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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Title: It's not (up to) me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Has it escaped your notice, you know, me being here?
the transition of our departure of everything we are
it's all left my imagination, I've never held your body close to me
it's not up to me now is it? my darling

would you ever give me a chance?
you know, to be everything you ever wanted?
you're distracted by the physical and mental flaws that you often see
I've never seen you for any duration longer than the time it takes to pass me by
it's not up to me now is it? my darling

Chorus: You've never been alone in my love
I've tried to be close to you, but close to you is never enough
you've never been alone with my love
the passion I crave with you, to feel your touch
I like the way our minds brush before our hands meet
but it's never up to me my love, imagination isn't enough in this cruel cruel world
never enough for someone like you

it's not chaos I'm after, although that seems rather exciting
I've created various scenarios in my brain where we were causing trouble
through the tips of our tongues
the verbal words I so often crave to hear
but you never breathe heavy in your lungs

to focus on any other, what a foolish action to take
the transition from each stage of us
the system of us could be vastly simplified if we just took the time to be each others other


ending: would you do it? give us a go
push past the worries of what everyone else's thoughts would consist of
it's not up to me now is it? my darling
never mine

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Title: Let them know that. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

To be considered breathing, doesn't mean you're alive
the words that slip from your mouth, you're the only person to hear
let them know that
you're not afraid of the deepest memories that surrender to the darkness around your eyes
let them know that

All that I need is everything that I'm giving away to you
you take me by my hand
take me places I won't ever go
you take me by the hand
show me places I won't know
and you love to say all the things you can never do
that's me and you
me and you

Chorus: All of this falls down,
to just the two of us
moving in our woeful ways
the simple steps that push us back
did you hear that? I'm going to waste
all of this, the downfall of us both
it relies on the two of us
let me know that

You see past the skin I wear
you're not afraid
the darkness around my eyes, it disappears
whenever you call my name
the lingering breath that smacks my skin
you're not afraid to get close to me
even close is all I need
you and me
that's you and me


ending: let them know that,
this is everything we are,
the light hits our fragile bodies
and we finally feel home
rested in the peace of each others contact
body to body, let them know that

Monday, 16 July 2012

Title: What we're made of. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Maybe we'd be alright
if we put a stop to all this
we both want something of our own
and I've been known to want so much
it's about time we stopped
before my mind starts sinking
into the thickness of your blood

we spend our days walking
but we never seem to seek too far
my tongue holds boundaries in which we're talking
I want to see how much you care
I want to see what you can be
you, make it easy for yourself
make it easy for me to want to know you better

Chorus: I want to see what we are made of
push past the doubts in the droughts of your hometown
we can see past the things that hold us back
together we'll be, everything we could of ever imagined, together
I want to see what we are made of
you and I, eternally intertwined through the lack of priorities and care

and if love doesn't live here,
why are we so eager to remain in this rut
we built ourselves an escape made of dust
we're always trapped
but our imagination sets us free
something no wise man could ever feel
everything that we have been, together

you say that you don't want me anymore
but we both know that you're lacking all the truth
I can see it beyond your eyes, through the doors to your soul
I have a way with you
waiting for an answer, I can feel your heartbeat
I need another chance to be near you
I'm still hanging on, for what?
I'll see through you, I'll become see through for you
no rest until we're two


Ending: we embrace each other with a bitter smile
the coldness of our hands, they meet for a while
when you're lying next to me, with your eyes that close to me
hijack my mind, I can feel you breathe inside my core
you say you don't know what you want anymore
but we've now seen everything we want to be
don't you feel free? tell me you're with me

Title: Longing to run. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You are longing to run, longing to run
all the single words that kept you here
but you never wanted to leave
you doubt yourself a thousand times to feel like you've lost it all
you keep yourself alive, but you're barely breathing

I'll never be coming back,
but with you I always want more
the more you push me away the closer I feel to you
and it's starting to show
you're never going to move, you stay motionless
fear the daylight shining upon your brittle bones

chorus: I'm still dancing on my own,
small steps without you
they never get me far
I'm still dancing on my own
I, with these eyes only see you
you keep me longing to run, longing to run
into brighter and better days
where there's always a sweet lasting haze

these feelings are all so unknown
with you my body lays until my mind has fully grown
you and I come together every time
we know that for the next few hours everything will be alright
from the outside everyone must be asking us why
we don't know why, we're the wildest and the greatest
in our impulsive moments run by our foolish passions


ending: You keep me longing to run, longing to run
yet still, here I am, dancing on my own
I'm still dancing on my own
small steps, forever without you

Friday, 13 July 2012

Title: I'm full of sickness, I guess this is lust. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'm full of nausea, I guess this is lust
the strangest feeling that I've forever desired
the look of your lips, the way your eyes flicker when we touch
you didn't want me to see when you crept in silently
you're in the corner of my mouth, hiding away from the promised way to lie tonight

we're so distant, this echo is over in a distant
you're exactly what I need
the fire burns bright inside our attraction tonight
I've been having the oddest feeling
the acknowledgement of reeling in, the both of us
through the cuts and scars of my heart

Chorus: I tend to hide away, hide away
from each and every word you say
I try to forget these nights
where my body next to yours feels oh so right
I can be everything, for sure
you can cut right deep into my heart
I'm full of sickness, my flesh weeps remorse, I guess this is lust

I'm running, running
out of feelings to blame
for the depths of my lungs
filled with such shame
you drive me to a thousand tears
through our silent years, that kept me hear
I'm running, running
out of feelings to blame

I'm lost again,
when you're around I want you now
I never want to leave you
I'm lost again
in the thickness of the height I have to fall
the scars I wear on my bones are for you to own


ending: I'm full of nausea, I guess this is lust
you keep me wanting, everything I've ever feared
through the touch of your hand my skin crawls on my skeleton
would you hold my hand on the edge, so gently here
pull me closer, no one can find us
I'm lost again
when you're around, I want you now

Title: Devotion, need. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

give me love and devotion
feelings I have for you, deeper than the ocean
I complain that you're not the one, but
in my mind you're constantly around

shift shape, I'll change for you
better ways, you used to be so close to me
everything we did happened so casually
life with you is almost a dream
except we're nowhere near perfection
oh what a state to be

Chorus: I need your devotion,
your acknowledgement
I need your love until I'm full enough
find me a way to bring us back again
you say you want me to love, but do you want it enough?
I'm not like any other
I've never let anyone in
I need your devotion
don't leave me in this state, do you want me enough?

are you into me, or are you running away
either way I'd hope to see you in the light of day
you're ashamed of the physical definition of everything you are
but I crave your devotion
I need your devotion

I'm a thousand seas away
and your the tide that I barely get to lay with
you push me back to shore
to better things, away, coming back for more, forever
your the ship that sank to the bottom of the sea
from the words of the rough waves that I consistently breathe


ending: I need your devotion
can you give it to me?
I need your emotion
can you free it, for me?
I need your devotion
am I all that you see?

Title: Let go (I can't). Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I suppose you've been wondering where I've been lately
I tried to seek the light from within
I'd like to come over, tell you I have a thing for you
and that I can't let this go
I'm in a daze from your presence, you see
I'd like to come back to let you know, I've got feelings for you and I can't shake them off

You never find what you imagine to be,
what I'll never do or be expected of
I'll never give up
in my eyes you're so abused
the verbal comparison thrown against your pale skin
a phase you're used to

Chorus: I came back to let you know
I've got many things to tell you
feelings for you, that I can't let go
won't let go of
I only want the best for me and you
the things I do for you are never noticed by wise eyes
the things we do for love, we won't give up

There's a stranger sight inside my mind
you've wondered where I've been
pushing the darkness away from within
the veins I wear pour nothing but depths of honesty
the feeling we both intertwine in this love, you see
I'm in a phase, from your love you see
you provide me a feeling that I can't let go of
I won't let go

People say they'll never find what we have
but what is it that we have that is so desirable?
we're the desirables, so the fools speak of
in this world we're so abused
but in my eyes you're loved and used
you wonder what's wrong with me
in a daze, a constant haze of lust
sprinkled in light colours of affection


ending: I can't let go
I won't believe the feelings I have for you
do for love, be for love
we try everything, we won't give up

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Title: Layers of you and me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Do I exist only in your memories
the painful remorse lies in your heart
do I only exist when you forget me, forget me
I swim against the current of your soul
weeping from hunger, from your hands that once fed me
do I only exist inside your mind? the tiny part in which you try to hide

redemption of my body, of my all
I crave to be better for you
to live in a world that doesn't expect too much
they call dreamers the fools

Chorus: sidelines, sidelines
forever wanting, craving, fearing your presence
waiting, in the shadows of your skin
creep upon me, touch my body like you used to
sidelines, sidelines
non existent intertwining of worlds, then I hit rock bottom, alone

layers of you and me hang from my bones
I'm hungry for home, wherever you are
peel my skin back show me how to feel a little more than what we had
peel my skin back, show me we're both the same
never aware how much you meant to me
until the day arose where you were no longer in my bedsheets


ending: I never regret how we were so significant to another
the coldness of your touch I could only wish I never collided with your skin
redemption of my body, of my soul
I crave to be better for you
I crave and waste for you
in another world

Title: Let Go. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We were searching for you
but you already know
you're letting us go
the sadness lingers and goes
your made from the pain and it glows
through the darkness it shows
could you have turned into the chaser of your dreams and all they could be?
as difficult as this is, is this just a simple situation?
to let go

we want to find our own way,
we've got no rules for this game,
you cheat attention when you just want to be
continue your passion through the sharp and cold ways that you provide
to every skin you come in contact with

Chorus: One day you'll have to learn to let go
soon you'll have to let me know
everything I never was, watch me through the world that you know
push aside all your expectations of me
wash away the tide where my bones grow
anywhere you go
I'll be there
take a look at us now, not so long ago I was a empty vessel just like you

shaking covers just to be in your head
there's no other way to creep under your skin
I crawl in your veins, hang off your bones, thin
shaking covers just to be in your mind
for a moment, for you to remember how to feel anything at all


ending: And you will learn to let go
to let us know
and this is just a simple situation
soon you'll be the chaser and be bled dry until your dreams show
I'll hang from your mouth, inside the words you never say
I'll let go

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Title: (n)everlasting. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

flushed face, you're ashamed
from the consistent provider of your lies
through the misconceived tranquility of your eyes
I don't care, what you may have to say
it's just a sound, that buries me once again

batter my mind with every action you take,
you can't see how you are to blame,
in your eyes you're such a delicate creature
and that's the shame

Chorus: It never lasts, satisfaction
hard to find hidden under the covers of previous lust
it never lasts, happiness and distractions
we're the ones that never stay the night
occupied with the desire to be seen in daylight
it never lasts, the satisfaction

you're my first, my second, my everlasting other
I've never wanted you and your words so hard before
it's the first, the first time to be surrounded by your arms
it's the first, the first time to be wanted by any other

still, you can't see
what's occurring in my pitiful mind
if you cannot see what's happening how am I to know you're any wiser than I?
still, you can't see
us, this, what's going on


ending: You're always better in my mind,
and if you can't see what's going on
I've never felt so right but my heart tells me we're wrong
I won't listen, I never do
I'll be the pretty fool that you love me to be

Title: Realisation. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

The concept of hope slips through your fingers,
foolishly I hold onto you
you've kept me waiting in the silence
it speaks as softly as you move
when I leave my body for the sky
I hope the wait will be worth it

We were never alive, combined
always motionless, deserted
so drag me back to broken nights
where the youth was worth it

You tell me to come down from the sky
why don't you calm the fuck down?
have you never imagined, or ever dreamt?
of what forever feels like, show me

chorus: A skip of faith in your arms,
skim the stone across my empty body
flat I lay in the sidelines
waiting for you to realise
to come back for me

I scrub my skin as guilt washes away
I wish I'd never been to blame, for my selfish ways
I carry my body like it's a burden
I wait for you to come and save me, from my mind


ending: And you've been the one who left me
you will always be the one
hold me and learn to be, kind
together we can try to be enough

Title: Where will I lay. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

The bitterness inside your eyes,
leads me back home to where I got by,
your lips, the lights go dim on us tonight, tonight, tonight
and we touch through the coldness of our hands
the lingering sense that we often demand

we're strangers, we don't know each other
and what we want, what we'd like
close together, is how we spend our days
hesitating the fling of every word we say
hand in hand, never apart
miles closer now, forever waiting somehow

chorus: Throw me across the water,
lay my body down to finally rest,
when I'm with I'm never what you expected,
and I'm never improving, you pluck my heart and fool it
fix me up and I'll fall straight down
you know this too well

Will you ever find me if I get lost in your mind?
seeking the corners where memories lie
and I'll, try to forgive the past
but with you near it's getting so hard
oh, oh oh I'll wait in the dark
oh, oh oh I'll wait

The desperate times I have craved your kiss,
the sweet sensation I rarely miss,
through your tangled arms, is where I'll lie
I'd rather be with you tonight, is that alright?


ending: And oh, oh oh
I'll never be what's expected of me
and oh, oh oh
I'll wait, for you, constantly

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Title: Link. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

There's a fire in your heart, a place I cannot quite describe
your souls so dark it burns the light
there's a demon in your eyes, a thing I can't describe
but everytime I look inside you're empty
and everytime I look inside you're empty

There's fire in your eyes, a place I cannot quite prescribe
any medicine that will help clear your soul from demons, monsters, through it all through it all
treat me like a sister, treat me like a foe
life's too short to not take a risk, just break and fall
fall down like I know you can

chorus: and so I'm waiting for the day we're cured
from all the madness that reaches my core
I hope one day you'll fade away
but I know this day has come now but I'm not ready
no I'm not ready

there's no added guilt, you're never too much
lusting for you, it's always enough, to get me through
the deepest, the darkest, the bitter thoughts
that submerge my mind
there's no added guilt, you were and never will be mine

If this is life in colour, take me back to dull days
every direction I look in I see your face in deeper shades
and it makes me think back to when I was useful and worth something
it was nice to see you again
my friend I've loved you dearly


ending: attachment, easy to make harder to break away
the chains that link us to our graves, pull us back to safety
attachment, easy to make harder to break away from
hold me back, pull me down to safety

Monday, 2 July 2012

Title: Pull me close. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I long for your eyes but they don't know me yet,
I crave your touch but you're distant,
I wait with a smile will you hold me close, tonight
I wait with a smile will you take your time, tonight

A look, the kiss blown across the room with the slightest of wind
the breeze of coldness fills my lungs
are you ready are you ready for me now?

Chorus:  Pull me close, we'll collide for just one night
a combination of disaster, we'll put up a fight for this
you and I can be all we desire
and when the lights go out will you still have me on your mind?

wrap my body between your lies,
will you see past the fear that I hold in my eyes,
but you're oblivious to all that's perceived as ugly,
you hold me, are you ready are you ready are you ready for me now


will you ever make time for me?
is it pointless, how much I adore you?
will you ever make time for me?
is it pointless, all I do?

will you ever break the mould and stereotypes,
will you ever become my mr right?


ending: Pull me close, we'll collide for just one more time
taste the bitterness between the sheets, promise me you'll stay the night
you're oblivious to all I adore in you
but pull me close and we'll make do