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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Title: I could, hesitate. Written By:Eleanor Diplock.

Is it all about beauty
is it all about yours truly?
cause lately I've been thinking
our ship is really sinking

and with our love on board,
we're bored
with our love on board,
it's easy to hesitate, any memories and mistakes we are to make

And who are you,
to define me by a single letter
and who you are
to judge me for all that you see
cause all that I am is all I could be

Chorus: I'm reaching out
I'm spreading my hopes and faith
into you, into a web of hesitations
I'm reaching out,
spreading my hopes and faith
into your lies a memory we make

I stay hopeful,
I pray to gods at night
to keep me safe
from things that fill me freight
but you're always there
a figment of my imagination
yeah you're always there
playing tricks, on
my mind


Ending: I could stay awake,
only for a while
dreaming is better now,
you're the apple in my eye.

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