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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Title: Sweet Talk

I'm just waiting for you
to prove to me, that I'm worth it all
that I'm worth each sigh you waste
and I always want to make it through
because you're by far the bestest
that I have ever had
and this is the strongest
I have ever felt

I wish you were here
 you can do no wrong
I feel so safe and calm
I keep on yearning, and I carry on

Chorus: It works for me, the light words
and I'll always be the weak one, I'll never say no
you give me a reason, I surrender to your sweet talk
you pull me closer with words of serenity
I can't help but crave more kisses
there's never enough when I'm in need
and you always make me feel like I'm slipping in way deeper
than you'll ever be

and I'm dreaming of us
and if I keep slipping, keeping up with the tidal talking
if I'm with you, I don't ever want to go
and it's that sweet talk
the moments we waited
the words we wasted
subsidised by steamy actions


ending: but you give me that sweet talk
and all your faults slowly melt away
and it always happens for me
you know how to work me, now
you know how to make my rights feel wrong
but you give me that reason
so I'll never go

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