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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Title: From dusk to dawn. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

If I had the moment
I'd wrap myself into you,
I'd linger round your little finger,
helpless, hopeless,
but it'd do
anything to be with you

expectations as high as the clouds,
but reality is, wherever you are now
I could drag it down, burn it to the ground
but I'd frame it to see it through
see me, me and you

Chorus: This is our moment,
forever we'll be alone,
alone together somehow,
This is our story,
of how we first came about

We were shy, in denial
of love a four letter deceitful word
not spoken much of today,
We were shy and in denial
of that four letter word,
we could make or we could break
and we could change our world


Ending: Let us be,
free to see the world together
let us be.

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