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Monday, 29 October 2012

Title: Surrenderer

And if I promise to leave will you subtly offer to stay?
and it's what lies beneath that keeps my mind far from bay
the tides of bad timing and human error
physical flaws repulse any person who looks my way
and it's the stillness of the sound, the coldness of your breath
that lingers and will forever set my heart to lay

startled by your headlights, your mind is overworked
you'll stray far from words that could never come out of your sewn lips
but the actions you take speak so quietly, until we meet at our hips
and somehow we believe we could never be apart tonight
how could this ever define us?

Chorus: I become the surrenderer, to your required call
and I'll never leave, I'll never leave
I fear too much will be forgotten, I'll be dead and gone
buried under remorse in your mind and past worry in your heart
and I'll never leave, I'll never leave
as long as you're somehow with me
in any form, any vessel, just be

the words I speak from my lips
I'm the first to hear
and forever you'll be the blame my darling
for being far too close in a place so far but near
and the more I push you away the closer we become
intertwined in a haze of madness
caught as fools by the sun


ending: and I'll never leave
you carry me, you carry me

Title: Dexterity

I've seen lonely hands
I've seen bodies fall
and I'm waiting waiting on you
I've seen clouds low and you so high
let me go without a single goodbye
dexterity of you and I

I've witnessed buried love inside lost vessels
carried by the fear of the unknown
I see you my love, I see you passing by

chorus: I've knocked down walls for you, to see your body in the afterglow
this, this you'll never know, dexterity
I've crossed many a river to swim to you to drown in you, to drown in your form
I've lost many a day to be by your side
but you'll never know, dexterity
dex, dex, dexterity pulled apart by the tides of you and me
dex, dex, dexterity

I'm not afraid of love, I'm afraid of you
your intentions undisclosed I drift away from you
and you'll carry me in your pocket alongside your empty heart
and I'll follow you my love until we both give up
and all we have is dex, dex, dexterity


ending: to be a dreamer you must become a fool
trapped inside a single cell of hope
and I and I, I am waiting for you to appear

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Title: NMNL

No more no less
I'll procrastinate without you
and it's within the meeting of our eyes
no more no less, no
it's a feeling I can't quite digest
I compromise for disaster
chaos lingers on your lips
no more no less
heart heavy, unneeded mess
and I'm surviving, no more no less than I did beside you

warm sheets cold heart
bodies next to another
kisses kept under dirty covers
hideaway, we hideaway until we're over
the discovery of us leads to the final words we already said

Chorus: my heart is surviving a little more but much less
by your side I'm in too deep of your pretense
I absorb your warmth
 through witty words from your lungs to your chest
you have no cares in the world, you're just getting by
I'm the figure in the back of your mind
overdosed on lust it's not surprising
bury me under leaves emptiness
I hideaway, I hideaway until we're over

I just can't keep up with the reeling
the promising outlook we'll forever cease to see
I'm wrapped up in your chemistry, human biology takes the best of me


ending: no more
no less
no less, no more
until we're over
no more, no less
no less, no more
until we're over

Title: Fragment of you.

I watch you evolve, so effortlessly
you could blind any fool with illusion
dressed in the night's we'll see
what more is there to do but try
what more is there to do but try

leave me no space for surprise
no flicker from my eyes
speak softly, catch me guilty counting the truths in you
fragments of my heart linger inside of your minds blind spot
but you're too full to feel at all
you're my counterpart

Chorus: don't wake me from this daydream
I've become the pretender, the surrenderer
to your daily call
I can never run free from you
into your arms my life was thrown
still you declare it's just the beginning
we're better left unsaid
all the worries in your head
they crawl on our faces when we're sprawled in your silk sheet kisses

so when, will I be enough for you?
will you promise to see me through?
I'm not easy but I'm easy to breathe
absorb me into your flaw filled mind
I'll stay awake until I'm what you find
and when, will I provide sufficient love for you?


ending: nothing requires a change in my mind
but it's so deceitful and unexpected when you smile
and you hold still, you remain elegant for just one moment
and it's a fragment of my imagination
the endless suffering of my creation
and it's all for you to feel
it's all for you to feel

Title: Something good has to happen now.

in your presence
I am clueless, hopeless, restless for you
and in my eyes I make no faults
for you, for you to pick up on
and in this unappreciated moment
where are, we are hoping

and you, hold me tight
where it hurts me most
where your force kicks in my bones
and you, hold me tighter for now for her forever

Chorus: And in this white sky,
I drop, I drop like snow for you
I lay myself down on your skin
for you, to feel
and something good has to happen now
for I am getting tired
and something good has to happen now
for I am uninspired, by you

there's no way to tell that I would stay with you
a flicker from your eyes and I'm free to move
swaying in the breeze of your cold breath
I await a signal, I await your warmth yet


ending: like I always do,
the pitiful fool
and it's all, it's all for you

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Title: You make the better me

I try not to think about, try not to think about it
but I'm restless in the naked light
with you by my side, yours truly
I'm restless I long for you
I caress all that I give to you
all we have, all we have is

you are enough for me to love
this time I see truth carried in rough hands
brushed into the cracks in you
and it changes, it changes, it changes me
for good
for you
for the better
for good
for you
for the better

and you are enough
enough for my begging hands to hold
join me to sweeter things
to days of content, of non plasticity

Chorus: surrender, upright
admit the unseen pillow stains
that crawl from your mind to your eyes
we take, we take, we take
all that we can so we make it
to make it together
take my body, take my hands, take everything
I'm restless, restless for you

and I had blue shades from ear to ear
but I shook them off, I crossed them off, for you
to see the better me, the habitants of the ever flowing sea
and I love, I love, I love you
a thousand skies high with you

I had to move, move, move
your motions too much
it creates nausea in my bones
the impact you have on me
do you feel it too? oh I long


ending: these four walls keep me warm for you
they never leave like you always do
I long for, long for, long for you
crave, crave, crave you
you're all I see, all I need to be a better me

Title: Belief in you.

It's the non existence of yourself and I
puts my eyes to shame, puts my soul to sleep
a sedative to your constant blames
a heroin who fails

and where my body lays
a collection of feathers
each branded with a little bit of you
and when you collapse, to hear the grind of your bones
you are home, you are recognised

Chorus: I can sense you're feeling lost
the paths of your mind are lead by the foolish hand in which I lead you
if you fall, I can't promise I'll stay with you
the things you can't be are there for me to see
to understand, to love you more for
I believe in you, in you

I've seen you in all your scars
caught up in wires made of previous encounters
and you're not to blame, oh of course you're not
i'll set your soul at ease
away from the dragging and gravity of the sea
I believe in you, in you


ending: and I can see you going far
as far as you feel that you can go
you think as you become
form, evolve into another
into a form better
let our hips collide
it's time for you and me
and all we can never be
to rise

Title: vein flow.

simplicity forms in the meeting of our lips
momentarily we're remorseful of words we never say
we always remember, remember the flaws of our time
push aside any grains of me at my best
the main participant of flaws

and you've the responsibility to let me know that, to let me know that
this is the flow, the crow of you and I
lingering in the darkness
covered in bare skin

Chorus: in your bedroom under the covers
where we are, out of safety
we blossom, I blossom, under you
we dream like canvas
waiting to be found
I don't want to discover you've gone
it's not too late to let me know, let me know that

it's wrong to be alive without you
the brush of your skin is enough to hurt
I don't want to discover you've gone
you should let me know that
what you're intentions are, if good, if any

I await an incline of romance
consistent lust drains my veins
my lung thuds heavy for your chance to change
my mind buried in my heart, lingering on my sleeves
it's time to let me know that


you want to run, you long to catch up on love lost
and you fade and you fade and you fade
into the nightfall
it's too late it's too late it's too late
for you to change now

Title: You.

You are gold, for the price of silver
you never think, you just become
the purest light lingers on your slender shoulders
and still you believe you're nothing special
I awake tangled in you
I remain in awe of your all
awaiting for you and I to grow, to blossom

and in my daydreams,
you speak so softly
beauty flows from your lungs to your lips
and I'll wait for you to fuck up
although I fear I'll grow old before I witness your mistake
this is the only chance I've got
and it isn't enough
enough enough for us both
there's not a sea big enough for you and I

Chorus: glide over, glide over me
breathe me in, spit me out through remorseful words
you claim you're grieving
you're bound to fall
my vessel sinks fast in your shallow mind
and tell me darling, who deserves to be superior?

I, for eternity, take the blame
if only you would hold me
momentarily forget about the world
if only, if only, if only
you'd rise above the violence in which our tongues fight


ending: to rule my world
to be thought of so fondly
and in my daydreams
you speak like summer clouds
you kiss like winter rain
you act like serene justice

Title: The downfall

forever buried in the depths of loneliness
suffocating on everything I'll never be
enough, enough, enough for you
visible flaws, outweigh any good in me
oh the possibilities I could endure, if I had beauty on my side
I sleep with silk sheets to feel soft, to feel you

I could never know, how to feel anything
anything other than low
picking apart my flesh and bones
until I'm destroyed, until there's nothing left of me but simplicity
innocent imitations of how we could be
I pretend I pretend I pretend you'd never retreat
in my imagination, you are made of gold

Chorus: a conversation for me to hold,
you're the reflection staring back
criticise me until I stand old
I promised to never listen
I promised to never understand
but when my heart flows bruises
you're hesitant to offer any forced hand
you move so fast, and I so slow
we're both the same somehow, so I'm told
we're both near as we are far apart

unseen comparisons,
thief of the mind,
I could never be rescued
drowned forever ago
for you


ending: I sleep with silk sheets
to feel soft, to feel close, to feel you
I rest beneath seas
to feel rough, to feel far, to feel you

Title: Breathe you (easy)

You're the liquid I weep
thickening with fear you run through the depths of my veins
my body a racecourse for failures you've yet to blame
I'm the shadow in the corner, waiting for you to come home
I'm the emptiness inside your head when you're all alone

You're all I need, all I need, all I need
I require you, needle to my skin
numb I'm oblivious to voices fading in
and I see you, I see you, I see you
standing there in awe of all that's in your sight

Chorus: You're all I need, all I see, all I breathe
intoxicated in the depths of my lungs
I inhale your touch, your sound, your mind
you're all I need, all I see, all I breathe
hidden in the dusty hinges of my bones
waiting for you to call
waiting for you to call

I'm part of the irreparable cluster
we're parallel lines
buried in our bodies
the constellations I forever see in you
I lack courage, I lack beauty


ending: I'm the shore to the ocean
I'd never leave you for one moment
you always come back, and you've no reason to
suffer, suffer, with the lack of everything I could never be
in your arms, I've yet to breathe

Title: Yearn.

My emotions as raw as the sun in denial
slowly surrendering to the night sky
I wait for you, I wait for you
this is the everlasting dream of you and I
the depths of my vessel are forever aching for you
for your touch, your reassurance, for your sanity
for comparison is a thief but with you I'm much better

my lonely heart with a rate so rapid
for your hands to see, for your lips to feel
we've to become lukewarm
aware of our surroundings
now that it isn't just us, never alone

Chorus: Tell me honest words through your silver teeth
I'll listen, I promise to try to be everything you feel inside
although you're not one to discover how helpful lies are
through the grit in my bones, to the delicate home I've survived

I'm the soar in the sky,
forever falling into you
I'm still unaware as to why
I treat you like I do
but it's the best that I can do
in such short notice, the acknowledgment of your beauty
wraps around my iris, throws my mind back and forth


ending: oh, and how wonderful it would be
for you to actually notice me, to take in every shade of my skin
to learn to love, learn to leave, learn to return
once more, once again
yearning, yearning for your presence
an art I seem to practice

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Title: Another song for you, which you'll never read

I like how you have ambitions to follow through
your'e the answer to what I'll never be
helpless to you, why won't you notice me?
I fall through the creases in your silk smile
I linger in the back of your lungs, hanging to dry
through the sharp breath of your tongue, I deny
any hope to make you mine

I count up the pieces that lead me back to you
you are my darling, my love, the winter dew
my eyes flicker like flames as you walk on through
you're deserving, I'm nothing like you

Chorus: And I'm in the dust of your bedroom walls,
listening to your beckons call
I am the person you'll never love
I am the person you'll never dream of
and you you're the sun, the sun to me
you are the one thing I'll never feel

you are a child playing in the depths of the water
you like to play with the fire in the winter
and I'm just the lining in your coat
keeping you warm as the night takes it toll
and I am the person you'll forever ignore
I am the person you'll forever ignore


ending: I am your pillow, soft for your hair
I am the night watcher although I'll never quite care
and I watch you sleep, my beautiful boy
and I watch you rest dreaming of another girl
but that's alright with me as long as you're happy
that's alright with me as long as you're happy
without me, without me, without me

Title: In my veins.

I feel you in my veins, it feels good
every time I drag your atmosphere in
I never question why we're here
all I know is that this has never felt so right
by your side

melting into your body
I divide my mind from your worries
you're everywhere I've never been
through dreams I've yet to feel
as long as your here, I don't wanna know

Chorus: How could I confess all the actions I can't express?
it starts in my chest, gets caught in my lungs, thrown out like cold air in my mouth
you're the only thing I need, the only thing I desire, that I know I want
that I could ever get, easily
test me, with all my patience we both know I'll never have
I feel you in my veins, it feels good
knowing you're the same

I've so many unanswered questions to ask you in my mind
but you're late, you're never on time and I don't know why
I wish I could kiss you a thousand lullabies
when you're lacking the time to sleep
I feel you in my veins, it feels good


ending: don't leave me now,
in the gutter of your mind
god knows why I'm here
why I stayed so long
why I actually took my time

Title: Lose if you have to.

We are dead, we are done
and lose if you want to
lose if you have to
do it, alone, without your mind for company

it's a war of your heart but your mind's too heavy
anchors your soul until you feel ready
and so some may say, we've been in winter, cold, for far too long
don't give up on me yet, I'll give you what I feel you deserve

Chorus: your eyes are always sore,
hang lightly from your face
when we've won, I'll wait for your arms
wide open I wait to hold you
and lose if you have to
lose if you want to
but I'll still be here
waiting for so long

promise me the words you say aren't for any other ears but mine
I'll be putting you through your paces
you'll understand where I went so wrong
and don't think I'll survive without your presence

I sip bottle by bottle to forget the way I treated you
I will love you better, through the patience and time you can't find
grant me better love, a higher touch, lose me behind your eyes


ending: lose if you have to
lose if you want to
if you have to
if you have to
be mine

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Title: Lust tokes. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

My eyes gazed upon yours,
but you knew I was someplace else, anywhere else
I knew you were empty and alone
yet I still found myself close to you
I'm never leaving your side, home is wherever you are

a bitter word clings to my lungs
it's the words I can't say but I wish I could have done
my breath is bitter now, and it's cold outside
I inhale your touch,  I know you're too sober
for whatever we are

Chorus: Drag me in, choke on my veins that allows fools to rush in
a heavy heart is better than one that can't be felt at all
reality is a figment of my imagination
I push you aside along with my wit
I'll never let you forget, forget

sweetheart, you linger
on my skin, cheap perfume you remembered
how it felt to be, how it felt to be
in love again

daydreamer, serious I'll never be
hopelessly surrendering to your every word
a kiss stays on the corners of my lips for you
I promise you


ending: pull me close, tear me up, fix me up again
I'm afraid this lust has been happening
for too long, I've let you forget again

Title: Never enough. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Through thick and thin,
the state I'm in
I vary for your mind, I vary for your eyes
a shapeshifter in disguise
I'm the bluest of skies
yet your eyes never notice
you're oblivious to this

I'd stay up for days for you
I'd dig myself a grave, for you
bury me beneath butterflies of attempts and failures
you know I'd never rest until you increased your knowledge of me

Chorus: And do you even know me at all
I think we're strangers bound to fall, effortlessly
you're unaware of everything I could be
you see the flaws and never what I could achieve
effortless, I effortlessly am the beckon to your never-ending call

this is the failure of you and I,
the words we never spoke but the actions we tried
we did it all for us, we did it all for us
never enough, for you
never good, for you
yet in small doses you manage


Ending: It's all I'll never become,
all I'll ever be is a tangled fool
a challenge for us all
and all you'll ever see
is what your mind easily deceives

Title: Make you want. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

I can't make you love me,
even if I really want you to
I refuse to let you want me
I'm always reassured this is something that you'll never do

and in the dustiest corners
I lay my mind to rest with you
and when the sun surrenders
I'm dissolved gently inside of you

Chorus: My heart rate rapid with you
my blood stream sings symphonies every time I wait for your arrival
and I sink, sink, sink down to the darkest depths of you
and my body it sways as I lay down, I lay like snow for you
gentle, gentle, gentle
I've never been this way

I promised a thousand kisses
we've all the time in the world
but for my eyes I see only you
and the days together dissolve to bitter shades of blue
and I'm gentle, gentle, gentle
all for you

will you ever know?
will you ever be aware?
oh the things I do, I long to depart from my despair
will you ever know?
will you ever be aware?
all the actions I take are mistakes I make


Ending: I can't make you want me,
I can't even try,
I can't make you love me,
I can't even try

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Title: Alone again. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

She can do no wrong, by you
she plays hide and seek in your mind
straying far from what I left behind
she can do no wrong, by you
one day you'll discover she'll make you blue

your absence to her, is most desirable
she'll push you away but for now she provides a higher goal
if only, if only it was enough
to be aware of the power from your touch
I weight heavy in my heart
it lays like ocean floors on my arms for you
but I'm bitter, because I'm not good to you

Chorus: Hide, I hide away
I fear emerging to safer places
hide, I hide away
oh I wish this was the way the story ended
oh to be enough, oh for my kisses to be enough for your lips
the taste of your words hang on my lungs like butterflies
and I'm alone, alone, alone again

Oh I wait for you, like I never did
carry me like a vessel on your lips
sink ships with your tongue
I'm afraid of shadows when the night is done

the sun it wakes my eyes from their caves
they were buried all night under words you'll never say
I hold you closely right next to my pillow
you're trapped inside my daydreams but you're yet to know


Ending: Oh and I wake up all alone again