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Monday, 20 May 2013

Title: Great love

I've never felt like this
such a strong connection
I've yet to take the hint
that this love will not subside

I don't ever want to let this go
and I want you to know
I think you're the one

It takes me courage to say,
all the words that have yet to leave my lips
and I kiss you oh so hard
because I don't want to miss this

Chorus: Could it be you feel this too,
this greater love that has me and you
drowning like we do
could it ever be that we feel the same, such
great love, like we do

I'm marinating in your scent
my skin holds onto every touch, darling
and I linger for you,  I crave your hands
there's nothing better, than to be by your side

grasping onto what I can,
I crash into you
with words of love and unconditional devotion
grasping onto what I am
I fall down to sleep
with aching arms and exhausted emotions


ending: could it be you feel this great love, too?
or have you felt it too many times, before?
for me this is rare, I've never opened up so much
like I have, I have, with you

Title: Could

I've changed the situation, but not the scenery
and I'd give anything to get away, get away from here
I'm thankful for the sights, but not the sight of you
I see you everywhere I go

Every face that passes me by, I think of your name
and it haunts my skin, I get a tingle in my bones
I try my hardest to look away, but we had so much
it was such a waste of effort

could it be you feel the same?
could it be you don't have the words to say?
to make things better, better
could it be you don't know how
but you always cry when it rains
is it because you know no-one could love you better?
than I do, than I did

I did want to stay
but you know it was broken
I could have fixed this, all along
by not being so fucking open

A slip of my tongue
and we're fighting again
I need to watch myself
before it happens with another man
I bite my cheek at words you spit
I can't help this, I can't help but push you away


ending: I will always take the blame
I will never forget your face
it fills me with such shame
knowing that I could have, I could have stayed

Title: Recovery. For J.

You're so helpless, helpless to yourself
I'm trying, trying, trying
to make things better, to fix you up, darling
all I see is such destruction
and I hope one day that you recover

I see the shadows by your eyes
I know it's no surprise, to be feeling so alone
but I'll try, to stay, with you

Chorus: it must be tough to be in doubt, all day long
to be trapped under negative thoughts that keep you down
I hope I say the right words, I hope I do the right things
cause sweetheart, you mean everything, everything
I hope I say the right words, I hope I do the right things
cause sweetheart, you mean everything

I'd take it all away, quicker than you could say that you're sorry
there's no need to be this way, there's no need to feel such shame
I'll be there for you, I promise this

could it be it's just a phase, oh I hope so by the way
you still look ever so beautiful
I wish that I could save the day, by taking away the pain
but I can't do such things, not with my unhelpful hands


ending: and I promised from the start, my darling
I'd be there for you, when times are tough and it doesn't get going
and I promised, with my heart
I'd stick by your side, through the thick and thin
until you're better, sweetheart, sweetheart
until you're better, I'll be here

Title: Forms

If I could, I'd prove it to you every day
I'd take all your forms, through love and understanding
and between yourself and I, I see all your faults and attractions
it's this delicate view, a hopeful you in the way

it's never forgotten,
I can always remember
and if I ever have to leave
I'll hold you closer
because one day apart
is no harder than unconditional love

Chorus: there's an everlasting cavity
an ever-growing space, the constant need for you
and I don't mind tricky situations that we can't mend
but as long as it's never forgotten
this unconditional love
this downpour of warmth, marinating in you

I feel ever so lost without you
and with you I'm always reminded
how we started, and how our hands began to wander
it's never forgotten
I can always remember

all I see is faith
faith that you'll wait another day
I'll be back in your arms, soon my sweetheart
I know what I'd say, I know what I'd do


ending: I need you to know, I need you tonight
and if I could, I'd prove it to you every day
I'd take all your forms, through love and understanding

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Title: Lose yourself

This love is raw, this love is ever so tender
and I speak deep, I whisper oceans for you
you take my breath, and you take my shirt
lose yourself to me, lose yourself to me
I promise to carry you, when you're weak

will you be my everlasting lover, my everlasting light
the promise of tomorrow is never doubtful, within a gaze into your eyes
and I know your life is speeding by, and you need time to sharpen
but you take my breath, and you take my soul
and you lose yourself, you lose yourself to me

Chorus: I give all that I have to love you with
I show all the strength and courage that is needed in dark love
we could have missed all of this, ever so easily
and I hate to think about it darling, but I do sometimes
and I still worry that you'll disappear
without the flicker of a single word from your truthful tongue

I'll always remember,
sweetheart I could never forget
the instant intertwining of feelings, on that day we first met
and I'll always remember
this sweet love, this warmth you bring me
and I give you all


ending: lose yourself to me
I promise to carry you

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Title: Aching

A gentle flicker from your eyes
it tells me all that I could ever want to know
and I feel it too, the struggle
the denial of big and deeper love
it scares me how easily we started
and I know I'd hate it if you departed

I'm up all night, facing brick walls
facing you
I can't keep from wandering eyes
and I can't help but think of what I'd do
if I had never of had this feeling
if I had fucked it all up
like I always do

Chorus: my barriers down,
my armor no longer present
I have no limits
and you take all that I have
and you say it's enough
and you crave my cold touch
and my barriers down
I let you in, I let you swim deep

I couldn't ask for anything more
I couldn't want anyone better
to me, you are everything
a dream in silk sheets
the lace in my tongue, undone


ending: I can't stand the strength and power of this love
it pours over me, washes my skin out
and I ache for your body
I ache for you, tonight

Title: Stay

please don't make this any harder, than it ought to be
if I could make you stay, my darling, forever you and me
maybe I'd forget, and maybe I won't
I'm stuck in this moment, distracted by being alone
and you'll never know this, wherever you are
and maybe I don't give up easily
not when it comes to saving you

Chorus:if I can't make you stay, another way
I'll wait a thousand rainy day for you
so darling, stick around
I'm getting so used to you
and I wish that I had known
what we are, at the beginning
and if time slowed down
I'd make you stay, another day
I'll wait another day for you
and maybe I don't give up easily,
not when it comes to saving you, darling

I know time won't heal wounds
and each words you say makes my blood weep wild
and to make you stay, just a little while
you must feel the same, you must feel a little pain, too?
and it's what I do, I do for you


so if I,
can't make you stay
can't make you better in a single day
then I have failed myself, I have failed you
and if I can't make you stay
I don't give up easily


ending: if I can't make you stay
if I can't make your scars a little lighter
maybe I don't give up, easily
no not when it comes to you, my darling