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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Title: Beautiful day, in your absence. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I cut my tongue
in the art of conversation,
you roll your eyes
at the chance of a chase and
you make me want to feel
feel warmth like never before

and it's a beautiful day,
without you,
there's no mist when you're away
I feared your absence, but it brings me joy
a brighter day
I've never felt better, my boy

Chorus: And it's a beautiful way,
to create and be part of such chaotic mess
we're just two people
living and breathing,
we'll forget to feel
until we're left alone bleeding

I've no mind,
but I've words to say,
when such tragedy appeals to a foolish heart like mine,
I'll still wonder how there's nothing left but rain

After all,
when everyone has gone,
I can see who I truly am,
and I'll lay down
with your soul beside mine,
and after all,
we've just to be swept away with the tide


ending: as the sun concludes the bitter days alone,
we'll be left as grit, smashed down to a dust,
and in love we could be, but in love who are we?

Title: Change. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

All of me,
has never met your standards,
your expectations forever in the magazines

I'm a fool,
I'm bruised and I'm fallen
embedded on my skin is the scent of your breath
it lingers within

Chorus: And I could change,
but then I'd be the blame,
these lonely hands long for your warmth,
I'm wrapped up in flaws,
detailed with inner beauty,
the eye can not see
your eyes don't see me

like one big cloud,
lingering over our days together,
I guess I'll see you around
helplessly watching the new girl you've found


ending: In the deep and dark sheets,
we dream of these situations,
it's the lack of commitment and reality
that leaves us with change,
it's all for us now,
these lonely hands won't ever be warm
and your cold heart won't ever be torn

Title: The world in our heads. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You once told me I could only smile,
if secretly it was full of fear,
love is a four letter word,
the youth of the world consistently use

And they all look so happy,
hands held and hearts soft
and I just have myself,
hands cold and heart full of worry

The way you hold yourself,
ever so weak and attractive,
and I can't help myself,
there's nothing I need more than me and you
I've got you and you know that it's all true
we could make this last forever
the youths definition of forever
(as long as we can)

Chorus: As soon as I see you,
you hit me like a breath of winter air,
intoxicating with no linger or scent,
as soon as I see you
I get so breathless
there's no feeling like this that I've ever felt

We've so much time,
yet we're always rushing,
rushing for perfection,
it's our own definition,
the timings not bad,
we could make this work out
We've so much time
but it's never good enough


ending: And I've never quite reminisced
of any scent other than yours
it's such a blessing for me too
to finally be acknowledged
to finally become more than a statistic
in this self-hate and disciplined world

Title: for all your worth Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You rule my world,
the skies above feel my pain,
my woeful sigh remains all the same
you set me far above,
you forgave to the god you never believed in

Your smile could stop any war,
but your heart could start another,
you never had any faith to put yourself in,
you're only, someone who possibly
is so much more deserved

Chorus: Grasp the thoughts before you speak,
you lack the knowledge to put any warmth within your feelings,
so somehow we're the same, we cause people such pain
but it's never your fault, oh you're never to blame
you're just a handsome disaster
with luck and lust in your name

and me, myself and I
we've never been that pretty
but the books they tried to make me witty
before all this was the silence and the panic
but we're the cheats,
we ourselves just don't believe


ending: our thoughts could meet,
but only through cables in the cold,
we've no intentions of success
and happiness lies within our pitiful souls
the silence we stored was always the blame
but we've never really realised how awful it was to play that game

Title: Little bit of you in me. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I sail in you,
you set the sea in me,
nauseating tides they set the truth
and the fear just washes in

when the love we think we feel subsides
the rainbows are just burning bruises
it's just a little bit of me inside of you
collecting all that you lost

chorus: I'd rather dance with you,
but who'd dance with a fool,
so I'll just swim
I wander through all your dreams
and I watch as they burn bright to dim

we're all given the options,
to pass and look back
at goals we've missed
let's look a little more,
it's all the same

you're not the fool you think you are,
but I'll understand if you can't run far,
I'll hold you with my problems,
held against my face, smooth as any girl you've loved who was fake


ending: there's a little bit of you in the sun,
I'm watching you now,
you're a beautiful destruction,
created with just one hand,
whilst pulling your hair with the other

Title: Somebody Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'll take you away,
when your friends they have nothing lovely to say,
I'll shine brighter than I ever did before
I'll shine brighter with the love I lost before

 I'll make your dreams seem like they're so much more,
I'll wrap your heart around my sleeve
'cause there's nothing to do and there's not much to say
and when the words are sparking on our tongues, we're left for the devils play

Chorus: but we'll keep our hearts in rhythm and we'll dance the night away
and we'll sail away in our flaws and we'll make a house to stay
'cause when the lights go out and we're left speechless
I won't, I won't fade away

Your thoughts they haunt on my skin,
as your breath it leaves more than warmth,
I'm left alone within these white sheets and it's cold above
your soft touch it lingers on my skin, my flesh, my body
and the day it lasts just like the girl who waits on somebody
and I'll say to her what I said to you
through wisdom and joy
and I'll say to her what I said to you,
you'll find your boy


and we're all just waiting on somebody,
to tell us we're the one,
and we're all just hoping for somebody
to share the days in the sun
and we're all just looking for somebody
to hold us back when we run

ending: and as the sun it rises so do we,
we fall in love,
and we look for more than somebody,
but we just find lust
there's not much to say when the pain remains
inside our youthful hearts,
but we feel for you like we feel for us
don't tear our love apart

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Title: World (through my eyes) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I only know now,
what I knew before,
I'm a stranger to your eyes
although you've seen me before

You acknowledge my presence,
but you don't act upon it any more,
I could dream deeply of us holding hands
what would it take for you, to simply understand?

Your skin so soft it deeply betrays any comparison
your lips so loved they stray from any person
and your summer loves, they never really lasted
it's what you want and I'm happy for you baby

Chorus: I'm always here for you, forever and a day
but, if you stray from me I won't play that game
It's always you, and it's always been me
we're the hopeless youth, and in our hearts we'll always be
and I'm stuck in the shadow of your current life
I'm stuck in the shadows of constant doubt and mights

If you stuck by me,
I'd show you the world,
through my eyes,
it'd be extraordinary
I'd pull you close and never let you go
in my mind, in my mind


ending: Pull me down,
to the ocean floor,
I've left behind love
and you're always wanting more
you drag me up when it suits you,
and I'm sick and tired of always acting on your moves

Title: Comparison game. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Treat me like a love song,
play me ever so sweetly,
there's no need for constant disaster,
all we need is some emotion

We can take all the time in the world,
because it's all the time we've got,
we could hope for heartbreak now
or we could calmly pray for it all to stop

We could hope for someone
to hold our hands as we walk into the dark
we could pray for someone
to love us for all we are
but in reality,
we're all just judgmental souls,
it's our main instinct to fish right through them all

Chorus: And, you'd
never love like I love you
and you'd,
never treat me like I treat you
and you'd,
wish for me to be just like your world
but I'm never, never gonna be good enough

I don't have long hair,
and I don't wear those clothes
I'm not petite and I'll never never even have her nose
you expect too much,
your standards so high
like the sun in the July sky


ending: If you play comparison,
you'll always lose the girl,
she'll never her and you'll never see the world
but you're still stuck, inside that awful mind
take yourself out some time
and listen to your wise mother

Title: Beautiful head fuck. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

You're as constant as the stars,
wrapped up in all the darkness
that is us

You're as warm as my skin
on a bitter sweet wind
when I wanted more,
you left within

I'm ever so subtle with my words,
I create problems for other people,
and I know deep down I can't subside the pains
of teenage love

Chorus: Drag me down to the shore,
leave me alone, no more
I've loved you for forever and a day,
I'm not very honest,
but today I'll say that you look so lovely in the shade

You're heartbeat rhymes with my maze
I'm constantly in circles and you're to blame,
you're a head fuck,
oh what a lovely mess
we have made

And I'll promise you no more than three wise words,
if I were to love you would I be your girl?
you've none the wiser to say,
oh please behave, it's such a lovely day


Ending: Sway my body with your flaws,
skin to skin I feel them all form a bitter company
but if I were to lie I'd say that I hate them
but they're so beautiful, don't you dare say you'll break them

Title: Love me tender. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Love me tender
Love my all
Without a doubt with you
There’s chance I’ll fall

You talk so sweetly as I come to my senses,
You treat me as though you could never care for me
You’d never lose or cross lines to get me
And I’m hopelessly waiting for more than promises for us to finally be

I’m living every part of your hidden lies, your love
I’m breathing all the undiscovered memories that are so bittersweet they sting
Each wound I wear is a story from you, I proudly show my lust
As I swore I’d solemnly do

Chorus: Fall down, with your love
Your anchor bears my soul
Breaches any chance of recovery
Fall down, in my love
Let yourself in and wrap yourself up in the warmth

I wonder how I’d ever cope without you
Your smile makes my skies turn from grey to blue
I wonder how I’d ever love anyone other than you,
You taught me wisdom,
You taught me within your foolishness,
Love me tender
Or not at all


Ending: So talk sweetly,
In my eyes I see a fallen boy
Lacking any abundance of love to feed upon your body
So talk sweetly,
Love me tender,
Or not at all

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Title: Hope (luck, lust, love) Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

You thought you had me,
but I was never yours to keep
I strayed so far away
for those dreams, I'd never sleep

chorus : And your eyes, my sunshine
your mind, my world
carry me softly,
make me your girl
I used to wander
through the wonderful times,
I used to wonder,
if you'd ever be mine

Your skin so soft,
and your arms so weak
I'd never let you disappear,
not for a love so sleek


I've never been a painting,
and I'll never be discreet,
all I am is all I will ever be,
stuck in the sidelines of the combustion
of love and worries

ending: and I'd hope one day
you'll make someone happy,
but for now, this lust, this girl
it's not me

Title: I don't (need) any other. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I try,
not to care
but with these demons in my eyes
I can swim I just sink
I try,
to worry less
but these worries are constantly on my mind

It's as though my brains caught in the quicksand,
but my body sets me free,
it leads me back to your world
it leads you back to me

if you ever held me, I'd worry
about tomorrows minutes,
would you still be beside me?
or drowned in an abundance of sorrow?


ending: Wrap me up in love, and never set me free
this luck and lust of mine
never caused any harm for me
I've been ever so lonely,
since the demon let me be,
but wrap me up in love
and soon I'll be as consistent as the sea

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

TItle: I could love you better. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Will I ever be good enough?
or am I forever a disappointment?
to be loved by you, oh I
I couldn't imagine it
the words from your lips come from stories you've read,
you're not romantic, cause you think chivalry is dead

Will I ever carry the frame you always set for me?
or will I forever be a empty soul thrown inside a ocean like body
I'm done with trying,
I'm tired of this bullshit,
I'm down,
with crying,
you're wearing me down,
you've crushed me down to a dust
with no pulse left to love

Chorus: Love like a sunset,
only occurs once a day,
the words they misbehave upon your tongue
you throw letters around like they're the luck of your lungs
but you're foolish,
you can't see your path it shows nothing but consequences for us

The sun will rise, along side your fears
your starting to worry everyone around you
you can't see past the tears
your life is a lie and as is your world
it captures you as if you were a photo
it holds you down like no one's near

and there's no one to hear you,
or to understand,
you've no reason for the frown on your face
it'll never bring you down,
your scars show your hurting but they've never been around


ending: I could love you better
I could make you better my love
but you've yet to learn to live
pretense is not enough

Title: lust (liar) Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I won't ever leave,
if you want me to stay,
nothing you could do
would me turn away
I've such lust for you
I've such lust for you

Lay down every word,
about everything I ever knew,
I'd change the meaning,
all for you

Chorus: I wanna be with you,
for as long as you want me to,
that's what you said,
and you want me to, too
but you're just a liar,
you've said this all before
to a face I'm too familiar with

It's all quite a game for you,
it's all quite the joke,
I fear for your heart
and I fear for your throat
you've been breathing in toxic lies,
you've been wearing such a bipolar smile


and I'll pick up the pieces,
and make up for the places,
the endless destruction alongside such pretty faces

Ending: But I've been here before,
I've seen the reactions,
you can believe in me,
but I won't believe in you,
I'll still let you go
but you're a liar if you told me so


There's lack of you ever being sentimental,
your romance settled with the fire,
you're not so fortunate
 when it comes to looking for something else
someone else

you've been tied down to your body
you've always let it won
it's time you stopped resenting
the reason why you're here

Chorus: And I've always had a soft spot for you,
I always do,
when you look right through me,
I go weak at my knees
and my heart begs me please don't let it go
and I feel for you, you're not so new

You've been worn,
you've been torn down
by the thoughts inside your head
and I've always promised my mother
to look and care for you instead

Here's the thing
I often say
don't let it bring you down
your time will come and we'll all sing
heavens found us


ending: And I've always been lonely,
I've always been on the back seat,
and I've strayed far from your eyes

Title: Intimate fears. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I've never been loved,
and I've always been a fool,
but how do I decide between luck and a rule?
we're always setting boundaries,
we constantly dive away from seas
in hope of finding consistent love

I'd never think before I speak
I think makes me ever so weak,
but I'm, not changing
and I can't

we all fear the worst,
we all wear to boast,
but I'm just a soul carried in a body,
you couldn't find me, if I were trapped inside your mind
you wouldn't worry,
it'd be a lovely time

Chorus: and I'm
just another face
you'll pass by
no questions no time
you're just an arrogant male
who I've no patience for

I always fear,
that my mind takes over my body
it will control every inch of me,
every inch of sadness

I always stray,
far away from intimacy
it'll crash me down to a dusty dream
where I can finally let go
and be free


but my mind,
but my mind
takes over the luck
and it swings me back to where I never wanna be
and my mind,
I see us in a few years
we're no longer apart,
but we're together from the fear

Ending: So please, sleep next to me
my body rests and it does what you please
if you talk sweetly I'll get by,
on your lies

Title: Competitive minds. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

musical mind games,
I'll sit this round out,
you stay still, so still I could focus on your heartbeat
I finally feel you with your breath,
your lustrous touch leaves me with desire to understand
you want to feel love,
you want to feel love

you're the person that won't carry on if they don't win,
you're the person that with people like me will give in,
stay still, until your mind it turns from red to green
you can't do it with your worries
they seep through like any wound you've ever known
I hope you find a new direction, I hope you find perfection

Chorus: you're an improviser,
though we know you're not good at it,
let me focus on more than just your physique,
you've the mind that sees only surfaces,
you're an improviser,
although terrible in this situation,
I can see the clocks going,
I can see all that isn't so amazing

The sea it glows,
the faces they listen to you,
their bodies watch you,
you're constantly in a competition,
and darling if you lost we'd all wear thin

Show me revolution,
I had a revelation,
now that you've started this,
you've got to finish it
although you're not as deep as the ocean
your mind flows through like rivers in the wild
it fears love
it fears us


Ending: with your mind eating away at your desires,
you're left as a body in a world of disaster,
you can't stop what you've started
you've left it too late now

Title: So Sail. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Sail softly  in your world tonight,
your words they seep through to my core,
I'm no wiser than the fool who came before,
so sail softly, my love, my light

You've slipped through the cracks,
but you'd always come back,
you always said so,
people listen to you,
their bodies new

your simple intuition,
your vision you bring me joy,
you're under my skin, crawling till it wears thin
show me love or take away my fear
my frustrated heart cries for you

Chorus: something inside me was choking,
now you've let it out,
there's no words left in my mind to say
I watch you, you slipped through the cracks,
I always knew you'd come back

You and your simple visions
they bring me joy and crawl under my skin
you breathe more than my fear
you show me how you bring them near


Now that you've started the fire
you can't put it out
you've left it too late for me, I'm tired
I've been waiting far too long for another love unspoken
another love unspoken

Ending: You brang me tears and visions of joy
but you never put the fire out
I and you both know that one day I'll be broken
but for now we are broken open

Title: Two. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Full of faults we're all such beautiful disasters,
we hide our flaws in such elegant ways of distractions,
we are the ones who pick up the pieces,
we are the ones who fall at your feet

You start to embrace my flow,
but you've got a long way to go,
 if it's only me and you
well then they've got so much pretending to do

I'm in awe of your beauty,
your not like any other,
you're unusual,
you're unusual to discover

Chorus: And I'm down under,
in your heartbeat I become a lover
you never waited for anyone before (me)
and now I'm stuck here in your flaws
wrapped up in your truth
forget the horror here
we've left all we could of been yesterday

One day we'll forget we'll soon be nothing but a dust
the words they'll drag us down but bring us back on solid ground
I'm fond of you in the sun, your eyes shine brighter than any summer land
I'll never forget this pretty place


Ending: So this is from me to you,
and you for me,
who cares about anyone else,
who cares about anyone
who cares