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Saturday, 22 September 2012

Title: Another Chance. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Give me another chance to show you
I'm fully aware I don't mean much to anyone
leave this world behind, it's never enough
everlasting hunger for your kiss
satisfaction from beds of emptiness
you leave me hanging onto the creases in your pillows

remaining in bed with your silky neck
closer to me, the way it should never be
and this heartbeat sings, yet to rest in this vessel of mine
I long for your heaviness to my heart

chorus: you swiftly become the source that I crave
you can give me what I need, what I want
we develop into words we can't spell and long to say
it's the flicker of your eyes when you gain patience
you say those long lost words, your body speaking poems
I'll never fully digest all that we are

I lack the knowledge of what it is you truly want
what can I, the easily attached fool, save you from?
we breathe in each other, take it all in
we move at night like scars on wishing wells
combined as one, beautifully broken

the expiration of us slowly drifts in
we divide, motionless, letting the tide drag us in


ending: wrapped up in your mind, most undesirable
this is the sunrise, sunset, corners of your smile you've never shown
my foolish heart, churns from the start
the presence of your departure
nothing quite like I thought I'd know

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