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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Title: Nothing or all.

I despite the way I want you back
each time we break away
I hate the way you talk to girls
and how I always get in the way

I can't understand how much I love and care for you
if were any more it'd kill, most certainly
suppressed by this, us
it's more than anything I thought we were
full of anger, full of anger
I don't want to lose you darling
but when you keep testing me and pushing me away
what more can I give to you? to make you stay

Chorus: If you don't like how much I care
if you don't want to hear a word from my everlasting love, everlasting love
is it too much to ask, for just three words from your touch
is it too much to ask for simplicity?
if you don't like how much I care for you
if you don't want me to be here
just say it
if you don't like how much I care for you
if you hate it, if you hate me too
just say it, just say it

I give so much to you and get nothing back
I have high expectations and standards that you always lack to meet
all I ask of you is to be there for me
like I am, like how I always drop everything to be with you

I can't stand the way I don't hate you, not even a tiny amount
I can't stand that I know I'm better off alone but I don't want to leave one bit
ooh, all I'm asking for
is everything that you just can't think about
you just want what you want


ending: I can't help how much I care for you
slowly I'll fade away
this is the last chance, my final call
beckoner, I beg you to love me
beckoner, I beg you to want me
beckoner, I need you to need me
give me nothing or give me all

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