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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Title: Blossoming decay. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

All that once was, has not quite gone yet
I dissolve in water, I follow the tide for your body
we're unsure of the place we only exist in
but this is everything, but the world is not enough for us

I prepare to lose everything, over and over just for you
I speak to soon, infatuated with a gaze that is everlasting
I blossom and begin wiltering like new born flowers in the icy air
I blossom for you, for you, for you

and although I say I need you now, I can never be so sure
stitch me together with your smile
let me rest my body here for a while

Chorus: I could say I need you for forever and another year
unaware of what I'm leaving behind, you're always left behind
and my heart sails a hundred oceans just to be close to you
but you're ever so distant, away from my love

a million promises that have never left the corners of my mouth
my eyes flicker like flames for the emptiness of your touch
a gentle brush of your skin upon mine
you gave me your word in my mind
and still I blossom slowly ready to be buried inside you


ending: I blossom for you
I'm fine, just troubled with closure
it won't be long until we're on our own together
if you need me to, I could take you with me
but I'm gone, I decayed too soon

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