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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Title: Cut throat keeper. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

Cut throat keeper had a chance but I thought I'd leave him,
for another girl who is better in  so many ways,
I hesitated at the whisper of love I hated,
oh how foolish of me to let you go

But I must, let
you know,
there have been too many oh's

Chorus: Full of regret,
over yesterday,
the hours have passed and we're still reminiscing over what could've been,
Full of regret, we're so empty somehow so empty
how? we don't know,
this is why , this is why
I let you go

I tried to teach ya
but you turned your back on me
for love for lust hopefully
you won't get hurt any longer
sensitivity has come off stronger
than the years before we began


Ending: Cut throat keeper,
a vital sign for love and I'd leave ya
I can't take the pain,
when I look into yours it's never over
constant misery plucks my brain
so I'd just say over and over again
this is why I left...ya.

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