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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Title: What you perspire. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

This is your night call, from me to you
it's built inside the atoms that create you and me
you're good in small doses but you'll forever doubt me
and do you see, can you see, do you see me?
now that we're closer

is this fair, do you know what fair is?
apart and never hurt, this isn't everything we wanted
and it's repetitive, the words you say but never mean
and we are lonely, now we can see
lust controls our body but it never lets our minds feel

Chorus: It's what you needed yet nothing you desired
the consistent lies you perspire, drip off your tongue and fall on my skin
in every inch that fills the air, I follow when you're wandering
I leave you no depth of my body to explore

and it could be ever so easy, ever so simple
we won't remain forever, but for now we're safe in each others arms
disaster plucks my minds feathers, I flutter with hope for your return
your hand is mine to hold, your hand is weak and sold


ending: a statue of our memories,
lays buried within my vessel
I sink for you, to the bottom of the sea
where I finally feel, I rise and learn to love once more, again

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