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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Title: Pick you up. Written By: Eleanor Diplock

I'll pick you up,
when your down
there's no faith we haven't found
there's no words
that I can say
that'll happily take us away

I found love,
you found lust,
we held hands,
it was a must,
we fell into a dark place

I know that,
it'll fade,
love we have
we are
foolish hearts
(there'll be lust tomorrow)
control my mind,
guide my heart,
and then we'll never be apart
don't cross your fingers for too long,
a promise is a promise

I'll pick you up when I'm down
don't confuse me with the fool I've found
there's no words
that I could say
that would happily take you away,

Chorus : I'll pick you up,
when I'm down
show you words,
I've newly found
we'll be eachothers fools for tomorrow

another day in your arms
is a day in my heart,
spent well and regretted over time
another way in your mind
tugging strings I find,
I'm a fool for you
that's the way it's going to be


ending: I'd pick you up
a thousand times
if you smiled at me
I'd fold up inside
there's no words for us to say
there's a time, and there's a place

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