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Saturday, 26 January 2013

Title: Want/Need

Is it so wrong?
is it not right?
to want someone of my own, for more than one night
your scent lingers on my skin
pale again, you're rushing in

our hips collide
and we pull each other close
once more I'd never regret this moment with you
the softness of your lips in comparison to my touch
heavy handed, heavy hearted
for this to combust

Chorus: I want you
if you want me more than this tonight
I only want someone to appreciate who I can never be
I've been trying to find you, for so long
you swim through my veins and you're home again
buried in my heart tonight

I've become reclusive
faulting myself to be better for you
I've become a state of repetition
words spoken by me peel my skin black and blue

I just hope to be something more
hoping for the shore
it's on this day
where I've left you
it's on this day
where I've never let you


ending: and I hope to be
something more than what this is
I hope you'll see
if I could be beautiful, this would be simple

Title: Paper thin

Isn't it funny how
people change
and people go and come
isn't it funny how
things work out but never as you hoped

take it back
all the words I ever said
take it back
all the moments spent undressed

Chorus: through it all
I've become so paper thin, for you
my patience has dispersed and it's left me caving in
and every time, you depart my eyes
my soul disintegrates for every moment you were

lonely, you were lonely
underrated emotion lingers
 in my veins, on my own once again
changing my state of mind
my touch is cold to your humid heart
but you're mine to keep now
forever with you in sight


ending: the final call
the countdown
falling apart we fall into each other
the final touch of our lust
it tingles on the body you have left

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Title: (unfinished) Begninning

He's the taste of Summer
provides the chills of Winter
and here comes the rush, your touch
the consistent tide pulling me under
reeling my innocence in

what do you and I even mean?
have we even begun, or are we to begin?

you clearly don't me well, yet
doubting my intentions that you haven't met
and what is it you want?
is it me? or am I another fool to fuck around with?

chorus: so here comes the rush
the tender cold from your touch
and I'm yours again, yours again, I am yours, always
and could it be you, calling me out?
and my foolish mind falls from the start of this
and here comes the rush
the tenderness I've missed so much
from your hands

treasured in my veins
you run loosely
capturing the pain with your own hands
I get such a craving when you're gone
I'm left alone still wanting in the sheets


ending: we both knew I'd never be your lover
I'm just company, for now
who knows if we'll ever encounter, again?
but what do I mean, to you?
and here comes the rush again

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Title: My something, guy

No muscle can tear me away from you
and I'm stuck on you like bird to feathers
and I won't be torn apart
from my guy
from my guy

and as a matter of opinion
he's my ideal
and no where am I near him
as a matter of fact
he soaks softly in my imagination
I marinate his touch in my soul

Chorus: and you're mine to hold
and this love will take me
this love will take me to higher grounds
the sanctity of sanity remains with you
the security of your presence tomorrow
always assured when you lay me to sleep

simple sweet talk
humbled by your bays
the tide of lust seeps in
every word falls into place
you're mine to hold
I can't help myself to you
you give me all I need and more


ending: so give me all or nothing
this could be something
for you are the real thing
my ideal, my guy, my guy

Title: Rinse and repeat.

What do you know?
it's happened again
the longing after your body
the craving of the taste of your skin
and one of us misread
all these unconsidered signs
it happened again

once more my body throbs
and with you we always get somewhere
somehow unnoticed, friendship isn't there
and what do you know?
it's happened again

Chorus: A little bit of me
and I have a thing for you
misread every direction I follow you in
and how come no one told me?
you and I we'd make the loneliest people
the ones who always spoke and held the truth
and it's up to you now
longing, longing, it happened again

the sweet press of your lips
our hips collide so lightly
and it's in the grip
I taste your words on bitter hands


ending: and what do you know?
it's happened again
repetitive longing
for us to be more than the situation that neverends

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Title: Someone else

your brown eyes bring me the sunrise
and I wake up alone
and for you I flicker like a flame
remain like a wound and its pain
and you better not be the first one
to get me, and I don't know why
I swim in the darkest parts of the water

now I realise there was someone else
I was just an addition to the ongoing list
and I never had to find out
but someway or another I did
and this is what's on my mind, tonight

Chorus: tonight, passes by
I'll be the one to cry
I hold myself tightly to secure any remains of you
and I lack faith in you
I used to believe in you
and it's true, it's true
you broke my body with words of hope

and you blame me for your troubles
seek advice from me, the fool of the hour
if I told you what was on my mind tonight
you'd have left me years ago

I can no longer carry on
pretending like I'm a significant other
I try my best to let you go
and you break my heart
to keep me far from you


ending: every breath taken fights my body
it lays me down on a bed of lies
and you're such a liar
and I'm glad you're over
but now I'm pretending

Title: Pretenders

I remain trapped in writing
so reality cannot destroy me
I kiss your lips so tightly
so when I wake you won't forget me
and it's in the way that you hold me
the way you hold yourself
in elegance, in complete beauty

I didn't want to wake up until I felt your touch
and the realisation that I dream too much
hits me in my stomach and churns all previous lovers

Chorus: we're both pretenders
we sip in the morning sun
we both surrender
weak and fragile, this can only be lust
but it's both of us combined
and I didn't want to wake up until I felt your touch
and the realisation that I dream too much
hits me in the stomach and churns previous love

soak me up in disaster
marinate me in false words
I'll believe you, yes I will
who am I to trust nobody?

soak me up in pretentious unison
and I'm falling for each sharp word you spit
and it's both of us combined


ending: we're both pretenders
you the surrender
and I can no longer dream of you
the phase of you and I
the expiration overdue

Title: Better you

Every face that passes me is you, it's getting me down
and I want you
word is that it's a better love you've found
but I want you

If I could hold you in my arms
the scent of your touch would linger forever
the emotion pouring thicker now
as my heartbeat grows louder

and I've got you rested in my mind
but you'd never have me
I'm one of the undesirables

Chorus: The sun was setting in your eyes
and I'm feeling wide awake
trapped in a haze of you
and in my imagination every action is sprayed in gold
and I'll tell everyone, I know
you had the doubt but never let it go

I'm in search of a better you
a mission failed at its first encounter
and I beat myself until I'm black and blue
no longer new, used up by you

and the bones you break
they let me breath sharper breaths
I've been wanting you, more than anything
and it's in this moment
I'll back down from you
I surrender to what we'll never be


ending: I'm in search of a better you
a failed mission before I've even started

Title: Mixed Signals

I've been trying to meet you
devoting time to you
but it's still not beginning
too used to mixed signals

I don't care what anybody says
I'm going to make you my baby
and nothing good has happened yet
too used to mixed signals

Chorus: And I'm taking all I have to take
giving to you everything I worked so hard for
and all I've got is everything I'm giving to you
it's you that I'm after yet I fell harder than you did for me
and I'd love you like no other
but given the chance
I'm going to be your somebody
and given the chance
I'm going to be your somebody

I drag you in like water
I'm losing my sight, losing my touch
and I've taken to the floor
too used to mixed signals
with the rhythm in mind
the subtle echo of your voice rings lightly when I wake from a slumber
and I'm trying to recall what you wanted me to say
but I'm too used to mixed signals

you can't get enough
you can't get enough
of completely fucking me over
and you can't get enough
you can't get enough
of giving mixed signals


ending: and I'm over this
whatever we were
clarify with me what you want
if it isn't me let me know
too tired of these mixed signals
branded on my skin
soak into my soul like liquor