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Monday, 30 November 2015

Title: Woe

Undress my mind with your seductive lies
you can never seem to find what you're looking for
you could stand in awe for hours, encouraging my flaws but I've no message for you

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, if you let me go now you won't ever get to hold her
she's not looking for commitment, yet I'm here willing to commit
you undress me with your woeful eyes and now it's all pretty clear
we're folding and melting, folding into shapes to suit another
and we all become a dust, each body is the same
and we all become a dust, each body is the same

take me by my hand, lead me toward the sofa
undress me with those woeful eyes the ones that catch me by surprise
each time you wish I was her
each time I wish I was different

I said I'd look after you, never harm you, never make you worry
but darling it's so hard when you are hypocritically doing the stuff I never wanted
you twist my arm each time we fight and make me always forgive you
I'm tired of these sleepless nights knowing you're not dreaming of me

undress my mind with your lies
lace my body in your secrets
you'll never get tired of being behind my back
each day the knife gets thinner

take me by my hand, lead me towards the promise
each time you come nearer I wish my soul was buried deep in the forest
surrounding by a breeze of fresh cold air
I could finally breathe
I could finally be free again

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