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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Title: Felt, feel

Near to you, I crave to be
away from you I'm suffering
and can you feel it?
can you feel this?

away from you, I can't cope
near to you I long to hope
this will last forever
this could last forever

if we made it through another night
could you hold me closer, hold me tight?
could I be the one? could I be the one?

Chorus: I've never felt so strong
and weak at the same time
my feelings and doubts contrast in the front of my mind
your happiness is all I think about
and it's the promise of tomorrow that I long for
I've never felt so weak but strong

I'm insecure,  I won't learn to trust
and sweetheart, promise me, you can live with that?
it's one of my many flaws

to me you are the face of beauty
each time I stare I take all of you in, I take all of you in to me
I pick up on your habits
I pick up on your flaws
but darling, I wanna see more


ending: I don't want this to ever end
we've started off so strongly
I won't break away
I won't fade away from you

Title: Priorities

There's no light left in the dark
now I know where I'm laying at night
I can't deal with lonely times
but you seem to manage fine

I don't understand
why don't you wanna hold my hand?
as tightly as you used to
as tightly as we used to be

what have I done?
why are you acting this way?
all I, all I ever wanted was you
and I can't keep this inside
it's wearing me down and out
and soon we'll be through
the evidence is true

Chorus: Pull me closer now
for this will be the last time
you'll ever feel something so strong and real
we used to so real, together
you and I would fight, fight for what we had
with fists of purity and I can't hold back anymore

you don't seem to care
when I cry at night
you turn your body over
out of my sight

I'd drop anything for you
I'd stop in my tracks just to see you over
just to calm you down


and with me,
I'm not the first priority
you're always letting me down
and I hope I'm not the only one
I hope I'm not the lonely one, right now


ending: and I can't live without you
I need you warmth and love in my life
need that touch to get me through this so I can feel alright

Title: You, you

This guilt, guilt, guilt
is eating me up, up, up
ever so slowly
catching me in my weakness
basking in glory
this guilt, guilt, guilt
is eating me up, up, up
ever so willingly
catching me and basking in glory

I can't keep up with all this doubt
inside my head right now
self inflicted love, gone
the less we talk, the less I crave
but I can't make you take the blame
when all I can do is love love you so deeply

Chorus: And it takes me
far away, and soaks my bones in what we have
and it takes me, ever so gently
with warmer hands and the coldest of hearts
and I never want to part from you, no
I don't want  to know how I'd do, without you
without you by my side

I find it hard how you seem to cope without me
and get by just fine, with a lonely night
your scent lingers on my pillows and it's the best sleeping aid
I've had so far, you're the best so far

and it eats me whole
grinds me down
can you feel it?
can you hear me now?


ending: and I can't not kiss your skin
I can't tell you it's going to be alright
you're the demon of my nights
and I want to keep you forever
but how do I know whether you'll leave my sight?
do you want to, darling?

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Title: Less I give

Your love ain't fair
you just don't care
your love ain't fair
you just don't care

and I'm waiting for you
what do you do, what are you doing?
are you too busy to love me?
and you wanting something more?
are you too busy to want me?
are you all I've been waiting for?

Chorus: doubts, give them up for me
I'm weighed by the world of worries
you carry, you carry me
you carry, you carry me

gently we kiss
harshly we hold, one another
I give it to you, I give it all up
so we can love each other

and I would do
anything to have you
right where I want you
want you back, for good


the less I give
the more you demand
and I can't keep up with your needy emotions
and I can't deliver what you're always hoping for

I pull you in
you pull away
and the shame sinks in my bones
and I pull you in
you pull me away
and the shame sinks in my bones


ending: you carry me
with words of hope
and I'm ending things slowly
one worry at a time, darling

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Title: Leave

Why can't I keep you?
safe in my arms
I could never leave you
I hope that I'm somewhere in your heart
and I realise, dear
I'm in this way too much, much
and I realise, my biggest fear
it hurts when we touch

I can't carry on like this
when I know that you'll be the end of me
darling, are you going to leave me?
I feel that I'm wasting each day, counting down the moments when you're gone
do you find it hard to stay the night?
I've walked miles to untie the doubts in my mind

Chorus: I want to take some time
to make things right
and it doesn't matter how you feel
I know you think the same, you are the same as I
and I was warned that I would never be put first
I was warned I'd be second best
but I want to take some time
so darling, are you gonna leave me?
please don't do so, so soon

my heart is burning by the bed for you
and I'm pushed into the side lines again, like you do
and imagination haunts me in mirrors, like you do
and my skin painted dark and blue
representing my thoughts of you

please don't leave
don't ever go far away
I can't deal with separation
I don't want this loss of love


ending: and from the start
I told you I'd be here through thick and thin
and I promised I'd love you, with every inch of my skin
you promised the same, and I know you didn't mean it
because here we are, fighting to keep this

Title: Only the beginning

I promise to carry you
when you're weak and home sick
and I promise that I'll stick right by you
when you're sad and lonely

I'm still holding onto your whisper
I'll never turn away from you
I hope that you can understand me now
it's the best thing to do

when I'm laying down at night
when you're not next me
I feel the warmth of your body
trapped within the sheets

Chorus: It's the beginning of the doubts
now that the trust is empty
it's the way you hold me now
ever so tight but gently
and I've never seen your eyes
filled with so much pain and destruction
and I know you've changed, darling
I can sense it's only just starting

the way you stand
the way you hold your body hunched
the way you talk
the words that don't leave your mouth


and at the start
I was always put first
I was always made sure I understood how much love hurts
and now we're comfortable
it's like we're not trying anymore
and I wish that we could take this back
to where we started
I'd change a million things


ending: If you left, I don't know if I'd miss you
I've been fighting you for too long
if you stayed, I don't know if I could see this through
you'd need to make yourself better

Title: Here is what I want

Welcome to the end of what is on my mind
and it's a fantasy, delivered in a lack of time
and I don't know what I think you saw
you didn't know at all
the side of who I hold, no longer in my touch
and I can't make a connection
I've forced myself into a doubtful dimension
I'm sick at the sight of myself

Chorus: Maybe I should find something real
push past these second guesses that I drown your skin in
how could it be what I want is here?
with you, with you
how could it be what I want is here?
you're a fantasy, you could never live up
you could never lip up

empty morals hypnotise me
and I'm no longer alone
there's too much pressure for today
how many hours will I let slip away
before I realise that you're not the same?

each gap between your voice and mine
makes me think of words I should have said
and you'll never put me first, and that's okay darling
I guess I could get used to it
I couldn't ever leave you
what I want is here
here is what I want


ending: and it's the unkept promises
your reassurance that you'll love me more each day
I feel that I'm in this way more than you are
and this is reality, it always lives up
it always lives up

Title: Sweet Talk

I'm just waiting for you
to prove to me, that I'm worth it all
that I'm worth each sigh you waste
and I always want to make it through
because you're by far the bestest
that I have ever had
and this is the strongest
I have ever felt

I wish you were here
 you can do no wrong
I feel so safe and calm
I keep on yearning, and I carry on

Chorus: It works for me, the light words
and I'll always be the weak one, I'll never say no
you give me a reason, I surrender to your sweet talk
you pull me closer with words of serenity
I can't help but crave more kisses
there's never enough when I'm in need
and you always make me feel like I'm slipping in way deeper
than you'll ever be

and I'm dreaming of us
and if I keep slipping, keeping up with the tidal talking
if I'm with you, I don't ever want to go
and it's that sweet talk
the moments we waited
the words we wasted
subsidised by steamy actions


ending: but you give me that sweet talk
and all your faults slowly melt away
and it always happens for me
you know how to work me, now
you know how to make my rights feel wrong
but you give me that reason
so I'll never go