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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Title: Cycles. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

When there's no more words to say,
when there's love but not today
when there's nothing to do
who are you? are you a fool?

When there's no time to left to tell
are you going to heaven or hell?
I'd hope for sure, we'd be together

Chorus: And it kills me,
to see your laughter by her side,
but if you're happy,
I'll take every moment in a proud stride,
just knowing you're better off without me,
is enough to crush or complete me,
cause you see all I wanted was to see your smile

I can't wait,
for the future to misbehave,
make believe in love again
I can't wait,
to see what fate turns us into
enemies, friends, lovers, the end
enemies, friends, lovers, the end?


Ending: Hold me, for tonight
I'm cold there's no excuse alright
I'm just looking for a moment with you

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