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Saturday, 18 February 2012

unfinished. written by: Eleanor Diplock

I can see it in your face
you're giving it all away
with your seductive lies

I could capture I could
but I'm too wrapped around you
and so I give a little smile

Chorus: Because the feelings
you give me,
wrap up my stomach and churn like butterflies in the milky sky
Because the feelings
you provide me, like intoxication
we could dance, we could dance all night
it would be alright

I'm too drunk and
you're far too witty
to take advantage of the night
I'm coincidentally a fool when it comes your eyes
you draw me in like the tides
you pull me so close I
never felt this way before
I'm left gazing at you in awe


ending: I'm not much but
you're okay
you promised me many a thing but not today
I'm not much but
you're okay
it's alright to be in love

Friday, 17 February 2012

Title: you and me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've never been one to
ask how you do all the things you do
leaving little devastation

I'm a fool and a wreck
for loving such a mess
a beautiful chaotic lover

Wrap me up in yesterday,
send me off to summer days
where everyone and everything is perfect
we'll be happier,
the flowers will sing for us
and we'll go about doing simple things

I'm one for confrontation,
you're one for sitting back
I'm one for arguing
you're never on track
I'm always the one who begins it
you're always the one who stops it
and I'm always a wreck for loving a person with such opposites

Chorus: Hold me down, anchor
hold me down, away from
all the pretty things that I never found
Hold me down, anchor
away from my home ground
and I'll waste away like all the girls you loved

You're intoxicating,
your touch is burns my skin
a kiss would be heavenly
but that's too much to come from within
a kiss is not a signal
for a destruction
but I'll ask you, handsome
from my neck to my toes
your fingertips lie


Ending: it's always been about me
I wouldn't call it selfish
my mother told me to put I first
it never made any sense
until the day I answered
I'm not pretending to be
any less or more

Title: Darkness is her best friend. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Darkness is her best friend
it captures all her fear
it throws her in the deep end
satisfying yet less revealing

I've always been the best friend
pushed away from a chance of lust
I swam underwater to get away
I've always sought you out
before it all got to be a higher haze

Chorus: I did what you said
I've never been a liar in my head
everything looks so much better
when the lights are way down low
and the shapes have a place to go
shadows disappear, the world is at peace
but another world, you,
never puts me at ease

Darkness is her best friend,
she's loved you since the very beginning,
everything was so dull until you turned the days to nights
everything looks the same in this simple sweet darkness
the milky sky can't break through what we've started
can't break through what we've started


I've always been on the back seat,
trying to stay undercover,
you had the look and sound of a fresh beat
burnt into the industry
I've always been on the back seat,
waiting for you to kiss me

ending: Darkness is her best friend
it'll be the only one to love her
darkness is her best friend
it's a get away from the covers

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Title: Never her. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

She's full of grace
but I'm made of hope
I'll tear up your heart and thread flaws with a rope
I'll make you understand what it is I'm all about

I've embraced my luck and I've let it fall
wasted away by a love struck boy
I'm wrapped up deep in the faith of the night
and I'll set it on fire until it burns so bright
my aura it turns as the night turns to morning
and I've left you down by the rest that were calling

Chorus: In my mind I'll see you
and in my eyes I'll dream of
situations that are unlikely to occur
situations that churn my heart and stir

grind me to a pulp
I'll be pure and thin
floating away like an innocent win
at the end of the day we're all just bodies in love

our souls may be heavy and our hearts oh so weak
but we fight for what we want
but we never believe
it's all so strange to be calling you my love
my love


by the end of the night
I won't ever return,
I'll be one of the girls that waited their turn
and the end of the night couldn't come any sooner
you sweep me off my knees with your bitter yet truthful words
I'd never be able to be your girl

ending : In the end,
we're just bodies
souls burdened inside of each other
we fall and we lack grace or dignity
but we fall and we're back to a night of infinity

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Title: Intoxicated blues. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Conversations at the tip of my brain
the nervous feeling fills my tongue and it's over again
a soft divide parts our lips
I move from side to side as I sway in rhythm with your words

this is what we do
we get intoxicated
and we get the blues
oh so overrated

There's no space to breathe
a lack of time to say
all the words has to let us play
comfortable silence till the morning
in this foggy air
we're full of a lack of care
I've gained a acute amount of madness
and my eyes they show an abundance of bravery
I'm no hero and for what I've done, know one will even know

Chorus:  I don't need your kind words or laughter
you can control my mind and eyes
a single touch of your hand leading me into the night
I'd be scared if I were alone but with you it's always alright

I'm not one for intimacy,
commitment it devastates me,
all the emotions tightly wrapped between two bodies
I'm afraid of many things,
constant constant
constantly afraid of my mind

I'm afraid of many things,
my my my mind
my my my mind


Ending: embed me in your arms
I'll stay but you brought me harm
I've always strayed far away from you
It's what happens when we get the blues
intoxicated, over-rated
just another soul to find an excuse to be a fool.

Title: Same sad story. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Wrap me up in your insecurities
we've been here before
It's all such a big mystery, I'm becoming a flaw
created by such small errors
I'm down on the floor
I'll have you begging oh sweetheart,
you'll wish I'd never show my face anymore

I'll have you know
I've never had any luck on my side
so please believe me before I go
I'm no stranger, although I've been from place to place
I carry no sickness, except my body
it's as though you already know
I came to see you
but your soul changed and your face was ashamed
I came to see you
but you're mind left ages ago

Chorus: My mind cuts corners
with every word your tongue flicks
My body shakes terribly
at the thought of your touch
and so I repeat myself
and I become a recluse
cause it's easier than having to suffer by seeing you

Let me go,
go back to where I belong
let me go,
your tender kiss feels so right but oh so wrong

I'm going back, but to see your mother
apologies wouldn't see me from my eye to my cheek
she understood everything you said to me
and I'll say it again, I was never a lover
I was more of a friend, under the covers
layers thick enough to catch my fall

Ending: Bad luck sweeps me off my feet,
I'm a liar, I'll repeat
Love leaves me as soon as I let you in
the cold it wraps my heart
a layer I call skin

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Title: Drift. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I am sewn and woven
made out of good intentions
so, measure me up
no one else can see the way I am

I am sewn and woven
into the stresses of love
it's not a dream I'm after
and it's all because

Chorus: I've been drifting
in and out of
life and I'm about to
find what it all means,
to find what you see
I've been drifting
in and out of love
hoping to see all the reasons as to why
I'm still here
as to why I'm still here

Paint me a picture,
but make it beautiful,
there's no hope in hell I'd
get the chance to fall
into your arms
oh I'd dream to be into your arms
oh and I have no faith in myself
because I know its a phase
I'm after you
I'm in aches and pains
I'm after you

You're the blame,
I'm after you
you're so magical
the tingle you leave after you come and go
and the way my hair stands up on my neck
it dances until you leave my sight


ending: Close to you,
I'd never long to be close to you
sincerity's always been a failure
but I've no way to be
if I can't see who's really looking in the mirror

Title: Self repulse. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've always tried my best
spending my days walking away from the spaces between us
I've always been second best
it's something that came along with a temperament I got from my father
I used to look out upon happiness,
I never seemed to search any further than beneath the sheets,
But you're all I was searching for
And you're all I searched for

Chorus: I question any belief I have in myself,
I've always strayed too far from the sea
in fear of meeting someone else
I'm always like this,
indecisive and repulsive
I'll always be like this
another face you'll never good enough to be with

I ought to be better to myself
but since being with you I've no reason to be
I've no shadow that haunts my body
Every day has become a chore
I've no warmth, not even close to my core
and I'm
oh so repulsive
I look down at myself
from a lower state of mind


I'm not one for intimacy,
never had my fair share,
you've always had more experience,
another thing I'd wish I'd of seen
Oh and I'm so repulsive


Self repulse,
if there was a faith I knew well I'd believe in it
but I'd rather swim through the lies you feed me with
and I'm happier this way,
repulsive at best
I'm a liar to be saying I was ever happy with myself.
Second best is all I'll ever be aware of.