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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Title: Close to nowhere

I tried to let go of you, I feel you hold on lightly
every time I  walk from you, it's getting easy each time
it's haunting the way you've got this hold on me
it's haunting the way your eyes are so dull now

I don't wanna be alone, and you don't wanna be in love
we're running in circles, arguing just because
that's all we've become, such negative devotion
we're tearing each other apart, yet to go through the emotion of giving up
and I just can't
I just can't

I wanna get close to you, get closer
I wanna feel your body bare next to mine
want to hear the way you used to laugh
see the way your eyes used to light up when I'd answer the door
all I want is for you to want to make this work
for you to want to make things better

we sit in such silence, uncomfortable and into the unknown
we don't make the effort anymore
I've never felt so alone but by your body
it's like we're both in neutral, coasting along empty land
we barely pass words to each other
and we're too tired all the time

we're going backwards, with each day that passes
my stomach full with sadness
knowing you don't want this
knowing you don't want me
knowing I was never enough

I wanna get closer to you, fill in this space here
I miss feeling your body, bare and next to mine
the way I curl up on your chest and hear your heart just beating
wish that your eyes would be bright again, wish that I'd see that smile again
the genuine emotions that have been long gone