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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Title: Lately

I feel your skin, electric
I feel you all over me
inside every inch
our lip harshly intertwine
please tell me how I better myself
please tell me where I go
I keep giving it all, just to love myself
I keep giving it all just to love you

no one before you
you, the rising sun in my aching body
I'm so happy that I get to hold you
and I keep losing and giving it all
just to let you cut a little deeper
let you see who I really am

It's always been there
chemistry galloping in the background
a white noise so silent
we chose to ignore
and I never saw this coming
I never thought I'd love again
and I keep giving and losing it all
just to let you come within
let you come a bit closer

I see the flawed parts of you
far from anything I've held with heavy hands
I'm sewn together with doubts and kind intentions
but, you and I know, how much love I have to give
and how often I take pride in at all

I'm giving it all
body and soul
to love you
to love you
to love you

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