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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Title: Acceptance. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

The trouble with me,
I ain't easy to please
but buy me flowers and be spontaneous
you'll have me always on my knees

I'm a story hard to read,
configurations always to be made,
decisions I can never lay down,
I'll forever stay the same

I don't aim to please,
I don't give I expect,
there's endless negativity
to all I see but
it's all that I'll have left

Chorus:Cause when I'm,
all on my own,
I feel it hitting home,
there's no love inside
no warmth to provide
this tender cold heart
with the most loving of eyes

I'll bottle it all up,
drop me to the ground
I'll reveal more than minutes in a movie
I'll bottle it all up,
I believe it's better that way
safer to say


Ending: The most loving of eyes
could melt the strongest of souls
The more I try the less it's worth it
I guess I'll have to accept always being alone

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