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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Title: Man child. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

emotions, linger on your tongue
a taste you've had to often,
further dragged down by your pretentious smiles,
you long for something more than just company,
you're a lonely man, a lost boy inside
you long for something, more than just a body by your side

Chorus: you're looking for something,
someone to ease you through the night,
your losing your well known grip,
yeah you're losing the fight,
we've come too far to watch your all disintegrate
it's time to push past the pages, the past and the not so familiar faces

Dream, on
you've only seen a bit of the world,
the faces you know now,
will soon disappear,
and for that I know
there will be better,
so many better days,
with new brighter stars


Ending: I don't mind,
anymore, now that you're more than company
I don't mind,

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