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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Title: Cold Pores

I want to give you what you deserve
but why are you choosing me?
I'm not the only choice
so thank you for trying to make me your number one

I want to give you all you deserve
but there's just one thing
why are you choosing me?
I'm not the only one

I want to keep you warm on a cold night
and we've talked about our highs and lows
and what goes up must come down, as you know
I've been in a better place

Chorus: I must admit that all the time I gave you
I can no longer wait for approval
I want you, to really want me too
and I want you to really need me
because I'm forever feeling that it's all one sided
that all my love never sinks into your cold pores

don't trade me
I never thought that I would have the nerve to
tell you all that's within my head
don't trade me in for her
don't trade me in for anyone


End: I can't wait to have you back with me
but I can see that you're starting to wish you'll see the back of me
and I don't want to lose this
I don't want to make this fall apart
I just really need you to need me, to want me
as much as I ever could for you

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