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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Title: Alone again. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

She can do no wrong, by you
she plays hide and seek in your mind
straying far from what I left behind
she can do no wrong, by you
one day you'll discover she'll make you blue

your absence to her, is most desirable
she'll push you away but for now she provides a higher goal
if only, if only it was enough
to be aware of the power from your touch
I weight heavy in my heart
it lays like ocean floors on my arms for you
but I'm bitter, because I'm not good to you

Chorus: Hide, I hide away
I fear emerging to safer places
hide, I hide away
oh I wish this was the way the story ended
oh to be enough, oh for my kisses to be enough for your lips
the taste of your words hang on my lungs like butterflies
and I'm alone, alone, alone again

Oh I wait for you, like I never did
carry me like a vessel on your lips
sink ships with your tongue
I'm afraid of shadows when the night is done

the sun it wakes my eyes from their caves
they were buried all night under words you'll never say
I hold you closely right next to my pillow
you're trapped inside my daydreams but you're yet to know


Ending: Oh and I wake up all alone again

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