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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Title: to hold. Written By: Eleanor Diplock.

Hold my body down,
lay my soul to rest, now
I'm tired of fighting all my confidence,

It's buried in my soul,
it's buried, your my all
the only reason I am alive,
to love and live and to get lost in your eyes

a disaster we are,
in comfort at last,
hold your breath
we're going down
we're going down

Chorus: the death of us all
will be love, love in your arms
to hold me tighter than any you've ever held
relive all those moments you wanted to hold forever in regret

Strangers become friends,
friends become lovers,
and that is the end,
repetitive loss and gain
repetitive hurt and strain


Ending: Hold me tight,
tighter than any grip you've held before,
Hold me tight,
let me rest in your awe.

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