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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Title: First Priority

I long to come alive, to never be alone
I'd do anything to call your name
to understand you better
to be able to just simply hold you
to be able to just simply love you better

whenever, wherever you need me to be
I'll try my upmost best to let you come closer, to get closer to me
whatever it takes to get to know this love better
to know myself again

this is the interlude
the loudness of comfortable silence
and the way that I move whenever you're present
the way my mind stops thinking

Chorus: you make me feel whole again,
like this is all i've ever needed
I'd give it all just to hold you tighter
I'd give it all just to hold you closely
I'll happily die in your arms tonight
knowing that this feels so right
that I am whole again
that you fixed me

if you want me to go,
I'll leave
there's no way that I'll ever hurt you
I just want you to be mine, and mine only
in the same way that I am yours

I'll take care of you, you know that
you'll always be my first priority
and I will always dream of you


End: you already mean so much, more than you'll ever appreciate
with your arms around my waist, there really is no better place
and this is the interlude
the loudness of our comfortable silence

and I'll do anything to keep you wanting me

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