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Monday, 30 November 2015

Title: Light Home

The light way home
and still I wonder if you'll uncover
the darkness in my soul, the place which I ruled the depths of it all

you left me there with no warmth, no hope now
your eyes light up to someone else's call
a beckon you'll always be
that one person you said not to worry about at all

and now I'm split in two
I've spent all my time running
trying to discover how we could make this work again and again
trust's betrayal, my old friend once more
the closest i've come to holding on
is slicing my hands on the remnants of you

you kiss my hand and your words run deep into my veins
you say it's the last time that we'll see each other again
for your mind is elsewhere, your heart singing to another voice

I wipe my cheeks, tears stain my porcelain skin
I'll always wait here for you, by the phone
hoping you will ring, hoping you will stall this darkness once more

I knew this would end,
they say nothing lasts forever
it was written in the way you didn't want to touch me anymore
it was written in the way you never looked at me too long
the way your face just stayed neutral

and now I'm split in two
sewing myself up with lies and empty promise
and I'd let you fuck me over again
you're the light that distracts my darkness

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