air
heavy promises they linger,
never forget me, forget me never
you're oblivious to the truth
you're the Cornwall weather

Title: Be my. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Whisper softly
into my heart
I kept both of you far apart
for good reasons
Speak so wisely
I'll follow you into the dark
where he awaits my arrival

I could keep this the way it is forever
but nothing lasts and nothing lives anymore
fresh as the daisies in the summer,
I'm a fool for you
I'm wilting at my knees

chorus: Tempt me kindly,
your stuttered voice is breaks my skin,
I absorb your love,
expiring as it reaches within,
Tempt me softly,
for I am weak

I've seen you before
you've looked so
beautiful and it's oh
so wonderful to see your eyes glow

you're warmer than the July sun
you shine brighter than a Hollywood smile
and it's so wonderful


ending: Be my wonderful,
be my,
beautiful thing,
be my,
lovely surprise ending.

Title: This? Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Restoration in the faith of myself,
I've expired, I'm uninspired
Promises of better days
I'm a liar, just a liar

Is it lust and is it fate that makes us feel this way?
is it hope of a brand new day that keeps us all alive?
I have so many rules I need to break
rules of vulnerability

Chorus: and I'm far away
set to fall another day
with you I feel so new
I feel like a person I used to know
and like the ocean I'm pulling you in
and I get weaker as the tides draw in
but this is all for you
all for you

Pull me back to shore,
show me the meaning of the world,
why would I need to know what this is?
this could be beautiful


ending: adapting to your constant show of emotions
you put it all on like the knowledge of my wrongs

Title: Inside. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

If I let you in,
would you softly speak kind words?
If I let you inside my head,
would I still be your beautiful girl?

I'm hopeless
so useless
when it comes to you
I'm hopeless,
so hopeless in and out of every night I lie with you

Chorus: Underestimated,
overpowering, my stench of fear is becoming
in my mind I am a fool
a fool
a fool
for you
love is overrated
loneliness is just a side effect of it all

Hold my hand and I'll
run away with the promises of tomorrow
our fingers feel the touch that we can't keep up


Ending: I'm just a young girl
trapped inside my own head
I'm just a young girl
wise yet twisted words left unsaid

Title:nostalgia By: Eleanor Diplock

Pressured to feel this way,
I'm all alone, nostalgia
you fill my bones, with pleasant hazes

I'm all on my own in this world, nostalgia
I fear I could fall away into a world where I'm invisible

I hold my head up high,
but my mind it stoops so low,
I thought I'd let you go,
it's easier than saying those letters I don't know the meaning of
the meaning of,

chorus: I'm in over my head,
you get under my bed,
the sheets they cover us for now,
but once they're pulled away
we're raw and vulnerable

I told you to keep me safe
put my heart on a plate
put my heart on plate
I told you to keep me safe
put my head on your weight
put my head on your weight


Wrapped around your heart
I hold distant gazes
distant faces pass me by and I'm
stuck in nostalgia

Title: Carry my soul. By: Eleanor Diplock

You carry my soul into the night
you reassure me let me know I'll be alright
I bend down at my knees,
I'm just begging you please
don't let me waste away
into the summer haze
where things are beautiful
once more

chorus: I go weak at my knees for your love, I beg please
you're the answer to my problems,
the air I ought to breath,
I could hold you down for days,
release my anchor, sail away
into a sea of emotions, love, love

Hopeless, I'm
helpless to you,
wrapped around your finger,
intertwined into your blues,
I feel at rest I feel you
In a touch and breath I move you


Carry my soul,
let me know that I'll be alright
I'll be alright
the same old lies are always told,
you need to let me go,
and I

ending : Fall weaker at my knees,
the thought of you leaving me,
black and white it's all so beautiful,
the thought of you leaving me