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Thursday, 28 June 2012

Title: NEver Know. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Your hands are meant for me to hold, to own, to touch
you push me away with a single word
to devastate and hurt, with you it's a must
I'm not asking for the world, that's just too much
I just want to be your girl, but I'm not clever, I don't know how to know
and I'm as serious as your life in seasons
never feared but always doubted

every action your body involuntary speaks through
a grain of truth remains in the bitter blood your alive by
I'm always alright when you're not near
but who longs to be alright? I long to be better now

Chorus: You never know where I am,
so you can never take me away from this
nothing ever comes naturally to me
always forced to feel, to act human
you gently whisper soft words in my ear
but I know that you don't care at all
I'm just another body you desire to get rid of

I'd be a liar if I said I want you back,
I want you, but no where near me
I'd be a coward if I didn't know how to talk to you
but please pull me back to the place where I loved you
bad things come in threes, please don't remain next to me
I'll keep my head in the sky, longing for your devotion
I desire the day where I'll no longer have to try to please you and your selfish ways


ending: heavenly disaster, to have lasted such a bitter time with you
you taught me how to be broken, to never have to feel
twist my words through the breath in my lungs
I'll be better of beside you but I fear I'm not enough

Title: Plastic Lover. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

This I where I lose my sanity, the only thing going for me in my life
the valued transaction of affection, something I've never been able to afford
this is where I lose all control, I find another challenge, I can now call my own
it's hard to become better, when every vital thing is out of reach, out of hand
every excuse I ever made up, to tell the truth is a situation I'll never find myself in

 how easy and painful it is to fall for you,
a simple word from your lips press my mind, yet I'm conceived as a fool
I've followed you many times, into the darkness, where you rest your beautiful body

Chorus: We're all just plastic people,
mislead by the expectations of our lovers
we all wait on the day we'll reveal what's underneath the shallow covers
we compromise on a lust that we can never afford to keep
we're all just plastic people
searching for what's beneath

I'll shake you off, shake this off
the mutual feelings we never talk about
we push all hope aside as we pray for the night when we'll be inside each other
forming an orderly queue of everything we've desired
just one moment with you, and everything will be alright

You just like to fight, the verbal bite that you often provide
I surrender with the pain in my eyes, I never have to say, you always know
your touch frozen under a moss of warmth
disguised in the cracks in your fingers,  where other people would show


Ending: Fool me, foolishly
we're all just plastic people
and when the sun comes I'll melt into you
with admiration at all the wrong things you say but the right things you never do

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Title: Perception. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Darling, my fondness of you is a thing we can't ignore
the fidelity of the chemical substance, released to soothe
you're my personal pacifier, you're mine to hold
the ever after math, we so swiftly know

You keep me elevated, so I can swim back to shore
through the depths of the darkness that keeps me from going home
rapidly we fall through the denseness of this feeling that we've never shown
you comprehend that this is all we'll know
 but at least we're now a combination
the past has proven we can only go wrong

Chorus: we're two empty bodies, the lack of contact
too afraid to feel, to touch and to love flaws we never knew
we remain safe, under the layers of emotion we provide to each other
we'll push this aside for today, leaving the heart on our sleeves wide open
and I think we missed the invitation of how this would be
but at least now we're a combination
from here we can only go wrong

We're both feeling fortunate,
an emotion nothing but fate can provide
this prolonged encounter
I feel the mental connection, the intertwining, the strength of our minds on their own

You dream in black and white,
I dream in colour, like the fool
you show me ways to believe in this world
to carry on another day, to remain in this incandescent way


Ending: Your perception of me, enough to make a blind man see
but no one else would ever believe in something they don't know, yet
we'll wait for our bodies to meet, aligned by innocent heat
and when the softness ended, we'll never retreat
in my imagination you are made of gold
an inanimate love I'll never own

Title: Never Show, The Afterglow. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

An innocent face washed away with the dirtiest gaze,
I long for you, I wait for you, always
submissive to your brutally motionless ways
I've been craving you, your touch, your breath, the words you'll never ever say

I perceive you as a lover, but you perceive me as a fool
don't wake me up, I've been trying to find you
but you could never know
you're face, it never shows

unaware, the blissful presence never lasts
innocent imitation, of how this could be
unaware, the blissful presence never lasts
you've frightened me before, you've been in my room, you shut the door
the mask I never saw before, falls to your feet, for me to hold

Chorus: Your eyes move so fast, flicker like cold candles in the angry winter breeze
static, I beg for your comforting affection
although I've never even seen the slightest sight of it yet
there's nothing here to tie us down
just verbal memories, yet to bloom
I blossom for you, to try to catch your gaze
but I've never seen you before, although my mind doesn't feel the same

The yield that this provides for us,
I wait for you, I won't vanish
we'll be the after glow
but you could never know
your face it never shows

I thrive like blood,
patience wearing thin
a clot waiting to begin
through the thickness of your touch
prospered by the imagination of you to hold


Ending: This is the afterglow, everything we thought we'd ever know
but nothing like we thought we'd feel, blossoming to feelings we've never shown
your eyes move so fast, flickering over the sight of my skin in it's pureness
I wait for your touch, I've never felt anything so strong before
we'll be the after glow, but you could never know
your face it never show

Title: You already know. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I push you aside, as the feeling pours through my veins
I've craved for this, but now it's here I feel previous pain once again
I've never been inside, but imagination means everything
you already take the blame, for my constant repulsive actions
I appreciate everything you are, everything you mean to me

I guess we'll just never remain, together
but we'll love each other, apart
to know and understand another
a certainty I've never heard of

Chorus: I'll wash away the scent of you,
under showers of the shade of blue,
I can't be anything other than myself with you,
learn to love, to touch, to be with me
you already knew how to
you already knew how to
understand my needs
understand the space and air that I regretfully breathe

Rub me into the walls, would you notice me?
soothe me with your words like knives
I love how I'm the beckon to your call
and for you I'd be everything,
I'd suffer anything just to be your fool

pick out the good in me, is there any?
and if I look at you in any odd way, please don't think that I meant it
and if I say the wrong thing, please assume that I didn't think about it
pick out the good in me, is there any?


infinity is as near as it is far,
stay out of trouble, keep away from me
you are a sash of gold,
your contents for me to hold
you never retreat or leave
from me and my consistent faults
I awake in hunger, I awake in and with you


Ending: show me how to feel again,
I've suffered from loneliness for far too long, self-inflicted
mutated wounds, they cry for your touch
show me how to feel again,
teach me how to be human

Title: To feel real. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We've gone sour,
pour another drink and we'll forget we're fools,
shine for me, for just another hour
the darkness seeps right into my soul
it's time to say goodbye, to everything you wanted,
everything you thought I could be, dismiss me
I'd wait here like flowers growing in dry land,
wilting is a state I'll forever be

I say the wrong thing but always recover with the touch of a hand,
I'll listen when you only want me to hear, look but never when you're near
as soon as you leave my sight I watch you miles away
used to this feeling, an isolated way I'll solemnly live by

Chorus: Once around the world, my friend
I guarantee we won't ever be the same
I force myself to feel for you, but the happiness subsides once again
and you wonder why I form myself into a reclusive state
I do it for you, for you to love, me and my selfish ways
because if you can't love me, then who ever will?

Every extra moment I spend with you, is one I always adore
but as soon as I'm apart from you, my body weeps from its sores
and it's self inflicted, this is how I feel,
but can you learn to love me? to touch me? to trust me?
even when the beauty whilst I sleep seems surreal

I've been counting the days down to when we'll see each other again,
but those days have just been a figment in my imagination, I won't pretend
I assume we're just parallel lines, never allowed or forced to meet
we'll just let fate walk by as we turn repulsive and lazy
and I'll live in this acid house, burnt down to my knees
I'll pray for you, to return, my love
I'll wait for your return, my love


ending: If I ever pushed you away, it was unintentional
a reaction I so often take, to feel anything other than real
one perceives as hunger, I just crave your taste
I wake, tangled in covers
you could never know

Title: Make Me Feel. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

If friends is all we are, why are we the only people here?
you tell me everything that you're feeling, so I don't believe a single thing
but if I'm not the one, then why is it me you call when the moon waves to the sun that keeps our souls breathing?

it's a hazy afternoon, and I'm trying to survive you
the look from me to you across the room
borders indecent yet innocent
as subtle as the tide daily pulls the shore,
you curl your eyes, you've seen me before

Chorus: who's to say that today's not my day?
the spring in your stride, I want what you want
can you ever walk my way? do you want what I want?
somebody to hold my body underneath the innocent sheets
the sheets that were made by you and me
who's to say that I can't blend words into colours?
I want you to see me

I've constantly been disappointed, by being so humble,
 you're the living proof this isn't right for me
the toxic breath you let brush my neck,
you tell me we'll go far, but this is only for tonight

and if it feels so good, why doubt yourself
you're the clouds, the softness lingers in my head
are we too much alike? we know the answer, yet we've both so many questions

it takes practice, sitting here
with our eyes never turning away
we don't believe in a god
but we'll preach to him anyway
he said to listen, he said we're hopeful
when we walk, in the city nights
do we ever look up?


you make me feel, the consistency of the light in me
you make me feel so good
so please listen, I'll say
there isn't any way that we could pretend
that this feeling we're showing to one another isn't real
I'll give you more time, so please listen, I'll say
tell me what do you pray for? what do you believe in?
have the sun on your shoulder, the beam hits through your eyes
and that smile that no one else can offer
you make me feel so good


ending: lovers, believers
we're all liars
but carry such sweet souls
listen, I'll say once more
the fear transfers into unconditional lust
lust for your body, your mind, your all

Title: Anchor. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

When will I find you, waiting so insignificantly
helpless to disaster, when will you see?
I breathe through my lungs, building up this inner toxicity
wasting my tender breath until the day is done, but you'll never wait for me

Where will I find you, when the sun goes down and the sky has no sight of me?
the shadows arrive, the shadows inside my mind leave no hope for me
where will I find you, if ever I do?
where will you be?

Will you promise to stay, would you ever like to be with me?
so much fear inside this mind, the weight of the world is enough for me to float
I'll push you aside, many a time just to test your availability
and when will the words from your lips show me you care,
will you give me those eyes, the roughness of your hands and the desirable stare?

Chorus: Hold me, down, anchor
share my weight with the ocean floor,
down here I will stay, here I'll remain for you
preserved in the water, a beautiful shape and state of mind
hold me, down, my anchor
I'm beautiful now, as beautiful as I'll ever be,
for a floating body
hold me, down, my anchor
down here I will stay, here I'll remain for you

When will you show me, what this is?
I believe the sight in your eyes, the essence of your mind
it lingers and loves the thought of me and you
When will you know me, when will you tell me
that there's no such thing as eternity, a failed estimate of you and your touch

forgive me, I'm oh so quiet
I'll bite down on my tongue until the sun gives into the sky
and do you really love someone? will the someone ever be me?
an insignificant other, that you so rarely see
or believe in


ending: I'll never be your favorite, push me in between these lines
the barriers we've made, created from the moments we used the covers to hide
you see what I see but listen when I want you to hear
I never thought I'd say this, but I don't ever want you near, again

Title: Never Fine. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

All I ask of you, is to never never never let me down
it's all I want from you right now
the gentle touch you rarely provide
you leave me breathless, tongue tied
not often is a word spoken from my lips, held back with fear and dismissal
how do I know if you're the one?

I'm made entirely of faults, but there are good intentions
the love you feel from me isn't visible to the eye
I'm used to being so alone, I've tried
you throw my body around like you've held it before
but I'm not a stranger to your beautiful flaws

Chorus: Carry me home, it's getting so late
I've never tried to be yours,
carry me home, it's getting so late
oh if I could stay another night with you,
our bodies touch like shores to the oceans tide
I wish I could capture that look in your eyes,
those late night bedroom eyes of yours

I love how you don't mind if I gain or lose,
you're always there, no option to choose
remain you will, in my heart and body
the scars you give me, a constant reminder of our attraction

It's that look in your eyes, the look before you sleep
I don't even have to try, you'll always be pleasing me
it's the taste of your tongue after you speak such kind words
it's knowing your loved in that moment, for who you were


ending: Throw my body back into the ocean, sail with me until we're no longer broken
we'll never be fine, when we're apart
shake me up, pull me down when I'm all that you see, when everything's burnt to the ground
we'll never be fine, when we're apart

Title: The One (Who) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've never been the wise one,
but for you I'll always break,
you fix me and fold me into flaws,
you love me and tell me you adore me,
it's in your eyes, lying through the tip of your lashes
fool me, hard baby I will fall
soothe me, I'm not the one you adore

It's the painful stare I see across the room,
your eyes meet with her, I'm stuck here, practically watching you
and in my mind I'll let you, listen to me but we both know
she's better than that you see, in me

I've seen you and her before, in a nightmare
the feeling I've pushed away and ignored, comes back
and I've so much love for you, you don't know it yet
I'll wait in the side lines, lurking behind you
until you learn to love me

chorus: I'll wait in the wings, again
until you pull me out
things will never get better,
if we learn to love, how to hold, how to touch one another
and things will get better, us, eventually

I carry my soul in the body I despise
I'll hide it from you, until I feel your worthy of my time
I make a barrier out of past mistakes
it stops me feeling, touching you in a mental state

Forever I'm just the one that you rarely acknowledge
and would you care if I ran away from you?
if I hid would you play this game or just move onto somebody new
forever I'm just the one that will never do


ending: I'll picture us, as an item, in one more chance
faith is never restored until we all feel like there's time
for it, for you, I'd go blind
easy to abuse my fragile mind
and I'll just be the one that you never loved
there's always faults in me and never in her

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Title: Head Low. Written By:Eleanor Diplock

I wish I stayed, stayed
I'll fall, on my knees
tell me all that I should be
I'll fall, on my knees
tell me all that I should feel,
feel when you're with me

and your demons, they follow me
everywhere I go, I'll stay if I want to, it's just a matter of how long I'll remain
when I'm with you my mind fades to grains
I've seen you in my nightmare before,
the distant familiar face I just couldn't quite know
who wants to know? who even cares?
all that is mine, is rusting
no one will know
the feelings inside, frozen, never change

Chorus: Under the covers, under cover
we'll be all we could ever be, together
we'll make this our own defeat,
undercover, under the covers of the bed we live in
recover, if I catch your eye it was by accident
and how far we've gone, what we've become - we
and in the moments that keep us moving, together
under the covers, under cover
no one will ever know
you and I

waves crash along the shore,
just like our bodies, battered and lonely
tomorrow you're gone,
and the words I should of said, but didn't know how to
and all the actions I could of made, but never knew what they meant
and in this heart, mortality is staring me to death
skin to skin, I lose my breath
I won't think about it, you, at all
if that's all you ever want,
I'll hang my head low, in the shadows of you
I won't think about it, you, at all


ending: unaware, the gaze you once saw no longer present
your eyes moved on, for a love brand new, someone who's body was loved by you
under the covers, under cover
keep your heart close to the ground,
buried, is where I'll be found

Title: The Moon. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'm letting go, letting go
I never thought I'd say so, but the weakness I had for you
carries strength and pushes me as I move
I see things that you no longer know
all of me is hoping for you, hoping for the shore
to make things feel real, real with you

and with my eyes closed,
I'll be running fast, away and into you
I can't wait for you, wait for your love
it's been all too long, to be with me now
so I'll just move on past, as fast as I can
and close you, the door behind me

Chorus: The moon stays, but I'll leave
for you've been always, choking on me
you don't know, you don't know
if I could hold you, just for one night
I wouldn't be the same, completely changed
and I'd take back all I've said, and all I've done
because this love seems unreal, unreal for me now
the moon stays, but I'll go
with your words, I've always been choking
set me free, free

And when you come close, it's like a knife pressing my chest down
I'm in way too deep, but I've lost my way
I don't know where to go, wherever I go there you are
a shadow in the dark, a light so bright the eye can no longer see

In dark nights I behave, in dark nights I pray
cause we're dancing on our toes,
too afraid to break the mould,
and wherever I am, you're always there


ending: The moon stays, with your presence
but I'll always leave,
choking on the words you never say,
the breath you take, intoxicates me
and the moon stays, but I'll go in your presence

Title: Heal me WrittenBy: Eleanor Diplock

The art of cruelty remains in your eyes,
and oh, I get lost in you
in your selfish ways
the beautiful mind, the lack of pain in words you say
I don't want to hesitate, any longer
yeah it's warm, in your presence
comforts me when I'm gone

I can't reveal what's in my mind,
the constant desire to be better, heal me in time
I can't heal my wounds, so I'll bleed in the dark
countless times I've broken down, never figuring out what's wrong
heal me, heal, heal me

Chorus: sitting with a stranger,
the love I used to know,
save myself from hurting, from wanting you
sitting with a stranger,
no longer alone,
I'll save myself from hurting, from wanting you
just about to lose my mind, your timing oh so right
leave me foolish, craving your soul
I'll conquer this world, on my own

this old love, burns bright and dies for you
reincarnated into somebody new
a love I no longer feel for you
a shame I carry as boldly as I move
and yes I'm moving on, looking for a new direction
thinking back to innocent, no longer connected, no broken heart to throw around
and you, you move like a dream but disappear into the night sky


ending: I long to never die, forever wanting to be by your side
my lust it slips into your hands, I've tasted your lips so much I've lost my way
and in time, you'll move like a dream, disappearing into the night sky
I still get the same feeling inside, self destruction
sabotage my innocent smile

Title: I have been the one Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We're dancing in the dark, too scared to take our clothes off
don't you dare let me down, that's all I ask of you
and when your hesitant now, it's all pretentious
the way I feel about you now, is more than friendship
and you're constantly surprised at everything I'm saying
but the voice you long to hear inside has always been fading
so we'll wait for confidence plucked through dutch courage
a few more beers and we'll be on our way

and in the morning, we'll have conversations we'll never say
you've been loved in a particular way
my love, my love wasn't pure enough for you to receive
you're always away, I can't lose this
I'd kill to have your kiss
I can't lose this
and I'm losing my head, completely

Chorus: And I have been the one,
to lift you up high,
and you tore me up, with promises we both know you could never keep,
and you felt my scars, on bare ground
I could have provided everything for you, but commitment was never in my mind
and I have been the one, to lift you up high
when all else fails, you still have me by your side
unwanted and worn, you have been loved

this is the real thing,
our skin apart, no longer touching
this is the real thing, is there a meaning here?
are all the words thrown from your tongue sincere?

don't bring me down,
free I long to be, with your love
I'll forget you love,
I'll have the last laugh,
the jokes on you, my dear
I left you out, inside my mind
so easy to see the start, of you ripping my life apart


ending: See me gather words,
to let you know, I'll forget you
it's so very hard to let this go,
you were the first one I let within, inside
my mind crushes my body, my soul remains fine
but my sweetheart, I'll forget you soon

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Title: Dream(er) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Even if I promise you more than this world can carry,
there will come morning, to bring us back around
I like to watch you as you fall asleep,
the way your eyes flicker as your mind let's you see your dreams,
and I know, is it true
that in your wildest dreams, I've been there to?
and I know, is it true
that in your wildest dreams, I've dreamt of you too?

And I long to see this through,
one day things will be different,
you'll wake up wanting more than I can offer,
and I'll walk away with words heavier than the world plus me and you

I'm the constant doubts in your mind, the ones you always push aside
let me in, let me in
you've always been one to distract yourself form realities truth
desperate to dream, the motivation to pull you through

Chorus: and there will always be places we've never been together,
but I'll kiss your lips so tight, they'll be mine in that moment forever,
I'll hold your body close to me, and only for a while, because you're never going to be mine, mine
not ever, and not this time
and you had many a chance before I sailed away to someone new
a feeling I crave, in softness I bathe, I bathe in you and your words

If I wanted you to give me the truth, I'd never have your kiss
and with untold words, there's love in your heart
the division of us, we're never at our best when we're apart
and I'd hope for the day when you'll feel this from the start
I think I love you, the idea of you with me


ending: Let your body take you now,
you've been ready for quite some time,
resisting the temptation to leave me,
somehow you're a mess, sinking to the bottom of the ocean
and that's where I've been longing to see you, beside me
awake but no longer present, as subtle as you do

Title: Just another way to let you down. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

For you I could be a symphony,
a collaboration of all the things you forgot you adored,
but how am I to be aware of what your destructing eyes can see?
and you've got me in the tip of your tongue, unwillingly
the disaster has just begun, and this will be the afterglow
and when you feel the sudden pain will you tell me so?

and in the twilight, we'll look so beautiful
just bare bodies fighting off the light
I'll give it all up, just for you
to feel your kiss, the tenderness in your hands
and that's why I desire you, why you?
we're compatible through our unspoken imagination

chorus: we'll become a late night discussion,
a collection scars and bones on land, thrown together, grasping hands
we'll rise to the stories, rise above it all, together
we'll become an overnight sensation, teach the world that we exist
just another number on a list, we'll become
and moving forward, together, but I'm two steps behind
you'll forget about me soon, no trigger to remind you
and just another way to let you down, let you down
I'm just another way to disappoint you now, slowly

and you soothe my wounds with tender talk, tender talk of words full of affection
you fix me, repair me yet I'm still broken,
and wide open my body lays like the sun, for you
you try your hardest to see this through, but I'm the consistent difficulty that wears down, I lose

and in daylight we're always seen apart, but as soon as the night crawls across the sky
we pick out each others faults, flaws,
make a new world just for me and you


ending: And we'll become a late night discussion,
scars and bones on land, thrown together in a way no one can understand
you can only say you know if you've felt this too
and wide open my body lays like the sun, for you

Title: Together (imagination) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We should think about it, we should talk it about, us
it's us against this world,
we should walk around, breathe through our broken lungs,
and we should talk about it, us
it's us against this world

I want you to fight for me,
pull me out of the dark,
hold me like you're in love, again, again
I crave for you to be right for me,
but I'm just another source of misery,
I want you to fight for me, again, again

It's not what you say,
it's what you do,
it's not what you've got, you throw it all away
you crawl back inside for another day
it's not how you move, you do that well
whatever you do, I'm under your spell
under your spell

chorus: deeply devoted disaster,
I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
under the covers with another body you can't touch,
I'll wait for you, I'll wait for you
and it's so much brighter when you're near, but you'll never be, never be
but apart is where our minds work for the best, you'll see
you'll see

shake me off of your mind,
I'll leave, I'll leave
a toxic mass inside your lungs,
you'll breathe, you'll breathe
the sharpening pain inside your eyes,
I'll be, I'll be
shake me off of your mind,
it's bitter but so much better in the long-term, apart
apart we'll be, but together thrown and tied at the seams


ending: Just another one, another body
your heart flickers like a candle in the dark, unsettling to see
and when the dark corners of my brain give in, to us
united, a thousand miles apart,
the closest we will be

Title: You always want more. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Lately it may take a while,
because the words they just won't come to my head
and is it fun that you desire? is it pain that your perspire?
they're both the same, felt until we're dead
and lately I've been losing you, holding you, craving you
but you're never close enough to fill this emptiness inside my heart
and I'll carry on, I'll just wait for you another day

yet all of me will always be true,
you're looking deeper, for somebody new
and I can't provide every one of your expectations
and this should be true, relying on our feelings
drag me in a new direction, to a better view
fill my perspective with doubts, I'll see the world how you want me to
yet all of me will always be true
every inch of my soul, just for you

Chorus: and you leave my body, you always want more
you hold what your hands just can't adore
and your actions speak louder than your words, but you've always been shy
hiding from the demons that linger in the corners of your tongue
you linger for the right moment, that you're forever waiting for
and you leave my body, you always want more
you hold what your sight and touch won't ever learn to adore

I'd apologise in a thousand lives, just to have you back once more
I'd say all the right things, and do what you want me to
a mentality that no one could ever seep through to your pores
I'd be everything you've ever looked for, better than the disappointment you've always had before


ending: it's been a while since I've seen you around,
and all of me will forever be waiting, forever be true
drag this, the both of us in a new direction
fill me with lies until I'm forced to become somebody new
somebody you'd learn to love too

Title: Unaware. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

So give me your kisses,
I can't afford to be afraid,
wasting in sighs every second of the day,
in hope of you, in hope of you

show me ways to be loved,
feel the pain inside my heart,
I only wanted you to feel,
to be a part of something real,
was that always too much to ask of you?

Chorus:but you don't know me at all,
just a stranger in your path,
and when you stare, stare hard,
you never look beyond the surface,
all you want is to be happy, be happy without me
and you gave to me a secret, polished with hesitance
and you don't know me at all,
just another face to put behind the fall

I want to watch us grow, in every way, and every day
the disappointment slows, I want to spend the night on the shores of the ocean
all around the world on your shoulder, I'll leave the grey days behind
sail across the skies, with you in my mind
I'll leave today, and leave you behind

and is it really that bad to be in love with who you are,
but hate every inch of you, collision of feelings at the same time,
and I'll walk through the night, the darkest corners, you in my mind
haunt yourself clean, take what's yours then leave it


ending: you're unaware of where you belong, but by my side
is an awkward delight, an awkward never known love
and you're just the person I long to see, when the night rolls in and gives up towards the sun
and you're unaware of what you truly desire, but my body is enough for you to get by

Title: Unfamiliar. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You've got me falling at your feet,
with the words you say, highly misleading
and you make many promises we both know you can't keep
you try to give me the world and more, but we both know you're in too many doubts

And as this current pulls us closer,
next to your soul I feel weak,
I could be so much better,
but it'd take more than the time I'm yours to keep

And in my mind my heart is made up,
with false love and affection,
and with your eyes I stay late up, questioning our ability
our ability to stay, united by the power of consistent fear

Chorus: Please share with me what it is,
that keeps you coming back,
is it the way I press my lips? when there's nothing else we can say
the conversation frozen as our hands do nothing but play,
yet in your eyes I am the fool,  for loving you in so many ways
and the weight in your mind is so heavy now
and what was I meant to do? I lost my way and I regret it now
so pull me apart and keep me yours, forever

I'm not lonely, I'm okay
into your arms, an unfamiliar place
where my worries lay their anchor and my fears they remain the same
the brush of your hand, and the whisper in your kiss
it's enough to fool a wise man,  with all this filling emptiness
the way your hips touch mine, we collide like wounds in a battlefield
but this lust and fate is here to stay, with our young minds so naive


ending: and it's the way you press your lips against mine,
the subtle word leaks from your touches, and I'm foolish to be the one who said so
but baby I'm hurting for you

Monday, 11 June 2012

Title: No big deal. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And when you ask me what I do all day,
I do nothing but think of you, the memory of your arms I'm forever clinging to
the image of my haven, my loved one,
the simple chords of his song, fading

and this is no big deal,
driven by simple selfish beings,
we remain intact even after the depths we're sleeping in,
these sheets, pull them back and reveal a sweeter love,
wrap me up in all you have tonight,
wrap me up tight

Chorus: And in my tears I sail to you,
the comfort you provide is never short lived,
a characteristic I strongly admire,
together we build a fort made from desire,
we create a symphony, me and you
and this is no big deal, even though we settle for less
and this is no big deal, our consistency comes and go
but you always make me stay for longer though,
many people play these games so willingly,
but I'll never be like them, lonely
and this is no big deal, together we settle, for less

a few more weeks to get into you,
my laugh set deep in your bones,
we've become too fond of never being alone,
and you'll find another me again,
another me again, another me again

a few less words that I could promise you,
you study them as they leave my lips,
you're an analyser of all things that you're unsure of,
a few more days and you'll never let me go


ending: and this love is no big deal,
they say we're too young to feel desire so true, you
the pain I get from you is surreal, it replaces the haven
and his song, it's fading
love is no big deal
this love is no big deal

Title: Give it away. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You're a delightful recreant,
you hunt for innocence, when the sun gives into the shadows,
I let go, to see if you still hold me back,
I'm in doubt, of what is real
between the shapes I thought I knew, I saw you
a guilty face as pure as snow

and you're removed, away from anything that was ever close to you
and there's gold in the air when the night's long gone,
but your intoxicating stench comes off too strong,
I'll carry your body, carry your body home
lay you next to the demons from your past
those who stay when I'm gone

Chorus: I'm not giving anything away,
but my fondness for you has grown,
a struggle to push away, and I'll take what's left,
the warmth in your eyes, I'll breathe it in,
I move like an eagle, my heart soars and falls for you,
caramelised, this love isn't so sweet when I'm the one who no longer adore,
and there's no change here, we still remain so broken,
all day, I'll wait for those words that I long to hear spoken,
and I'm those days that you had forgotten

become my everlasting illuminati,
show me how to feel alive,
show me how to feel anything at all,
I set myself up, just for you to see me
all the able men are leaving,
and I need you, if only, to be superior and absurd
to rule my world

so somehow we're the same?
we cause people pain, I'll run after you in the dark
where you feel eternally free of all the problems created in the light


ending: And only somebody who's honestly absurd,
can rule my world, call me their girl, take my hand and let my fingers curl
and for you I could only ever dream of a thousand smiles that create the sheets we live in
and for you to want me, a fool I am for hoping

Title: Self-intoxication Written By: Eleanor Diplock

As far as your concerned,
I'm just the bitter bait,
it's occurring once again, the disaster lingering on your face
it's all a matter of time, when will I make you mine?
how will we decide if the constellations always stay the same?

and we're peculiarly attached, to nothing
you and me alone, pure simplicity
yet I'm worried that this feeling's ever so wrong,
I won't let you know, I'll just listen when you stop talking
and this makes you lie awake all through the night, this lie

chorus: he's intoxicated by himself,
everyday he's seen with someone else,
and every day he kisses somebody new, never you
and the moment conversations stop, he'll be gone again
I'll wait in the rain for my chance, I believe deep down I can
I'll show to you what love is all about, you can change if you're in doubt
and I'll talk to you when nobody else is around, but only if you're able to let me down
the moment comes and I'm gone, again

I slowly try to bring you back,
not knowing where I had gone wrong,
I'm slightly interested, but that's all
and surely I'm just lying here,
waiting to be the beckon to your call,
and you're only slightly interested in me, that's all

and with you I feel washed out,
the tide pulling away every shy part of me,
I'm left, and what is there to know?
oh, this is all it is
oh, you and me alone,
simplicity, that's all this is


ending: And I was just the substance, that you always used
never appreciated till you felt so blue,
and I was just the answer, to every problem lived
never fully understood but that's all that I did,
and I was just the late nights that you so sorely miss,
hand in hand we'll guide each other, that's all it is

Title: All this is. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And when you talk, does it feel like your chewing on glass?
the words that hurt the most always come from your mouth
I'll always choke on your touch, but I'm helpless to you,
helpless to your constant disappointment

and like I always do
I wait for you, in the shadows of your body,
lurking and craving for your love
the warm touch,
I never feel from you,
danger lurks beside us,
the warm love,
I always crave from you,
you don't know how to feel
you don't know how to feel

Chorus: the two of us, fall so deeply tonight
and tell me things will be alright when we simmer down by the fire,
you watch me so subtly but I can see your face changing in the light,
the expressions you've so bitterly shown me installed within time
and we're the pioneers of creative disaster, we'll bare that in mind
and we take what's left, we take what's dead and breathe it in

yet still I'm touched, by the surrounding beauty of us, falling apart
yet still I'm loved, but by the people I never look up to, enough
and so I pray for your acceptance, a bitter daze, a soul collection
and I'll wait, and I'll wait for this moment to arrive
the look in your eyes says it all for now

that's all this is, a waiting game
and you're to blame for the constant shame on my lips
when we lie, we lie side by side
and grow we will, into another worried shape,
I am yours, I am yours to take


ending: so tell me now, was I too late?
I tried my very hardest to feel the same,
but the worlds that we live in just complain,
so tell me now, please
was I too late? like I'll always be
tell me now, please
was I the bitter name rolling down your face
the likeliness of you caring, what are the odds.

Title: Reoccurance Written By:Eleanor Diplock

I was cold and frozen, trying to understand you
mixed signals shine through the dark doubts in your mind,
and it's the build up, the suspense we both crave for
and once around the world, my love
reaching out for no other than you

And we're not parallel lines,
we'll meet again, but I'm not sure where, not sure when
I walked around for hours, trying to be your friend
and does this mean, anything to you? do you feel it too?

Chorus: and you quiver like a candle,
I'm fascinated by your consistent love,
you never doubt my ability,
you're feeling instead of being,
more than I am on the inside,
infatuated by your moods,
searching for your clues
infatuated by you

and I'm homesick,
even though I never left from here,
any space between is better be short lived,
because you bring out the worst in me,
you said it's for the best, you see
and I'm homesick,
even though I never left your side
by your side I'll remain, until our love becomes nothing but a distant cry

and I'm misread,
I'll misread your signals,
take them in and digest, with every touch
and I can only hope that you mean those three words,
that so gently flick from your loving tongue

and what do you know?
it happened again,
the constant craving for being more than friends,
and you've always got to be somewhere,
and what do you know?
it happened again


ending: and how come no one told me,
the loneliest people were always the ones who spoke wise words,
we've too many things we admire to be considered different,
and what do you know, it happened again

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Title: Instrumental Written By: Eleanor Diplock

The weight of the world comes easy to you,
your eyes leak such distracting sadness,
you live for the nights that make you feel alive,
but they're too hard to come by,
you crave the fools that you see who say they have it all,
and the weight of the world comes crashing down,
impaling your senses with a modern twisted sound,
and this is all too much for you

If I could feel it all for you, I wouldn't I wouldn't even dare
I see the pressure of the innocent smiles,
I couldn't pause it if I knew,
the thoughts your feeling a from a different kind of view,
a fix of which I thought we'd soon lose

Chorus: And life's an instrumental,
to the rhythm in our veins,
the excitement of disaster keeps our youth churning,
and we constantly wish to feel the warmth,
but our bloods so cold and we're just scars on land,
awaiting our burial, the shelter that we crave for
into your arms, your arms a safe haven for my fragile mind to settle in

And to stay in this moment, I long for a chance
to show you how to feel again,
so hear my first request, the longing of your voice inside my ears
the gentle touch of your lips, the promises at the corners of your mouth
tell me stories of the women who never made it before
and to know that I was the first that got inside of your mind
I long for that moment, I long for that chance


ending: and there's a certain infirmity inside of each and every one of us,
the shadows of our bones made it only by a little too much,
the eagerness of it all, built up and embedded in a youthful musk

Title: Save you from. Written By:Eleanor Diplock

Promise me, you'll stay a little
I yearn for your golden touch,
wounds might just hurt a little,
when the night's are long and your hands are rough

devotion, devote yourself to me, truly
devotion, devote yourself to me, truly
carefree, my desire to be with you it takes me,
wrap yourself around my thoughts, tell me how to feel
a place to belong, that's what I long to feel
and this is that time where you'll tell me I'm forever wrong,
forever a fool in your eyes

Chorus: I don't know what it is, that I should save you from
happy up here, we are, we are
I'd much rather just sit than talk with you,
hopeless to you, helpless to your words
I yearn for those hands but they'll always be too much
I don't know what it is, that I should save you from
happy up here, we are, we are
I'd much rather sit in your company, than talk with you

I don't know what it is that I should save you from,
happy up here, we are
but I'd much rather sit with you than talk with you,
the words that I recited never come out as I plan,
stutter and I stumble, a fool for you
stutter and I stumble, like I always do
but you're the only one who doesn't mind

Stumble upon the crimes we built,
in the cities we sleep in,
I stumble upon the lives we built,
in the beds that we sleep in,
and it's all just time,
we're told how to feel,
and it's all just a lie,
no-one's in love, because love isn't real


ending: Happy up here,
inspired by the daily disaster,
but what is it that I should save you from?
this world's too bitter my friend,
but it's only just beginning for us
the fools who feel love

Title: Beckoners. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Beckoner, when you gonna come back?
you forgot me, you lost me
beckoner when will you come back?
you lost me, lost me

I fought the fire with the rain,
but you're not the same, not the same
you were hurt by a different kind of pain
the kind that can't be fixed by gentle touch and time

chorus: Our eyes see different worlds,
to you I'm just another girl,
but that's short lived,
when you, when you, when you
sail away in your mind,
your body, carries you to a better place
tranquility sinks on your face,
you claim the throne,
the throne, the throne

wear me down,
tear me apart,
I don't mind it, I don't mind it,
used to it, the disappointment,
but I will always love you,
this serene comfort you so subtly provide,
slip me away, into a coma of no words, just lies
the time away from you I never despise

and we're falling into place,
but we're in two different locations,
our souls the same but no match can be found for us,
we're just another pair of fools in love,
but beckoner, when will you come back again?
I've missed you like the blunt knife who leaves no pain
and beckoner, will you ever be the same?


ending: Sail with me softly, into a better state of mind
think words of freedom, we're both entitled to a piece of real love
perhaps we're just not good enough,
fools in love,
we're both just beckoners

Title: Nude, be. Written By: EleanorDiplock

Sail to the sun,
with my eyes set on you,
and your heart rising at the thought of everything we could do,
and with the faith restored in our eyes,
our dreams become but a distant memory,
we're all that we could ever be, but together
all that we could ever be, but together

you've got that thing,
which I quite admire,
no limits, no time to retire
and with your dreams as wide as the nights sky,
you follow it through,
you're never too shy,
never give up, on us
never let me go, cause
I'm right here,
but this you know

Chorus: Nude, we will be
but beautiful for once,
discovering each other,
our bare bodies provide this love,
the fuel for us,
nude, we will be
but what is nude,
when it's you and me, comfortably
your eyes as deep as the water we swim in

we follow, we fall so deeply
tranquil in each others arms,
our minds over the matter,
and if I let you down,
you'd never tell me so,
you'll wait for me,
until I'm ready
until my bodies wounds cease to bleed

oh, empty vessels once more,
the lovers we were now and before,
sink to the bottom of the sea,
but we're growing new things,
where good things happen,
oh, emptiness once more


ending: Nude, we will be
but what is nude when it's you and me,

Title: Disappear, completely. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Teach me how to disappear, completely
I'm lost in your, lost in your eyes
it weakens with your every touch,
slowly melting away into a higher love,
teach me how to disappear, completely
I'm lost in your, lost in your faith
push, push, push me away

your presence it lingers,
your scent it fills my lungs with toxicity,
I long for your kiss, the touch of your hands, the sure dismissal
what a beautiful way to end such a short lived lust,
and I wouldn't dare call it love, it never meant that much
what we are, just a bundle of fools
wrapped together tightly with good intentions

Chorus: Teach me how to cause destruction,
pull me in a new direction,
towards all the things that you once loved,
towards all the things that are in your cupboards,
pull me in a new direction,
lay me down next to the others,
and I'll try to be the one for you

I can't make you love me,
I can't make you,
I can't make you want me,
more than you do,
teach me how to disappear
when you're no longer by my side

And please tell me what it is that I should do,
to become a better person, the perfect source of your devotion
and shut me out when the skies turn grey,
I hope I'll move onto better things


ending: Teach me, how to disappear
lost in your, lost in your eyes
a world I've only dreamed of,
the tip of your lies

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Title: The rush Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And I'll never fit in, never be enough
but that's alright, as long as I feel your touch
and you were never waiting for me,
in the sidelines I call my own,
I never showed you what this love was,
if you never ask, the answer will always be no

the silence is predicted,
the inevitable disappointment,
the words I leak from my lips,
the words you were never meant to hear
and I was there waiting to let you know,
we're building all of this up, just to break and crash down
a reminiscence of what we had

chorus: And you live for the rush,
it's all a bit too much when you're the one that's hurting now
you're the one that's hurting now,
and I'm the only one to take this all away,
so set your aims as high as your standards,
I'm no fool, I'll be the beckon to your call

and I'd ask if you cared,
but why would I ask if I knew what you'd say?
the words and pain you hide away,
I won't fall for a second character,
I'll never love you, more than yesterday

if I could brush off these feelings,
baby I'd be skin and bones,
I could apologise for never being enough,
my physical appearance was always too rough around the edges,
and you never really accepted, that


ending: and another day goes by where I won't think of you,
the sun it rises but I set my eyes on you,
a different shade, a shade of blue
and I could of think of when we were a combination,
but I can't waste any more of my time feeling lonely when I remember

Title: Do you follow? Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And I know where you would like to be,
but with me I'll change the things you seem to believe,
the black and white world you claim to see,
a good feeling we both share, intertwined in this love of ours

and would you look at me how no one's ever looked at me before?
tell me all the things that you adore, are there any?
just say yes, that the feeling you've become too used to is loneliness
I'd like to leave, if I ever were to feel it
the courage to cease it if I discovered it right next to the heart on my sleeve

Chorus: follow my body into the shadows,
the regret that you'll feel is just another doubt
and you hear but you never listen,
this vibrant collaboration of feelings were always too much,
for the frail minds which our empty vessels carry
but passion fuels this romance, but we're lacking everything
over and over again

and if I said I felt it, would you admit you felt it too?
you shy away from the words you long to say,
but you're slacking any confidence, like you always do

and the touch you never felt,
you bite the hand that feeds you tender news,
you're very optimistic for a pessimistic opportunist
but you've turned me away, pushed me in a different direction
away from everything to do with you


ending: I've no hope for this,
if this is love then promise to let me go,
I'm far too young and foolish to endure the pain of your kisses

Title: Another Girl Written By: Eeleanor Diplock

And I'll never say I told you so,
the day you went away left me oh so bitter,
and I'll never let these walls come down,
too many fears I'm full of now,
oh so bitter

I thank myself for wanting you,
it's all ever be capable of,
never the slightest attraction besides from my eyes
which hide such pretty devastation

chorus: I'm hoping one day,
you'll say those words, that I've been craving to hear
your chaotic scent lingers in the air,
and creates an atmosphere in which nobody is welcome to endure
leave my body, lay me down, I'm just another girl that got too near

and if we were to meet again,
it'd be in my dreams, my friend
where the happiness is for us to pretend
and the constant pain in my heart is from you again
the pain I never missed becomes my best friend

you say I never think,
but your words let big ships sink
and the bodies you so strongly love,
they float into the skies above,
and you're never in the wrong,
I'm the fool and it took me so long
to realise all the real lies,
to look beneath your shallow eyes


ending: Do I have time for this?
I've all the time in the world to see this through,
all the time to settle down, you and me

Friday, 1 June 2012

Title: My fix. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And this light in this room,
is reflecting off the both of us,
the providers from a different kind of love,
envy our chemistry because it's deeper than any numbers or signs,
we've the ability to give hope to the sick and trust to the young

we could wrap this little world around our fingertips,
and it'd never feel like it ever weighed enough,
the worries that sway from the touch of your lips
keep me alive and feeling young
and lovesick I'll be on the day that you leave,
but I wish for that day not to come around,
cause the way you hold me here,
my body breathless,
the taste of you lingers beneath my tongue

Chorus: And every time we blink our eyes,
the world it shifts beneath our feet,
we couldn't change even if we tried,
but you and me is all I need,
capture me in a thousand lies,
and wrap me in your warmth,
the love I crave is in your eyes,
so move me slowly but stay a while

and they say we're the fools if lust is in our mind,
but the attraction I see in you lies beneath your eyes,
and you're still, still so beautiful
in your own repulsive way,
but beautiful to me, is how you'll always stay

your smile is ever so delightful,
the way your body moves leaves me feeling frightful,
but when I'm with you I feel at home,
when I'm with you I feel at home


ending: Love me tender, love me so
if you stop feeling anything for me, let me know
because the night is young as the sun it sets,
but my eyes are set on you, I've placed my bet

Title: Do me right (this time) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You stimulate me,
make me better,
fix my wounds,
yet you do me harm,
and physically,
don't bother to compare
I'm almost just enough, not quite there yet

I'd rather be the fool,
that's lonely but funny,
I'd rather hear the news
than listen to your heartbeat,
societal disasters, make us feel complete
and we breathe toxic air to stay alive,
so how's another night with you going to change my life?

Chorus: you open your eyes,
with your mind closed tight,
you hear but you never listen,
so promise me you'll do me right,
stay the night and show me devotion,
I'll talk till my mouth runs dry,
with our fears of what lays deep inside the ocean,
I'll find, a way, to change your mind

And with my body, would you love me?
would you tell me that I looked nice?
would you stare or look away,
when I reveal myself in bright lights?
and I have countless questions,
that require no answers

the demons in my mind,
leave you with another chance,
to get it right this time
to love me right this time
with all you have and can give


ending: I'd like for you to become a part of me,
a way I live, and if this what it means to be free,
then a prisoner of my own mind I'll forever be.

Title: In our entirety Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You've the intentions, which I so sorely crave for
you've the mind and soul that produces such wonderful creations
and when I think of you,
I picture us together,
when I think of you,
my mind runs dry,
but my mouth makes rivers

And what I'd do,
for a day to prove to you,
that it's not just about the physical attraction,
teach me things I already know,
love me, love me so

chorus: And by the end of the night,
we'll hold each other tight,
in fear of letting go,
you're the reason why I care,
of why I didn't show any love before
a natural disaster, love is here

I never asked you to leave,
I never pushed us away,
I buried my mind under the stars,
that's where we'll stay

I'm shit at writing love songs,
always will be,
but I can't quite describe,
what's happening to me,
your voice, your lips, your cologne
stir my mind and heart,
into your own
your voice, your lips, your cologne,
stir my mind into your heart,
never left alone


talk to me, as we fall
count on me to be the fool that loves you,
talk to me, as we fall
keep your promises,
as your wise words are my only call

ending: I'm bitter, inside
the touch of your hands leaves me oh so surprised,
you show bare affection,
in it's raw entirety, that's how we'll be forever and day