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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Title: Luck

I watch your body give in,
give in to the exhaustion of your long dull days
I realise how much my heart belongs to you
you have my full love, always

I honestly feel like I've been here, by your side and in your arms
for much longer than I've been truly alive, truly breathing,
truly taking in every little thing that you have to offer
it feels like I've known you all my life
the natural abilities of our bodies and minds
the way we got so comfortable

Chorus: I've been waiting for a being like you
someone so pure and patient
someone so understanding
I've been loving so deeply
the wrong heart might I add
but you know now
it's you I always wanted
it was you all along
the proof is in the way we are
the way we are

to be completely honest
to be completely content
all I need is you


End: all my love, always so pure and demanding
I'll be here waiting for you
until you let my love go
until you give in to the impatience

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