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Monday, 20 May 2013

Title: Could

I've changed the situation, but not the scenery
and I'd give anything to get away, get away from here
I'm thankful for the sights, but not the sight of you
I see you everywhere I go

Every face that passes me by, I think of your name
and it haunts my skin, I get a tingle in my bones
I try my hardest to look away, but we had so much
it was such a waste of effort

could it be you feel the same?
could it be you don't have the words to say?
to make things better, better
could it be you don't know how
but you always cry when it rains
is it because you know no-one could love you better?
than I do, than I did

I did want to stay
but you know it was broken
I could have fixed this, all along
by not being so fucking open

A slip of my tongue
and we're fighting again
I need to watch myself
before it happens with another man
I bite my cheek at words you spit
I can't help this, I can't help but push you away


ending: I will always take the blame
I will never forget your face
it fills me with such shame
knowing that I could have, I could have stayed

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