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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Title: Stay the same

I rest my case
you couldn't love me anyway
I rest my case
what was I thinking
you couldn't love me anyway

I rest my case
you're forever cold and I'm always to blame
I rest my case
I'll never mean anything to you
and that's a shame

I trace the night light
my position learned through lessons carried on my fingertips
and I carry myself like a gentle melody
but as soon as you're by my side I'm who I never want to be
it's harder, bitter, colder
it's the strangest, you're moving
but your heart remains stationary

Chorus: you'll stay the same
I'd always change for you
bettering myself
to make this last to make this last another day
you'll stay the same
why do you always play this game?
I'm always changing for you
fixing faults I never committed

I want this to end
the hanging of words
left out to dry whilst I weep
and I'm lost, I'm lost and lonely
better off alone, at least then I'm slightly happy
laughing and joking
but we're breaking
and you'll still stay the same
careless and none the wiser


ending: you'll never change for me
that proves anything and everything that I ever need to know
why do you always play this game?
why do you always stay the same

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