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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Title: Betrayed

I breathe you in, you spit me out
I touch your skin, rough with betrayal
you stroke my hand, I feel numb
is this really all we've become?
just two bodies, nothing more to hold

I gave you my all
you gave me nothing but doubts
you made me something to you
but it was never enough
I wish I knew why you broke me so, why you hurt me so

I expected more than this
all we have is elusive
I wanted all of this, at the beginning you promised more than this
yet all I gained from you was disappointment

I have learnt to be less loyal, less kind
my mending scars bind doubt and fear together
you have taught me all that first love should never teach
but here I am, moving on and letting go of the tears beneath my burdened sheets

and sweetheart, what exactly did I do
I deserved your love, your time, your affection
and all I got for closure was nothing more than the love you gave to me

this heartbreak of mine
I would have never have been enough
I gave you everything I had
and what future did I imagine with you?
there was no such thing

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