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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Title: Chances

I take back every breath I spent on you
I sold my heart to a man who I once knew
and I'm no longer hungry for you
darling, I made it through another night all alone
I've never been prepared for misery
I'm in such an awful state

yet it's so nice to see you
you want to feel the pound of your heart as we brush hands
and to me you are something
but nothing important
and to you I am everything
but something forgotten

Chorus: give me the chance
even if for just one night
to be yours to be held to feel alright
and give me the chance to be somebody
give me the chance to feel anything more than numb
kisses laced in toxic emotions
darling, you kiss me so softly
you kiss me so tightly
you give me another chance
to be another girl

we move so fast
drift on through one another
phases of encounters overlooked
but all I want to know is
can I be anything, can I feel what warmth of a body can bring

I perceive you and I as a figment of my imagination
layered in golden heat as we come close
this is what makes us envelop
we intertwine in all the thoughts we take as an overdose


ending: and in my daydreams, you are made of gold
I pause your volume in conversation and you're mine to hold
so give me the chance, another time, I promise the last
to be something, to feel anything
and I'll promise to kiss you so tightly, darling
so give me the chance

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Title: Closer, already

I don't know why you come here
every time I am reminded
of what it was we used to be like
and all of the good things that we used to know
I know that you're not expected to go on second guessing
but with me darling, doubts are for the best

I don't want you coming here
any closer than you think you already are
I can't have you staying here
every time I see your eyes
I want to wonder your mind
discover your intentions
and I know you don't want to be pretending
but with me darling, doubts are the for the best

Chorus: and when you're with me, sweetheart
I don't believe that there is anybody else
you provide to me constant confusion
a jigsaw of emotions
tightly tied at my feet
buried softly in my heart
and it's what makes me strong
unlike the undesired passion that makes you weak

and I don't want you coming here anymore, darling
any closer than you want to be
I can't have you staying here
I am nothing, nobody important
I am full of false hope
I expect but you'll always accept
whatever is offered, second best


ending: and I'm in a condition
over used and under appreciated
and if you come any closer, darling
I'll leave you with nothing other than disappointment

Title: Burn out

I roll my eyes at the art of conversation
I've yet to meet you and I've already fallen for your emotions
I don't know, I don't know why
if I knew the answers, darling
I'd be long gone, long gone

wrap me up in toxicity from your breath
you're the only one who's ever wanted me
I could think of a thousand reasons why
I don't believe in you, you and I

Chorus: light me up watch me burn out
this pain will be everlasting
until we depart, I've yet to know why
and I'm grasping onto your frail bones
how do you mean, you're not coming back?
I've called you countless times
I've never been the one who's caught your attention

I'm waiting for the day
until I know you inside out
like the back of my hands
maps covered in scars
I hang myself heavy for your eyes
and I'd hope that you'd say that you love me
I'd hope that I meant anything
but it turns out just as I thought
we remain, we remain
and you break a solid piece of my heart


ending: and hold on
what did you say that for?
you know I'm too fragile for any words of false beauty
and what do you take me for?
your constant disappointment
I'm afraid your right, darling

Title: Fooled, once more

Second best, never any priority
and I'll close my eyes for years until I feel your presence
my heavy vein flow beats rapid whenever your hand is mine to hold
I've fooled myself all over again
I've fooled myself once again

I fall in, I fall out, I fall with
I fall in, I fall out, I fall with you
you're unaware, oblivious, elusive, awake yet unaware
my aching heart pours with every word I say
and you'll take me home, tonight
I'm sure you know that
you say you'll take your time
but a promise is broken once more

Chorus: and don't you worry
I'll remain here forever waiting for you
blossoming like a wilting lover
fading through shades of blue
when will you realise that it's here that I lie
my body restless it attaches to you

it's somewhat quizzical
how you're here when I don't need you
but when I want you you're out of sight
it's in my mind I wander through past interactions
hoping it'll never be us


ending: I'll stay here with you
second best, never any priority
I've fooled myself once again
you remain elusive and awake
I remain restless and still

Title: Only ever

Never what you wanted
my foolish heart filled with wine
I could be yours, but I'm not even close to such intentions
and all of me is ready
and all I've got is everything I can give to you

and here we go again
I've wasted my fractured breath on delicate disasters
and it's for you, another man to come home to
another day, in another way, I'll be what you want
and you'll love me too

Chorus: You're only ever a heartbeat away
you're tied down to my mind, to what my blood flow conveys
and I lust for you, I crave you
and I've really fooled myself this time, sweetheart
I've pushed myself right into all that is not mine
my foolish heart marinated in toxic sorrow
and I'll drown, I'll drown, until it's you that I find

do I even mean something to you?
if not a lot, a little?
coherent memories weighed down like treasure in my mind
and it's home I've found

I'm moving slow
heart rate decreasing now
and these hands they quiver
my love grows old
but I will wait for you, darling
I seem to wait for everything that has gone


ending: and here we go again
another day, wasted in sighs of heavy heartbeats
I'll wrap myself up in moments of reminiscence
anything to be a little bit closer to you
a fool to have drifted

Title: Darling

I just want you closer
I just want you for tonight
sail away with me, darling
for the mind shreds my thoughts every day
I just need to know that I'm something to you
make me aware of what it is you want
what your intentions are, if any
and I want to hold you, now

and you're howling at my face
speaking words of betrayal
and all the times that I thought I'd tasted love
you came close to what I thought I'd never have
and darling, if you're here with me now
I've never needed you so bad

Chorus: you're crawling around my head
and I need you more than ever tonight
my heart remains in between your teeth
gripped tightly by exhausted lungs
your heavy heart weighs my youthful mind down
and you're so fucked up, darling
the lack of explanations leaves me filled with fear
but, I've never needed you so badly
how did it come to this?

the remains of you and I
lightly salted in heavy breaths
the remains of you and I
soaked and marinated in false love
and this is what the result of departure is
my heart remains in between your teeth


ending: what will be, will be
this is the remains of you and I
and oh fuck, darling
I needed you so badly tonight

Title: Bitter Blood

It's the power of not knowing
where this could possibly lead us to
we're both full of doubt
so sick and tired of leaving without a tender kiss
and I see you changing from day to day
you're getting older, so much colder
somewhat embarrassed by words I say

and I'm far away from you
I can't force you to love me
I can't pretend those long lost words speak softly from your lips
I'll try my hardest to surrender to you
I'll try my hardest to be better to you
but darling, what I am, is no more than a self-destructing wreck

Chorus: I sink sharply
to be hollow for you
and I turn off the lights
I turn down the best of us
I turn down the voices in my head
it's the consistent distraction
so lay down with me
I'll speak no false words
hold me tight, don't mislead me

If you don't
I can't make you
I can't make your heart feel like I'm home
and it's all up to you
hear me in the dark, sweetheart
my final words to you
I lay my heart down
and I sink so sharply
to be a sweeter taste for you


ending: bitter blood seeps through my pores
and I'm no longer where you want me to be
and I can't make you want me
I can't force you to feel anything other than reality
and lay down with me
I'll speak my last words
full of hope and faith
that after you, there'll be a perfect world

Title: yours truly

I'm a second till I'm numb
and it's a riot in this bedroom
your eyes locked onto my movement
and you won't stay anymore
we're half different, half afraid
it'll only tear me inside
and what's given
can't be returned
the cards are in our hands

that's the end of innocence
giving it up, never giving up you
the end of what never began
I'd give it up, giving it up for you
and I'm beat down by the dullest light
you catch my breath
and your voice simmers inside

Chorus: how far away am I from being in?
how long will you remain with me tonight?
and it's the end of innocence
the catchment of deluded beauty
it's ours, for now
and I see no flaws but the sweetest ending
overdue, your departure
please don't leave me now
not now that we've become

and you're somewhat elusive
to my everlasting stray hands
and it's something I'll never know
the doubt that lingers

you leave my skin wandering
through tranquil pure skies of the warmest shade of you
and you leave me craving
craving nothing other than words from your lips


ending: and it's better now
not that I'd ever be aware
to be yours, to be yours truly
it's the end of innocence
the remains of what we know

Title: Armour

You took my heart but not my mind
this battles lost, the one of you and I
 and yet I confide in you
and your gentle eyes lead me through these darkened nights
where numbness fades and you return

and everything is everything
no explanation required whenever I'm buried in you
 in the darkness I meet my creators
and in a pure dream they'll be my suffocators
and then I'll be beautiful
floating through your mind like a forgotten ache

Chorus: lay down your armour
no need to pretend or to fight me anymore
I've been wondering about us
we should start a war
and we're alright
we won't last forever
but what I'd give to be in your arms another hour
but I'm over you
this time won't be the last time
repetition my most consistent lover
and you lay down your armour
you lay down your love, your warmth, your all

I don't need anybody
I don't need anyone
I just need you to be there when I walk through the door
I'll stumble into you
and you'll be ready to lose yourself
I'll be ready to pick the pieces up
when the sun rises and our lust departs


ending: and I'm over you
this time won't be the last time
lay down your armour, lay down your love
your warmth, your all

Title: Could still be

And I love him but it's not right
to be held back by a love so light
and it weighs me down
brings me to my weakened knees
when I fall I fall hard, I crash
and you take it all
I start over again

you've got a second chance
you could have left
but I'm irrelevant
to what you're after
and it's just that
nothing important
I'll never be of any value to you

Chorus: you could still be what you said you would be
when I met you
when I fell hard into your sorry arms
you've got a warm heart, cold hands
you're disintegrating into my disappointing ways
and you constantly fade
but burn brighter than any star I've seen before
and you could have left
but you said you had no choice
no choice but to wait
for me

you told me it's too late
it's over now
I took my time
but we could still be what we want to be
you told me a thousand soft lies when you met me


ending: and you could still be all that you want to
without me
me, an additional disaster to your unfortunate hands

Title: Purity of attachment

I want to forget but most times I don't
I want to let go but with you I just can't
and I know that I won't
but to be apart, even if for a day
I promise I'd miss you
and my heart will truly ache

the purity of attachment
filtered through by blends of subtle sadness
it's a mystery this is my destiny
it lies in the hands that didn't let me free
and I lay next to you
in a humid haze
and it's the purity of it all
you and I
never departed

Chorus: you're evasive
I close my eyes I awake
in an empty and cold state
and the mystery now is of me and you
I open my eyes and I'm no longer next to you
and I lie, in the hands that loved me

I want to recall all the words you said
the way your eyes held back what you really meant
and it's the way your skin shade faded each time you spoke through stiff lips
and I can't suffer then
any longer


ending: I run forever more, to you
it's the purity of attachment
there's no need to explain
there's nothing to even say
your eyes said it all

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Title: Perpetuity

We're in harmony
marinated in lies of truth
and you soak me in
and here we are
voices, suddenly growing louder
our understanding tearing through hands to hold each other

we osculate until there's nothing left of us
and I seek in empty sheets
I breathe in what sadness weeps
unexpectedly we start over
picking up wherever it was we began

Chorus: everlasting love
you rush through my body
crawl from my mind to my soul
you remain still, settled
yet I still sleep alone
abundance of thirst for your touch
but these hands I own provide nothing other than misfortune

I let it go
and we initiate
the kindle in your eyes
tells me all that I need to know
and this is what it feels like, to have
to own


ending: intentions unknown
bodies colliding near
and this is what it is like
to have, to own, to feel
everlasting love

Title: Expectance

I take form of the sky, when it's blue
I have depth of the ocean, too, for you
and I've waited for us for far too long
you've locked your sight on this
and you stay the night
and you stand in awe

the lights go out in my eyes
and you're home alone
I will be better for, better by you
the consequences of insanity
kissed and accepted as we pull closer now
tidal veins collide as we remain

Chorus: I've been expecting your company
in nothing other than my imagination
and in my soul we're very complete
yet lacking compatibility
and how long will it be, waiting on you
this burning passion grows so strong
it crawls through my body and anchors me down to you
and I can't take it anymore
lonely, in your arms

I'm too convinced to care
to ever be aware of what it is you're after
I never ask questions in which I don't want the answer
and I reach out and take it all in
overdose on you
and this is what we are
lovers in full pretense
kisses of emptiness


ending: and you keep it all wrapped up inside of you
and I'm unaware as to why
but I hide inside of you
I'm the doubt in the back of your mind
and you can't be acting, anymore

Title: After you

When you stay
I see through you
and it won't be long
until you're nobody

I inhale vapours of you
drench my skin in lust
after you

Chorus: I'm leaving, soulcatcher
I hide away in creases of disaster
and I'm still longing, longing, longing after you
it's the way you look at me
it's how you think of me
and now we are
and you'll lay me down
lay down everything
and we'll never turn cold

after you
I will be
your tragedy
your tired thread to keep
the regret of holding on

the sky caresses my bones
and you lay me down
you lay down everything
and we grow old
intertwined in such a beautiful creation
in which disaster takes its form


ending: and after you
I'll be longing, longing, longing
after you

Title: Feeling gone

The feeling has gone
we waited for this for far too long
but if you just stay tonight
we can find someone

we carry on from where we started
begin from where we departed
and we carry on from nowhere
because we never even began

Chorus: and the feeling has gone
behind dirty eyes we'll have each other
we'll find something we can't ignore
but the feeling has gone
and we're running on empty vapours
filled with hope for tonight
skin to skin
bone to bone
we carry on

you run through my veins
control my movement
I sway my bones to be resistable to you
and it's you
it always comes back to
and it's you
the feelings return for


ending: and we pick up from where we left of
barely anything
and these wounds that you pick leave me sober sore
the feeling has gone
but for your eyes it'll always return again some day

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Title: Just for you. Trigger.

I miss the way you made me feel
when we were on our own, on our own
and we broke everything that felt good
we both enjoyed destruction
and we sewed every leaking wound to breathe
and I loved the way you looked at me
with those bedroom eyes

and you lace my skin in sheets of bold love
my bones caressed by gentle skin
and when you're not inside I'm beside you
close to you
flesh colliding
with hope of what we could be
if we gave it a try

Chorus: And I loved the way you looked at me
and now I tuck myself into cold covers
as I shake each loss from my mind
I try to re evaluate memories we once had
and I'd leave him, just for another night with you
and I'll do it
just for you

if we could turn back time
could we learn to love right?
and if we turn back time
could we learn to love?
and if we turn back time
all that we had
all that we could be
could we provide it to another?
in a blissful purity?


ending: and I freeze, like I always do
I remain still, cold, broken
just for you
just for you

Title: supression

you echo in my soul
awaken forgotten spirits
and I try to be something, something to you
but when I mean not a thing
what is it you suggest that I do?

and I'm running in circles
doubting myself
questioning my morals
and it's all because I want to mean something to you
something to you

Chorus: a little bit of my mind confides dark stories
narrated in the voice of you
and I'm drowning in the brightest oceans
my vessel damaged from years of unnoticed need
and no
I can never have it all
but all I wanted was to mean something to you

and I can't stand this
suppressing myself to feel better for you
take advantage of my skin
use up my last touch
until I'm gone, gone, gone
never enough for you
never close to good enough for you


ending: and it's a relief to have spoken
to have finally told
the blending chaos in my heart
unravelled and sprayed in mould
for I ache and I grow old
waiting for you to realise

Title: Song for him.

In constant doubt
oh darling, I've been in love with you for years
pushed away by the fear of disclosure
but with you I'm so open
thrown into tides of you and me
our minds collide
and we both know
we're far too different to ever be

you're lusting after somebody else
and I cried for eternity
in every dream I'm forever tossed around in the dark
thrown by winds of distraction and fury
and I can't do this any longer
and now you should know

Chorus: attachment so pure and beautiful
this feeling of jealousy tears my bones through my skin
and every breath I take pierces right through me
but darling, can't you see?
it's all for you, all yours, always
but you'll never believe it

I'm aware she's a lot kinder than me
a lot lighter than me
me and my heavy heart
sewn tightly by rhymes for you

you're all around
tucked tightly into my every dream
and I can't have it all
no I can't even have you
not even close
not even a little


ending: I can no longer be weighed down by you
no longer be trapped by your touch
and she's all that you want
I refuse to be compared to something I'm not
and it's all for you
although I'll never be the provider
of that kind of love

Title: Weighed down by you.

Oh I despise this submission of jealousy
it's not what I want, not what I need at all
do I choose to be weighed down by a thousand thoughts
none of which I own?
and it's within this peaceful tranquility
where I'm all alone
but I'm still weighed down by you, darling
and it's not what I want

and time is a current for us
we'll drift by without speaking a word to another
we'll get by on nothing but pure ecstasy
and you cried, you denied why, but for infinity
but we knew we wouldn't last
how could we?
when we never truly began
with each other

Chorus: and do I choose to be weighed down
by a thousand thoughts which I do not own
and it's this, the reeling, you're pulling me close
but it's not what I want
buried underneath sheets of blue despair
I cry to soothe my exhausted head
and I love simplicity
but with you I lose wherever I gain

I'm stimulated by all intellect that is wrong
and I needed you, tonight, all mine
and you're all around
I'm ungrateful to every breath I breathe
and I can't have it all
so I'll let it be
you and me


ending: and I chose to be weighed down by you
the thoughts that press upon me every night
and I chose to be weighed down by you

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Title: Come back, calm

Not that you'd even notice
the slightest change in the way I hold myself
closer, closer to you
and sweetheart
it's what you've said
and darling
we've come undone

all of the time has passed
we remain broken and lost
you were painted in a lace of golden hope
and I swallowed the last of the sun
but you come back
but you come back
and you calm down

Chorus: until the rain no longer soaks my skin
I stay here, still, fractured
longing for consistency
and it's not complex
all I want is for you to show me
lead my past these signs that lead me on
and I stay here, still, fractured

and you're paying little attention
to what's left of the bad you have done
but you come back
you come back
and you calm down

and why don't you answer me?
forever I'm calling you
wanting you


ending: and you come back
you come back and you calm down
what's left of the bad is justified
and the good deeds of yesterday are recited

Title: LLD

there is warmth in you
locked down by previous encounters
they lead you into dark nights
where you're lost in sadness

there is love inside of your body
it sweeps through brittle bones and sways you
the movement within your mind seeps through your skin
glows brighter than any light that's burnt out
it singes through your veins and causes beautiful distractions
to anybody who knows nobody
they'd think you're alive now

Chorus: It's love locked down
trapped within a cage of fighting desires
it's soaking your every breath
the sigh which wastes your being
and there is warmth somewhere
I can feel it from the impression that you're giving

you press down on me
full weight handed over
I can barely shrug my shoulders
but to your delight you're relieved now
and I could do it over and over again
until I see your eyes open lightly


ending: It's the warmth in you
soaking in sighs which waste your being
but it's this love locked down
trapped in books with no content
but I know it's in you
love locked down

Title: Love, unlimited

I search for the sun in your eyes
and mostly, when I discover this true sensation
that's how I am
what I'll provide for you
will be love, unlimited

and if you want me, say it
the bitter delay from words that your mouth softly mimes
and it's wasting time
but what is time when there is a lack of clocks in our minds
and it's hard to stay, but with you
I'll provide
love, unlimited

Chorus: and you'll give me something
until there's nothing left of me
I'll evaporate into clouds of new beginnings
without you, I'll improve
but with you, I'm always better
you increase my intellect
through kisses of soft wisdom
and it's the breath that anchors me down
to this new found feeling
love, unlimited

you leave heavy scars caused by light hands
words caress my skin and seep into lost bones
and I've been wondering
what it is we've become
this newly adopted unison
you and I


ending: and what I'll provide for you
nothing less and nothing more than
love, love unlimited
as this new found feeling
for you to crave within every touch

Friday, 21 December 2012

Title: Body book

I couldn't figure out how to think
until night came
and emotions flutter across
to form my every loss
but the gain within this
was never discovered
until you came in

you and your current
have me soaking in waves of lust
right into tomorrow's shore
you've got me marinating in consistent beauty
you're the provider
you're the prototype
for the improvement of desire

chorus: I read your body like a book
I kiss your lips like they're sugar coated sins
and I treat you like a natural disaster
skin on skin, skin on skin
how it's never been before
and it's all mine
the taste on my tongue stands bitter now
developed and introduced to thoughts of how
this has made us

ocean tides gravitate my body
the movement unconsidered by tired eyes
minds conducted by thoughtless whirlwinds
and it's everyday
progression; for you


ending: and I brush off this heat
and it lingers around my skin
forms a barrier for you to seep in
and your current had me tied down

Title: Something, you are my.

you are my something
I'm not quite aware of what it is yet
but I'm in love with feeling so down
and you are my something when the light is dark
and I've been wondering
and feeling so lost

heavy treads on my heart in your feather footprints
but then you came
you are my something
unaware of what you are yet
but you get me denying
any sense or remainder of sanity
rotating inside this lonely state of mine

chorus: all I can do is push push push, push push
yourself away from me
close to me
long lost fantasies outlived by human interaction
and you are my something
I'm denying this feeling
it locks my mind down
ties my soul into my veinless body

wounds leak nothing for you
I improve myself
I'm better by you
I lay restless
my lust spreads like fire in my blood
travels through the very depths of emotions to be more to you


ending: tied down
you are my something
finally feels right now
you are my something

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Title: Discoverrrrrry

In the lingering sky
I'll disappear
loaded down by loneliness
and it's all you hear
you're ignorant to be aware of emotions
and your whisper stays still
in my vision you're a soft white flower
fooling with the harsh winter ground
and it's chasing the voices, you hear all around

you place me in warmth
and I'm alive
you place me in warmth
and I'm finally breathing
afloat, alive

Chorus: and it's here you've discovered
the need for comfort
the dust on my bones you've yet to have found
the buried history on every evolving scar
and it's here you've found me
within the stationary delight of being homebound

you've got a good thing
but I'll forever give you up
and I'm all yours
you place me in warmth
and I'm alive again

ending: and you've finally found your place
you've got a good thing
but I'll forever give you up

Title: Never know

I think of you every morning
I dream of you every night
and it feel so right, knowing you'll never be mine
to aspire for something that could never begin
oh precious you are, in my mind

and it's everything I'm not to do
I'm living in a daydream
layered in shame and full of foolish words I'll never mean
and it's said, I'm the person I'll never be
but you belong here, for me

Chorus: you never know
how slow the moments pass until I'm next to you
and it's the very thought of you
blossoming inside my soul
anchoring my body and my mind, until they are one
and you'll never know
the feeling inside my lungs so pure and blue

I hang a heavy heart
upon my heavy eyes
and it's all for you to see
to feel how I feel
emotions you've never lived by

you sharpen my breath
pain lingers in my gasp
you never fail to surprise me
by never being near to me


Ending: you'll never know
this sensation of longing and new
but the colour of us
in nothing more but a daydream
is so pure and so blue

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Title: S(w)tay

You won't change
I will remain
the stages of your smile
drifts through my eyes and sways my body
and I want you here

but it's alright now
lonely once more
I hate being alone as much as I despise being with you
and if anybody wants to know
I love that I'm home
and I tried to fix, to fix, to fix what's not broken
you still carry me

Chorus: I failed to keep the oceans clear
the pull of your body close to me
and you're watching me
restless and immobile
I lay my gaze on you closely
as your depth of breath trails in sighs of me
and you waste away
in rivers of my eyes flow
you still carry me

you won't change
I will remain
the phases of your touch
spread through my veins and sway my body


ending: you carry me
you carry me
standard intolerant
you still stay

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Title: Spiral

There's no room for regret in this space between us
you plan your move, you think you're ready now
and this is your biggest mistake
running from what your mind has always searched for
and I take cover, in you
and the signs don't show
you let go
and this will be your downfall

everytime you go
I fight myself in the creases of your head
I don't think you want me much at all
who are you to make me feel so misunderstood
who am I to say I'm forever yours

Chorus: I don't see a reason why we can't be apart
we fall upon each other like we're forever stumbling in the dark
and this will be your downfall
hiding from what it is you really want
and you'll let go, retry a thousand times
with words you've never understood
and haptics that you're mind never registered
it's tough, it's all touch with you
but I'm not remorseful

you trigger past dreams
negotiate my feelings in the details of your seams
and I'm crumpled up, laid down next to your clothes
you plan your move, you think you're ready now

ending: and this will be your downfall
the spiral of failing to prepare for emotions that you can't recall
and I take cover, I take cover in you
you think you're ready now

Title: Closer

A flicker from your eyes
tells me all I need to know
to be aware of what it is you're hoping for
it's the sail of your voice from the bays in my mind
the tide that pulls you closer to me
that warmth I've forgotten to appreciate
and you're hoping for the shore
you're luring in my body

I wreck vessels to be closer to you
I wreck myself to be known to you
and you give me something that I couldn't quite compare to
the standards of this situation so developed
I'm oblivious to a sight that I'll never see
and it's a matter of perception, this daunting reflection
it concaves my lungs, fractured, unable to breathe through cleaner air
and it's you who kept me there

Chorus: truth is waiting to be found
and you've left this wound open for far too long now
you've created disaster through fingers of beauty
and I felt it, all for you
in this moment

I could see your face through the colours of dusk
and this sun hangs heavy on my eyes
reaching out for something to hold on to
I'd have such remorse, to have to let you go


ending: and I'd wreck myself
to be closer to you
to be closer

Title: what I lose you gain

I try for you, I fail for me
constantly considering the consequences of my actions
your shadow a figure I'm resistant to see
and you're in my peripheral vision
you're struggling to find the words you'd like to say
and you'll just stay still, hiding, hiding away

I'd take my life
to be human, to be beautiful, to be appreciated
and I'd give it all
for another moment with you

I'm leaking at the seams
fractured bones as a result of a touch from your body
the collision of you and me
the roughness of your tender touch
the underrated need to believe

Chorus: I'm scared of what I'll look like in the end
and I would take it all
just to be, just to be
I'll try to be a better me
to make this sorry sight a better night to see
what's it like to be alive?
this toxic air is all I breathe

I'm trying not to lose my faith in you
because faith is all I have now
and I try for you, I fail for me


ending: I'd take my life
to be human, to be beautiful, to be seen

Title: Give you up

You and I paint patterns with our warped minds
we linger for disasters to trigger all the beauty in chaos, inside
I've seen you before, but I've made up my mind
I'm here to stay, forever wrapped in your touch, in your lies
I'm never going to give you up
no matter how hard you try to defeat me

you and I, the creators of the nights sky
constellations intertwine every delayed tear in my eyes
you and I like to get away, to get lost in another
I'm never going to give you up
no matter how hard you try to defeat me

Chorus: What could I expect from you? nothing better
I've got many intentions, some impossibly good
so don't you think of leaving me now
and don't you understand?
what you're doing for me
it's all for you, for you, for you

I tuck my worries in tight when I lay my body to rest
and you stood me up, once more
alone again, your return is prolonged
like you always will, like you always do

and it's the encounter of our eyes
it brings it all back to me
a consistent delight
your kisses mean more than others believe
and it's you, it's you, it's you, it's you
you're never going to believe
that it's you, oh it's you oh it's you
and I'm alone again


ending: never going to give you up
no matter how bad you mislead me
never going to give you up
no matter how hard you try to defeat me

Title: THE one

I've been tried and tested
better by you, born restless
you put me through more than I know I could ever take
and I'm better off all on my own
self pity, a companion I've grown

I'm not the one,
that could ever satisfy you
you wanted me all
but I gave you nothing
not anything close to warmth at all

Chorus: you did good, moving on
and knowing once, it wouldn't hurt me at all
and I'm not the one
who can give you what you need
who can make you feel worthy of such a devastating love

and not the one for you
not the one for anybody with any sense at all
and you question, my doubts, leave me cold and without
your love, all I wanted
was for you
to want me
to need me
to hold me tight to your chest


ending: and you know now
I was, I'll never be the one for you
my darling, it's the end
the departure that's been over due
not the one