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Monday, 30 April 2012

Title: Lay it all down (your body) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And we'd love to reach for the skies above,
when life becomes just a little twisted and dark,
and you my love, have a sensible heart
and when it no longer rains, it always seems to pour
the happiness you hoped for is washed away with the morning light

so save those knife like words,
for someone else's skin,
the surface of yours is too tough,
it won't ever break in,
the fading glow you used to wear to brightly
swept away with the sudden rush of cold winds

chorus: and maybe, next time will be the right time
and maybe, next time will be my time
oh for so long I have hoped for a moment,
a moment of your time,
the essence of your presences is all too much for this remorseful mind

Come close, lay it all down next to me
I can tell you've never done this before,
it lies heavy upon your skin,
I've been hoping to tell you something
so stay close, remain next to me
I need to feel important

I'm holding on, the wait of my life
then you leave and you walk away from me
you return as if you had no affect on me at all
and it's in your eyes, I know now why I no longer believed
in any word that combined two people sourced from loneliness and urgency
and now it's so plain to see,
once again my dear,
it's the way you treated me


And you've never been one to be consistent,
you've a thousand excuses, all hiding at the tip of your tongue
I'm used to being loved, and being left
a feeling that has only ever been said,
the strength of my life, drained from carrying on without you near

ending: You did me proud, through consistent errors
you never learnt how to love, and I never loved to learn
and maybe, you could save my life,
and maybe you could make things right this time round

Title: I felt the strain (heavy heart) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

and do you remember?
when your love fell sweetly,
often I remember
how you always mistreat me

you play me like a fool, so deeply
lust it sets in my skin, like a fool completely
lost and helpless to you

I feel the pain, of your consistent lies
I capture them inside my head and I
fall for you, in my my mind

Chorus: and if I were good enough for you,
good enough for you,
well then I would never be too much,
and if I were good enough for you,
good enough for you,
well then I would never be enough

I feel the strain, of a heavy heart
it answers to my call,
I beckon you to stay but I'm you're up to no good,
and I fall weak without you here,
I fall harder when I'm by your side
I feel the strain, of my heavy heart

Pick up, pick up
the constant doubt,
the lies that ring,
pick up, pick up
the constant doubt
my withering


I could never reach your expectation,
they're always so sky high,
if I could reach your destination,
there's no need for another false tale
disgusting is an understatement
for the fool that I was before
ashamed and loneliness is underrated
I sweep myself down to my core

ending: I felt the pain, of a heavy heart
carried in my structured soul,
I felt the pain, of your consistent lies
trapped around my mental flaws

Title: One day I'll be (enough) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And this boy he has these eyes,
that could light up a thousand dark skies,
filled with a souls regret,
and this boy he has these eyes,
that could dry up a thousand tears

and let's admit it,
I'm never what you wanted,
and I know, that it's fulfilling to pretend
I'm below your standards, and never reaching your expectations
a body stitches entirely of flaws, with only my personality as any good intention

Chorus: And now we're just full of blank stares,
undesired regrets, and to run - oh I have
so drown me, and if you can
surround me, with everything we could have been
and isn't it great, to admit you're never worth anything
and how safe it is to feel safe
so drown me, if you can
in words you never meant, but always said

and one day I'll be enough,
when my body will forever lay,
all I desired was your warmth,
a moment I could save,
and one day I'll be enough
to be placed above your shame

and a constant knot is set deep inside me,
the worry I wear it walks beside me,
and how long have you known?
how much would you bet? that if I tried hard enough
I'd become all that you love


I wish I could disappear,
get away from all of these living fears,
I'm coming undone, so stay tonight
I promise that I'll make things right,
and without you near, I don't think I can open my eyes

ending: And how would I feel?
to finally fulfill my old and empty heart?
how did I end up this way?
a knot tied with consistent doubt and with lust
and how would it feel, to become enough?

Title: Right where you want me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

We grasped so much,
and left it all,
I'm lost, but never alone so it seems
and how you move, with the tides
a delicate lover, a tender stride

And I heard you found piece of mind,
through your last desires,
that move around late at night,
and I've always been the fool that tries to please you,
everything you do I admire
a lack of wit and wisdom, a feeling I'll never perspire

Chorus: Take me with you when you go,
I've never been such a fool in love,
yet I'll never let you know,
we're part of the youth,
in constant fear of wasting time,
and we're speechless at the dead of night
wrapped up in another's body,
speechless, hoping for another word whispered from our lovers lips
and you've got me right where you want me

renegade, you've set your sights on all you believe,
I'm letting go, to see if you hold onto me,
I'm all ears, to gather these clues you've left behind,
why are you whispering? while the bones are falling
go easy on me, renegade
I can't help all I'm doing, all I'm feeling

go easy on me
your the first and the last person I'll lever lay my body down for,
hello again, where have you been?


and it's the power of not knowing,
the emotions your mind strays from, but your body is showing
and it's a little bit of me inside you

ending: I'm given the option,
to pass or look back at things I've missed,
if I look a little further, you look the same
and it's you, my renegade
a shameful love I've tried to keep away
and the problems they set on your face,
but no one can tell, a trauma in your hands

Title: Empty vessels. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Say that you'll stay for a while,
you don't have to say goodbye tonight,
say you'll be mine, just a little bit of your love
is worth any moment of your time

And it all begins with what if,
a creation sourced from your doubts,
an utter mutation of any sweet idea you've ever had,

you're no longer hiding in the corners of my imagination,
and I no longer follow you closely behind,
with you every touch is a mystery,
and every word is hidden behind a blind fools frustration
oh I wish I could run free, the only truth I have ever known
into you my life was never thrown

Chorus: And we're just two, marvelously ordinary individuals
seeking out the flaws we bury beneath our shameful skin,
and I'd like for you to wrap my heart around everything that you'll ever be,
a moment with you, the lingering touch of your kiss, the tender words you whisper
soak through my pours and leave nothing but a beautiful disaster
and we take our second chances, I still want you to stay
and we're just two, marvelously ordinary individuals

And there's just no other way,
but to lie, and love
lie next to your empty body,
and love everything you are

And you hurt me so,
and it's not so easy to see,
I've been gone far too long,
and expecting that you haven't changed one bit
and as this night keeps falling,
I don't want you, I need you


And the simple things, yes they worry me
they're so innocent,
and my hopes are oceans high,
but my eyes don't ever believe what they see,
give me something to believe,
someone to believe in

ending: And these white lies that you so delicately share,
it's a heart on the line, and it rests with your mind
please don't fade, please don't cry
because it's over, it's alright, it's the end of tonight

Title: A sensation of high. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I feel your waves, I hope you'd tell me I'm still light
I fall weak at without your knees, I feel your pain, a thousand lies
and with the wind in our sails, we could be feeling wonderfully right

I need that love, you've got that something that I only ever read about
I need your love, the stuff you always talk about, honey
a drug that eases my pain, you're forever on my mind, only a daydream away
and I feel the weight of a thousand knives, press heavy against my hearts strings
and we took ourselves like we always did, honey
I need that love, the stuff you always talk about

Chorus: You knew I'd need you,
but you never know how much,
the empty vessels that your eyes they carry,
buried underneath a bittersweet touch
and I'll put up a fight of verbal expressions,
I'll greet you once again, when the night is dark and when I feel cold

I can feel it, and I know you're not the same
when there's so little at stake, I'm stuck spinning around this room
there's only so much that these eyes can take,
I know that all that you're feeling and all that you are, is just fake
I keep on running and I now know why,
I'll say no, I won't let go

I feel your waves, I hope that I'm still light,
heavy in your arms never really felt that right,
your words so pure and innocent they cut all that I am,
slice through my flaws and you create a demon in disguise


I'm passionate, the one that you won't find
what you see I can't, what you dream I could never be
send me away, so I can become your idea of perfection
it'd take several ways, to ever gain your devotion

ending: I needed your something,
but your love was never consistent,
an abundance of loneliness pours through my veins
and I feel your ways, tell me I'm still high
the weight of a thousand knives leaves me feeling ever so light
a feeling that I never found with you

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Title: What you do to my head. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Demons in my mind, crawl within never leave my side
a distant sound, a silent call
you keep me waiting
and I doubt you'd fear the catch, you let me fall
slip through your fingers, a drug to ease it all

And I won't let go,
I can see you slipping through my fingers,
I can't hide from you anymore,
I won't let go

Chorus: A lingered touch, you're always with me
you've always promised you'd stay,
there's so much at stake,
I'm wandering around your room,
a naked body with a mind like a cage embedded with fools,
and I just can't hide, I won't let it go

I feel my mistakes at the breath of your voice,
I've never had so much regret, but for this everlasting moment
and you were the only one, who made my hate all I am
and you were the only one, who pulled me further from the sun

and all you do, is make me dream of you
and I'm falling down, when you're around
and you're the only one,
you're the only one
who can break this phase, I'm so wrapped up in


I know you are still the one,
and as my dress comes undone,
so do the words from your lips,
they fold away, at the sight of my hips
and you're the only one,
who can break the gentle moment we're so buried in
and that's all this is to me, the only thing

ending: Like a ghost, you haven't learnt how to let go
you'll disappear when I become strange once again,
and you're the only one who's managed to scratch beneath my skin,
and I've a lack of disappointment, just a face worn with shame

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Title: AA. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And if I were to disappear, I'd pray that you'd come find me
laid upon the depths of my dark heart,
I'll bring you closer, we've only a few seconds to make things right

I was hoping that you didn't believe everything they said,
and your humor it grows on me,
and we built a home inside our escape, but you never really saw it through

Chorus : And you, the constant waiting for a sign
the day brings you light, but the darkness burns bright in my eyes
and I've longed for the smell of your hair, the embrace of your flaws
and all this time, we'll always be on our own
and all this time, we might as well close our eyes and draw the lines,
as we'll always be all alone

I wouldn't dare think twice,
for a magnificent moment in your arms,
but I'll always be all alone,
the realisations and doubts then burn in the fire,
and we remain stone cold

The constant compromise,
the bitter feelings of the beginning of tomorrow,
I've consistent remorse directed at you,
I've an abundance of silver feelings, brought brand new


Until daylight, I've longed for the smell of you
the tender linger of your hands, the way our skin can touch
and is it really too much, too much to ask for
to never be all alone?

ending: Too much time of my own is spent on doubting you,
and you promised we'd never be on our own,
and after all this time, we might as well close our eyes
and dream of a world where we're all alone

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Title: Wrapped up. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Like a humming bird, you are
the elegance of your touch remains,
and the fresh air you bring lingers in my veins

Your body, the flaws
beauty comes from within your eyes,
and it's a devastating blow, from someone who seems to have it all
for something so delicate, your words burn within me, after you've left
I try but I can't forget

And under the stars is where our bodies should lay,
I'm going to set my sights, upon your all
and in the morning, we'll let our lifetime come undone
under the stars, under the stars
we'll explore one another's wilderness

Chorus: I've been waiting my whole youthful life,
for you to come and waste your time, in my unconditional constant space
I've got to bring you back, I've got to bring us back
so let the daylight shine away, and in the morning you became my riddle
we've let our lifetime come undone, we've stared straight into the sun
under the stars, under the stars

And don't be fooled when I say I miss you so,
and be so ashamed when your love doesn't live here anymore,
you were never constant, just a soul to fill my empty heart
promises weighed heavy on tongue, from the start of it all

We're treading water in the dead of the night,
and we're speechless, wrapped up in each other
and just speechless, holding hands undercover
and you've got me right where you want me
and it's a silver tide, rolls and washes over our sinful minds
and it's me you've got a hold of, inside of your mind


And you, you're so speechless
echoed movement reeks from your pores,
and I was waiting for a sign, but you never gave me anything
mixed signals, the day won't bring me light

and we're so wrapped up in another,
because you've got me right where you'd like me
but as a wise woman once told me,
you won't stay unless you treat them right

ending: And you, you're so speechless
wrapped up in us all
and so we fall, we break
we'll make the same mistakes
like we've always done
and you, you're so speechless,
we'll walk, intertwine
connected from the inside,
and it's always you
always you

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Title: A shade of you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And it's all for you,
the effort the backlash of luck,
and it's all for you,
the essence of a previous love,
it's drifting into our pores, and it's the provider of all of my flaws
and it's all for you,
all for you

and you set the fire in me, you see
it's constant doubt you have in me,
it's like I've learnt how to breathe, easily
it's just you, you're not going to leave
I know it can't be easy for you,
but you set it all up for me,
you set this fire in me

chorus: Light the match we'll burn a beautiful mistake,
you're not really into long term happiness,
so we should go down to the sea,
the calmness of the shore will wash this all over
the tides will bring us a new love, a certainty so sober

and you're like my sugar, man
won't you hurry, I'm tired of these scenes
please bring back the colour to my dreams,
and I've sailed the northern skies for you
I bring you hope, you bring me love
what more is there to do?

I'm coming home again,
to find you pressed against a familiar bed,
with my mind to let me see,
I've been waiting for this moment,
I've been hoping for you and me

You're the only thing that's ever been constant, in such a short term shindig
and no matter how much you want me, I could always make you want me more
you're the only constant happiness, apart from down by the shore


ending: And I'm coming home again,
and I know you'll meet me with your arms,
a greeting so unfamiliar but precious in this moment
I'll make you love me more,
and yes it's true this time away left me rather blue,
a shade of you

Title: Muddy song. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You flash your hungry smile at me,
the room turns silent and it's just me you see
your eyes speak of words I've never even heard
your hand moves so smoothly, freely like a lost trail
and I wink at you, you feel your legs shake
you blow a kiss back, and the time stops
pause, rewind

I'm not so confident, not in that way,
whereas every girl in this room wears their drink on their sleeve
with their mind on what's underneath your jeans
but it's me that you're after
and for that I think you're a fool

Chorus: So we dip into your bedroom,
the words cease as I watch the way you move,
I don't doubt for one second that you like me the way you do
and we slip into the covers, the covers of me and you
you know what you're doing far too well,
and I'm just a deer in your headlights that you swerved to dwell
and your thoughts are my worries as you like the way I move
and my worries are your thoughts, as I realize we're just brand new

And I look for a trace of something that you left,
I acted like I couldn't care less,
whilst my thoughts raced to the pavement,
I wanted to find you, I wanted to find last nights remains
and I look for a trace of any feeling that was left,
but I'm just the same as you,
we're both always hoping

echoes closely, electric
I've seen you in pictures, you're always turned away
I wanted to own your portraits, I wanted to have it
echoes closely, electric
the way you script your papers, makes me shiver so


ending: The way you moved made me shiver so,
and the lack of remorse over last night makes me doubt for any hope
you held my body like I was breathing my last word,
so tightly you lust me, and the echoes, so closely, electric

Title: Twists of fate. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

What can I give to make you stay?
you're the only thing that keeps the devils at bay,
and when you're the stormy weather,
the day never passes too swiftly,
I'm imagining all the drama, like in the films
it runs through my mind, all the hard times
and how you'd be there

remorse swims with you,
none of your friends truly stick around,
and we'll cast this curse on the foolish girls
and everything's all brand new,
the discovery of me and you
me and you

chorus: Je pense que, you're the one I need
and imagine what all the people would have to say,
mon amis, mon amis
and the discretion has always failed with you and I,
we're fortunate to have this thing called luck,
we're fortunate to have suffered from lust, lust

A twist of fate, you're stuck with me
a swift impulse of love, we're fortunate
A twist of fate, you're stuck with me
a swift act of impulse, love is just a word we knew

and people never have anything nice to say,
their tongues speak dirty letters, the knowledge self-abused
and your cares weigh more than a thousand bones
and you never have anything to say
and I like it that way
I like you this way

and you're the creator of divine disasters,
the master of all beautiful chaos,
and I'd say this is forever after,
but I've rather be your friend than your love


ending: And the nice words are a constant smile from your tongue,
and the promises you'd wish you'd say are a kiss from my lips,
and we'll drag each other down, down
it's what we do, we're just kids

Title: Nothing for you anymore. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And there's no love for you here,
and you carry doubt like a weight across your mind,
the feelings aren't right, and you're never one for optimism
all the sweetness is left upon some other streets,
miles away from where you'll always be

so I see the way you appear,
and hopefully some day soon,
I won't have to solve this mystery,
how you left me here
how I loved you, dear

chorus: and now there's nothing left to share,
where did it all go? it withered away
and your love went stale,
you never put in everything you had,
and everything I gave was never good enough,
where did it all go? the love in my soul for you

The cold air was once filled with all of your promises,
you lack courage and wisdom, so you fall through the fear
I never really picked you out, you just sort of appeared
I made too many assumptions, some too idiotic for you to be anywhere near
and there's no love in my soul for you,
and I know where it all goes,
it's in the bottom of the ocean,
with all the nostalgic sorrows


ending: and there's no warmth for you here anymore
my body tied down to the ocean floor,
you couldn't help if you really tried,
there's no love for you here, anymore
save your tears for someone who doesn't doubt you're something more

Title: Movement. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Caught up in this dream,
you're pulled apart at the seams
you carry happiness oh so well,
but I can tell, you're not happy at all
you're just content with yourself

Imagine all the colours that you'd see if you looked at the world from a different perspective,
and I'm going blind from temptations,
I'm falling too fast on this curse, don't mind me saying how nice you are, in what you do
and I'll sleep on ugly dreams where the skies are a constant grey,
and your friends have all moved away,
and I'm going blind from temptations

chorus: I'm moving away, towards brighter ideas
and so some say, it's all for the best
fortune come so easy to those who dream it,
I'm looking for you, looking for you
and my fortune comes after you,
I'm looking for you, looking for you

Capture me in a thousand words or less,
there's more wonderful things to digest,
like the way that the birds sing in the morning,
the midnight power takes its toll on our eyes
but the stars look so beautiful when the world feel so still

and you look at me and I know it's time to go,
the summer leaves never drag down any sorrow on us
and it's all just a union, it's always you and me
you've got the worries of the world sat upon your shoulders,
and the devil told you to play with the world


ending: Carry me away in the words you say,
you speak them so softly,
your voice so tender upon my gentle heart,
I'll absorb them like the night sky on the intoxicated,
and the memories of us play like laughter from the park where we'd play

Title: Strangers. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Foolish, my heart plays this game all too soon
you didn't speak the same, you've a different name
but you never walked too far away when silence filled the air,
this bitter night air, the realistic admiration of lonely, of you and I

stranger, I've seen you before many times
you've the eyes of parched dreams,
they say that I should know you,
but the seconds have gone past and the speech arrived too soon
you ran so far away from here,

chorus: stranger, once I was stumbled upon
half of you left as I came to my feet
my senses interrupt and my head keeps turning
my wishes I once showed you,
flooding in the bedroom, intrude
did you sleep at all? did you watch them enter?
I didn't play any games, I have no shame
I just let you fall, but you didn't call
and to your surprise I still stand so tall

I have loved you,
lost in the night air, mixed up with the emotions in the atmosphere
I swept up the broken conversation into a bowl of unrecognized interruptions
and our heads are turning, and my stomach full of butterflies hurling


ending: Stranger, I'll turn my back on you
I'll fall flat on your face, and tell me where should I go?
tell me what you lead you on? I loved you so
was it that Friday night, was it the voice of my head going under,
the submersion of toxic sources leave me with courage,
until the morning light burns bright

Title: Silver Rays. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You switch off the lights,
your true self it shines so bright,
but you're full of it, you're full of it
you shuffle a dream inside this nightmare,
you hide behind your shades so you can admire the girls that you'd like
you've got nothing to lose, if you wanted to you could choose
you make all this noise, you follow the sounds and never your heart
it steals your soul, so you look away

you act so superior, the way you talk through your lips
you've always lacked intelligence in words you never fail to say,
if you wanted a girl, that's the question

chorus: there's no need for being intellectual,
if you like, if you like
there's no need for all these snide things, all the hiding
if you like me, if you like me
and with you I feel like I'm on a high,
and when you're more than a kisses length away, the fear I can't describe
you blew it, the chance you never had

as light as a feather, your mind fades away
your strength was never here and that makes you stay,
you're the stranger I've always wondered why I dreamed of,
I'd rather be your lover than any other,
to cool you down, after all this rain has passed

and you are,
silver rays,
a tropical flow,
the emotion wraps and eats my soul,
but you're clueless,
you've never listened at all,
the words I feared to say, you just blew me away


grab the crown like another girl,
pretend you care for a couple of hours, then
run her down, run her down
you've the soul but your lacking the power
you play the game but you're playing yourself


ending: You are a flow of exotic whispers,
you are silver rays, I'd fall for the games you play
you are silver rays

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Title: And would you feel good? Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I can't forget it,
I often visit the tracks,
I know you regret it, love
you told me so, in the bitterness of your tongue
but my eyes still wander, and wonder why

You left with my dignity,
take your hands off of her,
you're the only one that I could ever love,
you left with so many traces,
but no escape,
and I found you in the night sky

Chorus: I can't erase this, it's all a pattern in my memory
I can't rephrase this, love
so I think of it all of the time,
it's going out of my mind, and I don't run to you
why'd you speak to her that night?
you've the power to make bodies look nice
but you left me bleeding, a bleeding mistake

I grasp my skin so I feel alive,
I chase the feeling but your presence was never real,
you make him happier faster than I ever could,
did she give you everything you hoped for?
everything you wanted?
did this all make you feel good? knowing how much I loved you?

and in the night sky you both look lovely,
I hope that made you feel good,
I'll remain forever shyly in love,
for you've never been the one who would
and you could of carried me away into the morning light,
but you never really had the strength and I never believed that you could


ending: And if I made you feel better than she ever could,
would it feel good, would it feel good?
would you feel good?

Title: Let you go. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You're constantly wearing me down,
the compliments are being thrown around,
your eyes they tell a different truth,
a side to you that I've never known

You say you feel everything,
but emotionless you pull the strings,
and I'm in fear of your power,
I'm in awe of your hours spent,
losing it all, your sanity

Chorus: You've lacked courage before,
spent many days in doubt and more,
and you've to prove me wrong,
but you could do with a little more love
and I am here, to show you the world through my eyes

So don't pull me down to shore,
I'm here to be your friend and more,
it's what you need,
you're not aware of what you wanted, till now
and till now you've lacked love


The scars you wear upon your face
the lack of certainty you so surely talk of
I read it upon your lips, in the way the colour of your eyes change
there's something deep inside of you, telling you to stay


ending: I don't want to have to let you go,
I'll let you remain as good as you could ever be,
I doubt your verbal insanity has any reasoning,
I don't ever want to have to let you go,
I'll let you remain, I'd wish for you to say those words,
but here still I am.

Title: Worry not. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You build me up to tear me down,
there's no love here that I have found,
you steer so far from my warmth,
and yet you wonder why you're alone?

I'm ready, I'll hold you back
I'm ready, I'll hold you
don't you worry, I'll be right beside you
when the times get rough and the people never give in

Chorus: Your friends have nothing nice to say,
you assured them you were on your way,
to better things that you could have,
but there are memories holding you back

Don't you worry, I'll be right beside you
Don't you worry, I'll be right beside you
and when your world gets dark, I'll bring the light to bring you back
with the wise words that I never bother to say


And I've been beside you,
I've been inside you, your mind keeps the strangers at bay
you've never let them in, so you say
and you're in constant doubt of happiness because of the nostalgia

And I've probably lied to you,
in fear of what to say,
and I've probably loved you,
but you've never felt that way


ending: Don't you worry, I'll be right with you
don't you worry, I'm the light that burns inside for you

Title: Closer. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Home's where your arms may meet me,
home's where your laid underneath me
and our skin it touches so light,
I'd fear for love but without you near nothing is ever right
your tender breath upon my gentle ears

the sweet sound you so smoothly whisper fills my heart with fear
and with you I'm so lonely but without you I am lost,
I've no idea what is better, because with you I'm home

You're clueless as to how you make me feel,
you've caught my heart and you're binding it in your reel,
you've taken everything from me but want me to give it my all
I can't gain a glance of pure emotion from your eyes, no matter how hard I try

Chorus: remember it's just you and me,
just realise, all of my lies and how sweetly you would talk to me
don't hold me back, it's my time to leave and I'm stuck inside your world, desperately
and I wish for you to hope, for sweeter love

Hold my body like no other before,
wrap your heart around my skin,
your breath and your touch leaves me so cut deep from within,
hold me like you've never learnt before,
wrap my body around your soul,
intertwine our lives in just a few words
and that's the way it should always be

I just want you closer, that's all
I just want you close, with me tonight


Wrap my last wish and just let me hold you,
there's no excuses except the time, and the time is in our favor
so unfold yourself around my warmth and trust each word I so subtly tell


ending: Your body next to mine,
and it's all fine, when you're closer, closer to me
your body next to mine, oh so sublime when you're closer,
closer to me

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Title: Happiness never left your arms. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And if I could shake this abundance of emotion I would
if I could break your heart, I'd break your heart like you did to me
and if I could seek your inner self and wrap it round my soul,
I waste all my time writing you love songs when you don't love me
you're all too familiar when it feels so wrong, you're just lonely
and you say goodbye when the time is oh so right for you
you've never been one to meet others needs, it's all a haze of blue
it's all a love so brand new

And in another life I would be your girl
everything would be so
in another life I would be your girl
and everything would be so
and in another way I would make you stay
without the tender words I am constantly in need to say

Chorus: So you hold me back,
and never let me go,
you've been here before, and I've seen this show
you're too used to feeling solo, so low
so you hold yourself back,
you hear the words but it's already history,
so please won't you let it go, make us in less of a misery

and it's written on the walls,
the girl you love is me no more
and it's tied down with your words,
this passion you so purely live for
it never really saw your world

and it's left in your eyes,
whenever I have to leave your side,
the darkness sinks inside,
and it's whenever I'm in your presence


we'll walk, away from all of this
we'll talk into the morning hours and it'll all feel alright
as long as we have one another, it goes back to the beginning, every time
and we'll say it to each other one more time, we'll do something else with ourselves

and we're sinking then swimming,
this life is never consistent, not when happiness is always in your arms
and your mind leaves such disaster that my body can so smoothly swallow


ending: And we'll walk, then talk into the morning hours
the light never left our souls and we're here for the distant memories to devour
because when happiness is in your arms, why should I ever have to leave?
and when happiness is inside your arms, why should I ever have to leave?

Title: Mon Amis. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If you try hard,
but your effort is unaccounted for, and you feel abused
just look at who you've become,
you were so ashamed at the way you feel,
all a result of the chaotic gestures I do

mixed signals, I'm somebody else
afraid of gaining, of losing you
afraid of love, letting my emotions run loose
I had been waiting for so long, but for the wrong people
and when you talk, mm
I'm the closest to feel how you do

Chorus: I wish that we could somehow pause this pain,
but this isn't love or fantasy, it's just a game
and now we switch to the girl, all alone
she's got a whole new glow, and it shines for her eyes only
there's a person who rhymes with her heart,
and she'll sit at the back, at the back of it all
she won't ever be pulled apart, apart by it all

And I'd love to be told,
I'm the one, the only one who knows what you do
the only one who really knows,
and I'd love to be loved,
the transition of us, us
and we both know where this story goes

we switch to the boy, standing tall
so tall for someone unsure,
he watches himself lose everything, it all


ending: And I'd hope for you, for your sake
you'll waste all your time loving a fool who don't love you,
you're all too familiar with the sensation of wrong,
I hope you don't mind, but I've found a new way to understand you
so I'll pack myself up away from you, away from the love that broke me apart

Title: She takes you home. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Come upstairs and I’ll
Show you the dark and deep thoughts that crawl inside my head
With my arms open wide,
I will show you everything which no other soul has met
And when our colours collide, we’ll distant our hearts so there’s no feelings left

You pull me open and I,
Lack my dignity as you hold me down
And just like dust I’m swept right off the ground,
Where your feet have left

Chorus: I’ll put you in a book forever,
You take my heart away,
I’ll put you in a book forever,
I’ll never let us fade away,
And hold my in your arms oh never,
Save that for a better day,
And wrap my tongue up in your words,
Love is just a game you like to play

And mon amis, I’d love you forever plus a day
Sometimes when you talk,
It feels like the silver screen,
But there’s no pause or rewind,
It’s time to leave this story,
Curtains closed, we watch ourselves unravel

And you’re truly at home,
Wherever she is,
Your steps are big bright lights of the cities she once called her own,
She’ll take you back, oh she won’t
There’s no remorse, no pause


I never keep promises that I would never say,
I’ll watch the words leave your mouth as you play your ways,
Your voice a bittersweet melody, leaving my body raw and my heart cold
Your voice a bittersweet melody, leaving my body worn and my heart old


Ending: And I’ll be watching you from the miles that we know,
It’s the end of our story, and the time has past for it to be told
We’d watch ourselves like we were on at the cinema

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Title: I left my heart at your door. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I feel it linger in the air,
your soft touch fills the room with a different kind of light,
your glow it could light up any sky,
if I were brave enough to let you stay,
I'd watch as something deep inside of me tells me to leave

I remember how lovely you were,
a constant reminder shows in the scar upon my cheek,
the constant tear that falls whenever I am weak,
with you in close proximity, a symphony plays inside my foolish mind
it's getting dark but I've never seen you leave,
I'd stay here with you, with you
I'll stay here with you

Chorus: Don't you worry,
I'll stay here with you, with you
all those feelings we could compromise,
I'll keep staring at them as they enter the room,
if you want to fill my world with faith again,
sometimes people speak the wrong words,
but with your presence I have strong doubts of my love for you leaving from within

and if all I've got is here with you,
baby I'm pretty sure, that'll do
know that I will be here,
know that you will still be here,
say that you'll find everything you're looking for,
right here, I'll be right here

keep counting down the days,
where I can finally take you as you are,
you brought me happiness I'd never thought I'd find,
keep doing what you do, as beautiful as you are
inside these walls, we will fall, we will fall


and in the end, of all this pretending
we fall, and I keep on walking and running
in search of something more than I deserve,
the friendship, the years you've served
and we'll let ourselves fall over nothing less than who we were
when we became one

ending: I left my heart at your door,
a choice I'd never have any remorse over
and in the end of all this pretending,
we fall, we fall, we fall

Title: My only love. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You pick out the best in me,
my body, splattered in flaws,
I tried to forget you, but you hide under every inch of my skin
I never fear, you're always close behind

My only love,
I'll follow miles behind you,
I'd never leave without you,
I know I've just been one of your various parts,
but there's more than what meets the eye,
I've let myself go, and I'm letting you know

Chorus: So lay me down,
beside your love
the only passion I've ever felt,
I sank whilst you kept swimming,
I'd take my life to stay in your head
in the back of your mind I'd hope I'd play
the sweet melody of stories I'd tell you
I can reach you

My body speaks of language my tongue has never spoken,
your hands reach the corners of my mind, I've never feared,
you're always close behind,
my only love,
I'd never leave with you

I doubt your luck weighs heavy
but with your minds flight so light it's easy to carry,
your heart wishes for another lover, but you're not one to forget
the reminiscence of our years together play through your mind
it's only the beginning of the beautiful haunting soul, I, took my life to stay in your head


ending: My only love,
bury me within your soul,
I tried to call but you were never here at all,
just a face I once felt, a touch I'd forever fall for

Title: A part of you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

When I waited for you,
there was no shoulder to cry upon,
made myself so fully untrue,
how could I not know?
how much easier it is to lie,
 lie in your arms

The last time I was told we had it all,
it was only me and you,
I thought I knew what you were all about,
and now there's no more chances,
I'm gone, gone, gone

Chorus: You used to preserve everything,
you were my life and soul,
what ever happened to who I know?
you've no idea how much of a fool I've become,
a lover on your terms, a lover just for fun
don't you ever say you waited for me,
because the only time you cared
happened to be when you were down
down in the darkness of your soul

Assumptions are sometimes right,
thanks to you I'll always believe this until I'm proved wrong,
you left me with no choice but to be wrapped up in my shadows,
I've heard enough of your tales, they're always a story that came from my mind
you'll always look uninterested unless there's a body with your favorite coloured eyes


ending: I'm gone, gone, gone
I've had plenty of your time,
wouldn't want to be a part of you anymore,
I'm not sad, I'm dignified
because I knew you all along
this is goodbye

Title: And it falls back to you. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Just look at who I've become,
you were so ashamed to be the one who makes me feel how I do,
you broke me, you mold me - into somebody else
you'd never leave me if I were anybody else

I fell strong in your arms,
I was fascinated by your light,
I had been waiting for so long,
and now I can't hide how I feel,
you were never home,
your body a basement to the feelings you left alone

Chorus: Now you're just a shadow in the corner of my eye,
a fragment of my imagination,
a love I wish I could of felt, the warmth I forever crave,
your arms, a sanctuary for my fragile heart

leave me to sleep, I've never been so gentle
I've feared your love,
a vulnerable chaos for someone so sure
you unfold me, leave me raw and like a dream to myself
but for you I was never anyone special,
just a picture upon your shelf


ending: Only you could pull me back to sanity,
I could of showed you the world through my own eyes,
and I did that and so much more,
you broke me, but you left me with myself

Title: A love I've never known. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I never know what I need,
but I'm aware of all I want,
it's all in you,
you carry it so heavy in your heart
don't wake me up from your frail mind,
I've been trying to catch you,
I've been trying to hide you

You see what I can never find,
I hide myself in the dark from the demons on my skin,
I know your love shows through the arts of conversation,
I know you, I can control you

Chorus: Let me sleep, still and softly behind you
now I can run free, the only trouble I have ever known
was with you, now my life has been thrown
we spent our precious ways, it was just the start
they say some things don't always last,
take my heart so I can stay in your bed

Worry it walks, beside you
chasing your shadows as I walk through,
you stray from the corners in my mind,
you've no fear, but for the love you never felt
you are my only, my promising new start

the only true love I have ever been told,
are inside stories, but with you it's unknown
steal my heart away in these early days,
it's only the beginning, sink or we'll forever be swimming
take my heart so I can stay in your bed


ending: I can reach you,
I never have to leave you,
I don't need to stray from my dreams
when I'm forever still upon your bed
your heavy heart weighs down on my chest

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Title: Wrapped up in us. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Wrap my heart around your fingers,
you're destructive, in a beautiful way
chase my mind with your worries,
I'll make it better,
that's the only thing that I can promise

Pull me tighter, till I can't breathe
the atmosphere it leaves me so free,
you bury my soul with your eyes,
I've seen this pain before,
it will subside

and in replacement, of this love
I'll be hoping it's all enough,
because of you,
I listen

Chorus: Capture me, and my smile
I'll be around for a while but I can't promise that
I get easily attached to things I'll never have
but hold me close, hold me now, never let me go

Consistent fear plays upon your face,
the flaws you learnt to love they fade away
I made you have faith in yourself,
but only you can take that away

I've never be wise,
I never will be safe
but with you in my arms there's no better place,
because of you I have faith in myself
because of you I listen to no one else


ending; Wrap me up in soft words,
the fear between us separates our worlds,
you're a worrier, and I'm a paranoid person
but when we're together,
we're in constant raw emotions

Title: The flight of us. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Don't spoil me,
with your words of false promise,
Don't build me up,
just to pull and push me down,
I'm tired of, constant compromises
they aren't fun

Hold me up against the ground,
your violence buries me and I've found,
you're the light and love inside my mind,
the joy that burns so deeply

Chorus: Set me free or let me go,
my hearts yours to keep, but I'll let you know
there's an essence of love within your hands,
they hold me close, they understand
so set me free or let me go,
I'm not one to stay, I told you so

I'd love to love you so tender,
but my mind throws repulsive words,
I've never learnt how to love,
but I'll show you what I'm made of


Ending: So set me free,
or let me go,
my soul it left,
a while ago,
and I'm stuck inside an empty corpse,
the tides they bring us oh so close

Title: Stare you down. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

And the bullet hit my back
like the wise words of wisdom
there is no turning back,
the foolish heart it weighs me down

gentle fear I sense your presence,
it's like an anchor on my ship,
and I feel like this isn't going to be easy,
when you're all I can sense

Chorus: Take me down, down
to where the other girls lay,
I've been ever so foolish,
with the words I never say
and you cut the rope and set me free,
but my soul it never left me
and you pull me back to where I was,
a foolish heart thrown upon the sea

In real adventures they have fun,
but we are lost inside our minds,
we've no time left to run,
we'd only be running from ourselves
and the troubles our tails,
and you fall to the floor oh so frail,
and I've been here before,
so I'll leave you, I'll leave you once more


And in wise tales there are two people,
thrown together in a mix of emotions,
and in wise tales they win,
we're constantly swimming for the youthful motions

ending: And oh,
I'll be staring you down,
if I ever see your face in the light of day,
and oh,
I'll be staring you down,
with the foolish look, and the words I'll never say