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Monday, 20 May 2013

Title: Great love

I've never felt like this
such a strong connection
I've yet to take the hint
that this love will not subside

I don't ever want to let this go
and I want you to know
I think you're the one

It takes me courage to say,
all the words that have yet to leave my lips
and I kiss you oh so hard
because I don't want to miss this

Chorus: Could it be you feel this too,
this greater love that has me and you
drowning like we do
could it ever be that we feel the same, such
great love, like we do

I'm marinating in your scent
my skin holds onto every touch, darling
and I linger for you,  I crave your hands
there's nothing better, than to be by your side

grasping onto what I can,
I crash into you
with words of love and unconditional devotion
grasping onto what I am
I fall down to sleep
with aching arms and exhausted emotions


ending: could it be you feel this great love, too?
or have you felt it too many times, before?
for me this is rare, I've never opened up so much
like I have, I have, with you

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