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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Title: Back to me? Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Remain with your scripted sacred words
my heart yearns and blossoms for you, like you'll never know
the tables seem to always turn for me
and this dim light keeps me here
and it's over, it's all over

bury me, intertwined in your class a kisses
our chests pound through thicker air
we're barely floating in the shore
everything we've been seeking, barely there
and still we beg for more

Chorus: Realise, my escape lies within your darkened eyes
swept away by what your mind can't hide
forever my lips lay ready, sealed  tightly
against your skin, but you've never been aware
you're afraid to be within

the way our fingers brush before they finally meet
my thoughts in the clouds but solid ground remains restlessly under my feet
when we seem to be alone we never are
you're never too far away


End: think it through, is that something you could ever do?
come back to me?
left so instantly, a separation for which my heart was not prepared to do
I'm there when you're lost in the light
your fear keeps you from being here
come back to me?

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