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Monday, 29 April 2013

Title: Faults

It's been such a slow and painful day
all I've been thinking, negative thoughts present
the tip of my tongue delayed
and the way you move me, darling
it's like you see right through me
you make this easier, a little easy

I wish I could be wiser, stronger, content
I fear you're letting me go, ever so slowly
your subtle pleasure through harsh actions

Chorus: you know that you could do a lot better
even though you choose to stay, every time I mention it
you say it's not my fault, but I'm made of faults, I'm full of error
it's getting dark in my eyes and you've taken away hope
all I've wanted, all I ever wanted is trust, that you'd take me home
you'd take me there, my bones soaked in regret now
soaked in your scent

worse things have happened, I can reassure you now
but it's all about perspective, bring me a view that feeds my ever growing heart
isn't there a brighter way, to feel something more
something more filling than this?


you give lighter ways, to feel something more
something more fulfilling than this


ending: and I'm waiting for the clouds to glide away
and my bones float, float, float towards you
I sail a thousand waves just to be closer
closer to whatever we could have ever been
if I wasn't always in doubt

Title: Be me

The guilt eats me up
knowing I could be so much better, better for you
I can notice you're trying, but it's not hard enough
and I can tell you've been crying, but your tears aren't of sadness
there made up of inner shame

I know that you need someone
so let it be me, let it be me
because you are the best thing
and it feels like I can't walk on
let it be me, let it be me

Chorus: it feels like I'm not even second best,
and I keep letting vulnerable moments pass
and I have no faith in this, I have no faith in myself
I reach over for hope and it slaps my hand
I can't remember feeling like I belong
I'd give anything, everything I have
just for this peace of mind, to finally be my own

I just need someone that can take this away
the faith is gone, and I've been waiting up all evening
just to hear your voice once more
and you're delayed, you always put me last
and so let it be me, let me carry on


ending: so let it be me,
because you are the best thing,
let it be me, I know that you need someone

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Title: Stumbling

I'm folding stars just to be where you are
but you feel so close to me
and I beg to differ, sweetheart
you take my hand but I feel like we're drifting once again
and I can't bare to see this
it's such a dying shame

I wilter for you as we grow to different boundaries
and I push past every limit of us
I speak through kisses
you act through wishes I can't stand it
you could lie through the tip of your fingers
and I couldn't taste it

Chorus: I watch you crumble
as I want to walk away
but you know I could never leave you
not on a day like this
I watch you stumble into darker nights
and I'm lonely, so lonely for you
without your body by my side

I'm dragging my heels across water
just to feel your skin
the softness of your bones my darling, they seep within
and I can't help but taste it
all these words that I've yet to say
and I can't quite taste it
all this bitter love that's wasting away


ending: I'm folding stars just be, a little closer to you
I'm breaking my back every day just to talk, talk to you
and the power of words is seen, in this dire situation
and the power of love is outspoken by the body you hold

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Title: Bed

You prove to me that love exists
in an empty world
you show me that you don't need to be an idea of perfection
it's in your mind that I'm something
that I mean anything at all

and the beauty of this
is that you're mine
mine for now

Chorus:  I'll keep a close eye on your warmth
for previously  others has run thin
and the coldness of your touch is non-existent
the meaning sinks within my skin
with every breath I take, with every gasp you make
I'm always aware of what it is that we have
I only hold your hand to get this feeling right
and it all just slows down
and there's no need to notice anymore

it's a different way
to feel how I felt with others
I can't compare them to you
previous faces
and I assure you your space in my bed
is of safety, and is reserved for your body only

I want to tell you
I want to show you everything
all the thoughts that drapes around my head
I want to breathe you in
I want to show you it all
all the actions that linger on the tips of my fingers
that want to feel your skin


ending: I want to feel it all again
the rush of knowing where I am
I always belong here, in those arms of yours
a safe haven
a place for me to show you again

Title: I do for you

The mood spills in
your scent lingers on every wound
I'd rather be restless, the second you stop
my troubles catch up, yet you still leave me breathless
I disappear in silk sheets
I disappear into your body

My blood runs for you
the pace of my heart walks steady
it's the only way to assure you
that every thing, every little thing
I do for you, tonight

Chorus: I can no longer dream peacefully
knowing that you have the ability to leave, at any time
it floods my body in fear
but I know you'd never leave darling
you've seen too much, you've been tested
I do it all for you, tonight

I hear your voice louder,
I feel the depth of your warm breath
and I feel you getting closer
I can't explain to you darling
how often I think of this
how often I want you
the need for your touch


ending: I lay awake, unbusy
and without you I'm lost
it breaks my heart knowing that you could have done so in the beginning
we'll never grow apart
it's something I know that you can do
but I'd like to think you love me more than that
the idea of seperation

Title: To think

For you, I grow like daffodils in spring
and I'd forever improve, just to have this one win
this mess we've made, so beautifully chaotic
but it's now, that I miss you the most
when I think about us ending

our day will come, if we wait a while
I'll see those piercing eyes of yours
and it will all be alright
so let me lay my head
right next to yours
and this is everything
we share this

Chorus: if we had waited a while
would we ever be here
and we could have missed this, so easily
I'll never fake this love
I'll always wear your smile
I'll stay in love this way
and this is everything
all that we are
you and I

I don't have room left in this heavy heart of mine
with every touch you prove my belief in our love
I couldn't ask for another
I couldn't ask for a better you
you do me well, you do me right


ending: and it's being awoken
catching the last glimpse of your tired mind
and it's in this state that I love you the most
when I think about us, neverending

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Title: Stick by you

You sleep so softly, upon the bay
I watch your body as the ocean sways
and to kiss your lips, a necessity, necessity
and to hold your body, baby
next to me, next to me
a washed out  feeling
belonging to me, to me

you are the one that makes me feel
secure and happy
emotionally and physically
you provide with me,  with all I'll ever need
I do fine by you

Chorus: it shows on my skin
and its buried on my hands
I wear myself out
expressing just how much
you mean to me, darling
how much you mean to me

I sleep in silk sheets
I sleep beside you
and I kiss your body
and you kiss mine too

we're sewn into another
stuck on the remaining pieces
we've outdone ourselves, this time

oh and darling,
I will miss you, so hard
when you leave


for you to return
to come back to me
a  victory in itself
a day I long to see

and I promise to teach you
every day of your life
I will write words of wisdom on your lips
and that's how you'll get by


ending: and you to me, darling
are everything that I have been missing
and you to me, darling
oh this is such a blessing
I promise and I'll prove
just how much I love you, baby
and I'll take you into the safer shallows
and I'll stick with you

Title: Hidden Heat

So I'll lay you down
and my words can be found
broken on your body
broken on your body

and I'll love you so tightly
pull your body onto mine
and it's the warmth of your skin
that lets me know that you're mine tonight

heated topics
come through the thickness of my breath
oh I love your bedroom eyes
they're the best

Chorus: I pull you inside me
as you let me go with smooth hands
and this is it for now
we acknowledged then
smooth strokes leave me breathless
I feel everything
and you know, you know
you know, you know how to love me

scared, self conscious, paranoid
all these feelings evaporate
no need to turn out the lights
I know that you won't love me, any less

I sway in the moment
absorbing all the heat I can
and I breathe so deeply on your neck
you know, you know, you know how to make me want you more


 and after the first time
it  can only get better
this we both know
this we both know
and your bare body  shows me
all that I've been missing
hiding in the dark
waiting for your love


ending: and this hidden heated moment
is discovered  on my skin
I'm laced in beauty
I'm laced in your touch
in this hidden heat

Title: Push//Pull

I don't want to
keep, keep pushing you away
with unspoken words in outspoken moments

And I don't long to feel, feel this way
a heavy heart leads to a heavy motion
I can't keep,  keep lying to myself
knowing that I'll never change

and I'll  trust myself to let you know
how I feel about you now
and I'll trust myself to let you know
how much I truly truly love you

Chorus: I don't want to push you away, any longer, any longer
but I can't keep myself restrained I just wanna,  I just wanna
show you how much
how much I
truly care, for you

and I'll kiss, kiss your soft lips
with rough words
and I'll cut around the edges
just to make myself heard

I'll hold your body tightly
breathe you right in, right in
I'll absorb your soft hands
as they float above my body


you travel  through my veins
at  quite a rapid speed
and with my heart rate quicker
it's you I feel

ending: I don't want to seem to clingy to you
but I can't,  ever let go
I'm afraid you'll wake up tomorrow
with a different point of view
but for today, for tonight, for this moment
all I can do, is what you want me to  do

Title: Warm bodies

I've been searching for another
searching for you
and I think I've discovered, all that's left to complete me
to take away this emptiness that lingers in my heart, always
you bury in me, words that I've longed to hear
you seek in me, emotions I've longed to feel

I've got a thing for you
a heavy feeling that sinks into my bones
and your eyes bring me the highest warmth
the sensations rushes over me, it travels lightly in my veins

Chorus: I've got to let you know
I can't let go, of whatever we have
boy, you knock me out
and what you do for me
indescribable, unconditional
and it's what you do to me
the consistent lightness of dark situations
I appreciate all that you forever prove
and it's this love that sinks inside me
keeps me afloat in rough waters

I've needed you
and now that I've got you in my grasp
I'm going to hold you so lightly
in a sheet of silky daydreams


ending: and you're all that I've been looking for
every emotion that I've always wanted
right here with you

Title: Reappearances

You didn't want me to see
but you left so quietly
you enter with heavy hands
touching every inch of my body
and they never hide from me
and these scars, you've learned to love

I've been having the strangest feeling
I can't leave the sharpness of your breath
those heated whispers in the dark
and I can't ever leave you, now
you've become far too much

Chorus: You've left me open
I hope you'd understand, darling
there's no way that I can ever let you go
you move me from within
even in distance, I love you with a weighted heart
and I promise to show to you
each day that passes by
to love and to care
for your beautiful body

I know that I've tried to forget those nights
but they linger like your scent on my skin
and you've left me here, bare and broken
but you'll always come back to me
to fix all that you can with steady hands


ending: and, knowing this
for far too long
you cut deep into my heart
but you'll always come back to me


You give me the strangest feeling
like I've been with you forever and more
you give me a sensation, that this is where I'll start to go wrong
and  I'll love you all the more for this
and you'll love me all the less
so let's just face this music, baby
let's just make this mess
for what it's worth

for what it's worth
I will always
love you
love you
love you

Chorus: I'll need you till the day we break
the day where I will crumble underneath your body
for what it's worth I will always
always need you
to wrap you close to me

you give me toxicity
through the truth of heavy kisses
and I'll never realise how much you mean to me
until you're gone
and that's when I'll know, there's no more for me here

for what it's worth
I will always
love you
love you
love you


ending: for what it's worth
I will always be
a part of you
for what it's worth
you're the lungs inside my wreckless body

Title: To be inside

I'm out of danger, but I'm still close to you
I hold your hand like it's the only time I can't ever let go
and it's time like these when I'm on the way
out of the deep waters
yet I'll always be afraid again
I'll always look at your with glossy eyes

a feeling of belonging
the need for home
a sensation of knowing
this is where I need to be
wherever you are, darling

Chorus: I've got many feelings about this
I've got so many doubts about you
but you keep me up on the surface
you haven't let me down, yet
and I'll help myself to the love you give
it's all that makes me feel better
and I'll help myself to you,  my love
the constant finding of hidden treasure

I'll never let go
nothing can break us now
and as you enter me so softly
I breathe in every emotion you wear
I spray my words onto your skin
as you rest yourself
and we're so still, we play so still


ending: I'll forget all the rest
in your eyes I find peace
and I'll never shy away anymore
I'll keep above dark waters