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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Title: Aching

A gentle flicker from your eyes
it tells me all that I could ever want to know
and I feel it too, the struggle
the denial of big and deeper love
it scares me how easily we started
and I know I'd hate it if you departed

I'm up all night, facing brick walls
facing you
I can't keep from wandering eyes
and I can't help but think of what I'd do
if I had never of had this feeling
if I had fucked it all up
like I always do

Chorus: my barriers down,
my armor no longer present
I have no limits
and you take all that I have
and you say it's enough
and you crave my cold touch
and my barriers down
I let you in, I let you swim deep

I couldn't ask for anything more
I couldn't want anyone better
to me, you are everything
a dream in silk sheets
the lace in my tongue, undone


ending: I can't stand the strength and power of this love
it pours over me, washes my skin out
and I ache for your body
I ache for you, tonight

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