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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Title: From what we started

I want to be your all, your first priority
I can't believe how much you've changed
your promises of who I thought you would be
who you never were and what a shame

you say that things will get easier, but I don't faith
and it's just a pathetic game, you're playing me
you say that you love me dearly, darling
but we both know that you don't really love at all

how could I care
how could I stay here
how could I care
how could I stay here with you

Chorus: It's just another love
soon to pass
a phase I'm going through
I hope it doesn't last
I'm tired of never being good enough
I'm tired of feeling cold within your touch
it's just another love
soon to pass, I hope at last
this phase I'm in
keeps me drowning within all the lies you kept
all the hidden messages
secrecy is shameful, surely you have learnt from this?

why do I want to stay?
why do I not hate you one bit?
why do I remain the same?
when you change at any given moment

I don't want to be around you
but I hate being not by your side
I don't want to kiss you anymore
it just tears apart my walls I've built inside


ending: why does it hurt this way?
could you stop changing my string of thoughts
why does it hurt this much?
could it be you're not enough
even though I can't walk away
from what we started

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